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Leela’s Book
Leela’s Book
English, Hardcover, Alice Albinia
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Escaping Into The World Of Fiction And Nonfiction Books

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. The statement can’t get any truer. A well-read person is always more interesting and a better conversationalist. He can talk about almost anything from economics to science to history. And you can be as good too. With a range of fiction and nonfiction books in stores and online shopping sites, you can begin with something that captures your interest. So, if you are someone who is interested in animals, begin by picking a nonfiction book on animals. If you are interested in sports, there is a range of fiction and nonfiction books that talk about sports. 

Difference Between Reading Fiction And Nonfiction Books

One of the main differences between fiction and nonfiction books is that the former is imaginary and involves characters that may never have existed and events that never really took place. Almost every page is a creation of the writer’s imagination. A nonfictional work, on the other hand, is purely based on facts and every character and event in the book is real. Non-fictional works are purely informative unlike works of fiction that also serve to entertain the reader by letting his imagination loose. 

So, Are Works Of Fiction Not Informative?

This is a misconception that most people who are not readers of fiction have. A lot of nonfiction readers are of the opinion that reading works of fiction is not going to be of any help apart from being a source of entertainment, or an escape from reality. Now, this may be true in some cases, like fantasy and erotic novels. 

However, a lot of fiction books have a lot to teach the reader by exposing him to different situations and facts. Take, for example a novel that deals with the holocaust, like Maus, Sarah’s Key or Sophie’s Choice. Not only do these books give you a lot of knowledge about the events that took place in Nazi Germany, but also make you more empathetic towards the victims and survivors. 

Novels that deal with psychological issues like depression and drug addiction are also very helpful in giving readers a better understanding of people, making them more empathetic to those around them. Some of these novels that you may want to read are Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, It’s A Kind Of Funny Story by Ned Vizzini and By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters. African American novels like Black Boy, Waiting To Exhale and Milk In My Coffee go a long way in making us aware of the problems people belonging to this race have always had to face. 

Buy Fiction And Non-fiction Books Online

So, what should I read, fiction or nonfiction? This is one question that’s on the minds of most people who are new to reading. While both go a long way in increasing your knowledge and broadening the frontiers of your mind, the answer lies in the kind of reader that you are. If you are the kind that tends to yawn in the middle of a touching novel, then emotional dialogues and plots are not for you. On the other hand, if you are the kind that finds factual information very dry, then you are most likely to be a lover of fiction. Determine the kind of reader that you are and have a look at the range of fiction and nonfiction books online so you can pick the ones that you want to buy.

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