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If you have planned to read more books this year, then you must make sure to include reading materials from different types of genres. This tactic will keep you hooked. You will also end up learning things from various genres and thereby enhance your knowledge. You can find these reading materials on Flipkart at prices that are pocket-friendly.

If you want to read something that will let you enhance your business-related skills, then you can take help of the several business books that are available on the site. For example, you can read materials like Magbook Indian Economy 2020, Eat that Frog! - 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, and so on. If you want to read self-help books, you can check materials like Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, The 5 AM Club, and more.

Also, if you are a student, we suggest you read books that are not in your course or syllabus. This will help you learn new things. If you are a university student, then you can use the ideas that are mentioned in the various reading materials and utilise them accordingly. You can also read test books, fiction books, and more. This information is updated on 23-Jul-24

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Unlocking The Lockdown Stories
Unlocking The Lockdown Stories
English, Paperback, Juhi Jaisinghani
Paperback, Aniksha Jaisinghani
Only few left
Timeless Romance
Timeless Romance
English, Paperback, Juhi Jaisinghani
The Girl Who Did Not Break
The Girl Who Did Not Break
Paperback, Deepak Jaisinghani
Only 5 left
Paperback, Dr K Rangaswamy Dr. Manoj M. Dongre, Kajal Jaisinghani Dr.Sunil Khilari
Only few left
Courses and Careers in Microbiology
Courses and Careers in Microbiology
English, Paperback, Roonal Pritam Kataria, Renu Narendra Jaisinghani
Only few left
English, Hardcover, Jaisinghani Anita
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If you want to learn about the various things that are there in the world or the universe, then there is no better way to do so than by reading about them. You can read novels, journals, essays, and even more if you want to gain more knowledge about several topics. If you have access to a public library, then you can go to one and read books from several genres. However, if you do not have access to one, then you can create your personal library at home. To do so, you can skip the task of going to various stores to search for different reading materials. You can instead search for them online on different e-commerce sites. If you want to find reading materials of different genres easily, then you can check them on Flipkart. You can also check the site if you wish to buy study materials for competitive exams. 

Buy Business Books, Fiction Books, and More on Flipkart

You can check the following, and more on the site: 

Test Books: There are several such study materials that you can purchase. If you are planning to appear for exams such as CAT, MAT, UPSC, CLET, and more, then you can check the study materials that are related to those exams on the site. You can check the study materials that are written by several noted writers. You can refer to those materials and go about with your preparations. For example, if you have been selected to appear for the SSB interview, you can prepare yourself by reading SSB Interview - The Complete Guide. You can also check study materials like Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations, and so on. 

Self-help Books: There are several reading materials that you will find in this section. They are helpful if you want to feel motivated, increase your confidence, and so on. You can also read them if you want to learn the teachings of religious gurus. Also, if you feel that your life is not going in the direction that you planned, then you can read them and incorporate those ideas in your life. They can also help you gain new insights to lead a better life. 

Target High Books: Target High is a comprehensive book that can be ideal for preparations for nursing recruitment examinations. The fifth coloured edition of the book contains thoroughly revisited, up-to-date, and error-free content. You can find over 400 coloured image-based questions that cover a wide range of subjects. Over 150 updated topics and synopses based on all nursing subjects are present in the book. Improved chapter-wise summaries help provide a cohesive approach for medical surgical nursing. A study planner with detailed subject-wise and topic-wise analysis of the recent exams combined with the exam question papers of the past years helps the readers prepare for their upcoming exams in a better way. The theory is presented for each topic followed by multiple-choice questions to help the readers quickly recall the concept studied. The book has played a vital role in the preparation and success of the top scorers of nursing exams from the AIIMS, JIPMER, and ESIC. This useful book is brought to the market by CBS Publishers and Distributors. It is co-written by Muthuvenkatachalam Srinivasan and Ambili M. Venugopal, who are experienced professionals in the field of nursing at AIIMS, New Delhi. You can shop Target High books online at Flipkart.

Objective NCERT at your Fingertips: NEET is the qualifying test for entrance to medical and dental colleges in India. Therefore, it becomes crucial for the candidates who want to pursue their careers as doctors to prepare well for the test in order to obtain a seat in medical institutions. Objective NCERT at your Fingertips by MTG Editorial Board Publishers is an excellent option for your preparations for NEET. It is a highly competitive and challenging exam to which lakhs of students register and appear. It includes the subject content of class 11 and class 12 Biology, from which the questions in the entrance test are primarily based on. The book makes scoring in the test easy by providing the readers multiple-choice questions extracted from every line of the latest NCERT textbooks. The NCERT notes are presented in HD pages to make it easy for the readers to go through the matter. The topic-wise objective-type questions based on the textbook and exemplar problems help students understand the subject quickly and easily. Also, you can add in physics and chemistry books by the brand to create a comprehensive study material that can help you crack NEET. You can shop MTG NCERT at your Fingertips-Biology online at Flipkart.

An atlas can be an excellent means to develop knowledge of the geography of the world. Students can gain a lot of understanding about the landforms, continents, countries, and oceans through them. The Oxford Student Atlas For India is an up-to-date and thoroughly researched atlas. Young kids can comprehend the maps easily as they are easy to read. The Oxford Student Atlas For India 3rd Edition contains accurate maps produced using state-of-the-art techniques. It carries the latest socio-economic maps and data picked up from reliable sources. It includes 24 maps that focus on the history of India and eight maps on natural calamities and environmental concerns of the subcontinent. The atlas caters to the needs of aspirants trying to clear competitive examinations conducted by  UPSC and other State Public Service Commissions. Its exam-oriented features like practice guides, questions based on the examination question patterns, and map references to solve practice questions can help the students be well-prepared for their examinations. The atlas also comes with pull-out posters of maps, which you can put up in your room for a glance and easy reference. Bringing home this atlas can thus help improve students’ knowledge of Indian and world geography. It can be your guide to provide information on all things related to maps. You can shop the atlas online at Flipkart.

The Manorama Yearbook 2021 is the current year’s addition to the annual information encyclopedia published by the Malayala Manorama Group. The first edition was published in 1959, and over the years, the book has been educating and imparting knowledge to its readers about current affairs and general knowledge. Originally, the book was intended for the purpose of bridging the knowledge divisions that were present in India. Over time, the book has evolved and includes a wide variety of topics such as science, games, law, economy, etc. The yearbook has helped change the lives and careers of lakhs of people across the nation by guiding them through their highly competitive examinations such as the UPSC, civil services, and defence. The 2021 edition of the book covers the content of the covid-19 pandemic that has changed the lives of everyone drastically. It gives an insight into post-covid careers, working from home, international relations, the fourth industrial revolution, and other informative topics that can be put to good use in the time of global health crisis. The book is one of the country’s largest-selling general knowledge update books. You can check out the Manorama Yearbook 2021 price by browsing through Flipkart, and buy it online.

English is a beautiful language that is spoken by many people around the world and thus academically also it is an important subject to learn. You can find many books in the market that offer knowledge about different aspects of this language, and you can read as many books as you want. However, if you are looking for one good to get your basic knowledge right, then the Objective General English is an excellent option. From school goers to UPSC aspirants, the Objective General English book by SP Bakshi can be very helpful to clear all confusions related to this language. The Objective General English book has four parts and each part has multiple chapters that cover fundamentals as well as concepts that can further enhance your language skills. In other words, this SP Bakshi book can help you prepare for any direction you want to move forward when it comes to this language. This and any other book is available on online shopping websites, and you can buy them from the comfort of your home. Whether you need a children’s book, academic book, or a bestselling novel, you can find and buy anything online. 

Quantitative aptitude is a skill that is essential in the modern-day world. Most companies hire their employees only after they get through rigorous aptitude tests. It is also tested in various competitive exams like the Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), which is a qualifying paper for the prelims exam of the UPSC. The Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal can be your partner in mastering the subject of numerical ability and problem-solving. It can be a source of great information to gain entry into IAS, IPS, nationalised banks, RBI, SSC, railways, and many other professions. The revised edition comes with completely solved problems for the latest questions. It includes topics, such as profit and loss, height and distance, percentage, logarithm, simple and compound interest, and speed, time and distance travelled, and so many others. This helps the readers understand and solve the questions with the right approach. Each topic from the book can be picked up for a certain number of days and practiced to achieve proficiency. This greatly helps in solving the aptitude tests that are present for various exams. You can shop the Quantitative Aptitude R.S. Aggarwal book online from Flipkart for convenience of delivery.

Buy A Place Called Home Online and Read About the Journey of Self-discovery

The bestselling author Preeti Shenoy's book A Place Called Home is about secrets, family, and discovering yourself. Alka fantasises about escaping from the confined, windowless servant's room at Mrs. Shetty's home, where her mother works as a maid. She puts a lot of effort into creating a new persona when Mrs. Shetty decides to enrol her in the same school as her daughter. She marries Subbu, a 400-acre estate owner and coffee farmer. Alka feels as though her life is full of caring for her home, her two small girls, and her excellent relationship with her mother-in-law. However, when carefully held secrets from her past are revealed, they endanger her life. So, buy A Place Called Home online and learn to fight your demons.

Buy Kakori Online and Read How Young Freedom Fighters Startled the British Raj

Kakori, is a historical non-fiction book by eminent author Prachi Garg, elaborates on the events that led to the famous train robbery, marking the onset of armed rebellion in India. Written from the standpoint of Ram Prasad Bismil, this extensively-researched book reveals the struggles and challenges faced by young revolutionaries. It offers a comprehensive account of how a group of freedom fighters came together to reclaim people’s money, which was being seized unlawfully as tax by the British government. Buy your copy of Kakori online (book) and witness a groundbreaking moment in the history of India’s freedom struggle.

Buy A Lot More Than Love Online and Learn to Stay Focused on Your Goals

A Lot More Than Love, written by Aditya Pandey, honours the importance of lasting friendships and unconditional love in creating a happy life. Childhood friends Raj, Gorakh, and Kairav are prepared to enrol in college to pursue their dreams. When Kairav's mother is taken hostage, their lives take an unexpected turn. This causes things to happen that change the direction of their lives and dash their ambitions. The fundamental theme of this book is how three courageous guys take control of their destiny and persevere in following their aspirations. Buy A Lot More Than Love online and read about the strength of steadfast perseverance.

Buy 13 Swing Trading Strategies Online and Master the Art of Trading

This Hindi edition of 13 Swing Trading Strategies, written by Pankaj Ladha and Anant Ladha, reveals 13 proven strategies for making consistent profit in the stock market. It explains the concept of swing trading in a lucid manner, and discusses how both amateur and professional traders can make the best of it. This well-researched guidebook on trading will teach you some fundamentals of when and how much to invest in the stock market, when to grab quick profit, and when to exit so that you do not lose your capital. Buy 13 Swing Trading Strategies online and learn the swing trading process thoroughly.
Buy Basics of Stock Market Online and Learn the Fundamentals of Trading

If you are a stock market newbie looking to learn the ABCs of trading, the Basics of Stock Market written by an Indian influencer Arvind Arora can be a valuable guide for you. Aimed at beginner investors entering the complex world of the stock market, this book explains various key market operations in simple, layman’s terms. It begins by explaining the meaning of the share market and goes on to describe the evolution of the stock market from trading rings to computer terminals. Read this informative book that elucidates share market basics for beginners and find answers to your stock market-related questions.
Buy Basics of Stock Market in Hindi Online and Study Trading Principles
The book Basics of Stock Market in Hindi by Indian influencer Arvind Arora can be a helpful resource for you if you are a stock market beginner wishing to master the fundamentals of trading. This book, written for novice investors just entering the complicated realm of the stock market, provides an easy explanation of several important market functions. It starts by defining the word "share market" before going on to show how the stock market developed from trading rings to computer terminals. So, you can get the answers to your stock market-related queries by ordering this book, Basics of Stock Market in Hindi online from the comfort of your home.

Buy Bada Sochain Bada Karain Online and Feel Inspired to Accomplish Great Things


Bada Sochain Bada Karain is a Hindi translation of Ankur Warikoo’s highly admired self-help and motivational book ‘Do Epic Shit’. In its six chapters, this book talks about our relationship with money, time, and ourselves in a witty and brutally honest manner. Warikoo elaborates on some important concepts, such as forming habits that lead to success, accepting failures and using them to our advantage, making better choices, entrepreneurship and the lessons learnt, and so on. Buy Bada Sochain Bada Karain online and read about Ankur Warikoo’s journey from dreaming to be a space engineer to actually becoming a content creator.

Buy Kuber (Book) Online and Enjoy a Unique Mythological Fiction
A renowned Hindi author Ashutosh Garg retells the saga of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth in his Indian mythological novel Kuber (book). The premise of this story lies in the continual conflict between the Gods and the demons. It highlights the struggles of Kuber, the emperor of Lanka and weaves the legend of the birth of his step brother Ravana along with it. Buy Kuber (book) online to find out how Lord Kuber is also associated with black money, and how his tale sets the foundation stone of the creation of Kalidasa’s lyric poem ‘Meghaduta’.
Buy The Art of War Online and Learn Warfare Tactics
Written by a mysterious Chinese warrior and philosopher named Sun Tzu over 2500 years ago, The Art of War is a classic military manual that is relevant even today. This Hindi translation by Dr. Sudhir Dixit illustrates Sun Tzu’s teachings about military strategy and tactics for engaging the opponents and overcoming hardships. Further, it enlightens the readers about motivating soldiers, leveraging tactical advantages, and inculcating discipline. Although written based on Chinese warfare centuries ago, Sun Tzu’s wisdom is also applicable to politics, business, and even everyday life. Buy The Art of War online and learn how to handle conflict effectively.
Buy Yes to Life In Spite of Everything Online and Sail Through Difficult Times
Read this Hindi translation of Viktor E. Frankl’s Yes to Life In Spite of Everything and embark on a journey to finding hope even when the times get rough. This compilation of Frankl’s public lectures that he delivered after being released from a Nazi concentration camp post World War II elaborates his thoughts on the meaning of life, importance of resilience, and embracing life even when you feel like giving up. Relevant even today, this book will teach you to look at every crisis as an opportunity. Buy Yes to Life In Spite of Everything online and learn how to never despair even in the face of adversity.

Buy 12 Rules for Life Online and Get Your Life Back on the Track


This Marathi translation of 12 Rules for Life, originally written by renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson provides its readers with life advice through a series of essays covering abstract ethical principles. It incorporates various key concepts including responsibility, discipline, freedom, adventure, psychology, religion, mythology, etc. putting them forward in 12 profound and practical rules for a meaningful life. The book emphasises the idea that the world is full of both chaos and order. As suffering is unavoidable, one can either decide to withdraw or face and rise above it. Buy 12 Rules for Life online and try to find the meaning of life.

Buy Do Epic Shit Online and Lay the Foundation of Your Success
This Marathi edition of Ankur Warikoo’s cherished self-help book, Do Epic Shit, inspires its readers and leads them to a path of success. Titled ‘Mothya Chuka Kara, Mothe Yash Milwa’ in Marathi, this book presents the author’s thoughts on managing our relationships with time, money, ourselves, and others efficiently. In its six chapters, this motivational work illustrates a number of important notions, including the habits that culminate in success, acknowledging failures and learning from them, making right choices, entrepreneurship and associated challenges, etc. Buy Do Epic Shit online and find out how Ankur Warikoo became an acclaimed content creator.

Buy The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime Online and Carve Your Way to Riches

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime is a book by MJ DeMarco that helps financial planning to earn early dividends. This book is ideal for those who want to move away from traditional investments like the stock market, real estate, etc., and are looking for unconventional ways to gain wealth. With insights on how to become wealthy when you’re young, this book can be your financial advisor. You can buy The Millionaire Fastlane Paperback online and fast-track your financial success.

Buy The Magic of Believing Online and Develop an Optimistic Outlook towards Life
The Magic of Believing is a book by Claude M. Bristol that motivates you to start believing in yourself to achieve your goals. For those who are looking for success in their personal or professional life, this book offers tips and techniques to discover ways that can turn dreams into reality. The book guides you to imbibe a positive mindset to believe in your abilities and achieve success in all aspects of life. You can buy The Magic of Believing online and read about ways in which you can harness the power of your mind to be successful.
Buy The Greatest Secret Online and Find Your Way to Happiness
The Greatest Secret is a book by Rhonda Byrne and a sequel to the bestseller The Secret. This book is a good read for those on a quest of soul searching and trying to find the true meaning of life.  With inspiring quotes from spiritual leaders and healing practices, this book guides you towards peace and happiness. The techniques mentioned in this book aim to help you overcome negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety and heal your soul. You can buy The Greatest Secret book online and read about how to overcome pain and suffering to find joy.

Buy Good Vibes, Good Life Online and Learn to Love Yourself

Good Vibes, Good Life is a book full of inspiring quotes by Vex King. It aims at teaching you to create a happy life. This book is for you if you want to handle your negative emotions better and convert them into positive ones. Readers can find happiness with the tried-and-tested wisdom shared by the author. The book also includes some personal experiences of the author that will encourage you to focus on your well-being to build positive lifestyle habits. So, buy the Good Vibes, Good Life book online and take a step forward to building a positive attitude in life.

Buy Educart NTA CUET General Test Book Online and Pass CUET Successfully

Seek help from the Educart NTA CUET General Test Book for your CUET preparation and increase your chances of scoring well. This study-aid book can guide you as you practice for the Common University Entrance Test, conducted by The NTA for UG admissions. Purely based on the up-to-date official CUET-UG syllabus, this book covers three general test categories, including general knowledge, mathematics, and reasoning. It contains four past test papers, along with 10 solved and five unsolved practice papers. So, buy this practice book for the NTA CUET general test and give your efforts the right direction. 

Buy Educart NTA CUET Hindi Section IA Online and Attempt the CUET Confidently


If you are preparing for the Hindi language test under CUET’s section 1A, the Educart NTA CUET Hindi Section IA can be your key to success. Framed based on the official CUET-UG syllabus, this book contains general instructions for the students appearing for the CUET, as well as 10 solved and two unsolved practice papers with in-depth explanations. It also contains detailed guidelines and samples for solving questions related to comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Buy Educart NTA CUET Hindi Section IA book online for extensive preparation of the CUET, conducted nationwide by the National Testing Agency.

Buy Educart NTA CUET Physics Section II Online and Nail CUET’s Physics Paper
Devised based on CUET’s section II syllabus, the Educart NTA CUET Physics Section II book can help you prepare for CUET’s Physics paper. Conducted by the NTA, this test is mandatory for getting admission to several top-ranked central universities. Aimed at the students studying for the NTA CUET Physics Section II paper, this book contains general instructions, chapter-wise objective mind maps, four previous year papers, 10 solved sample papers, and two unsolved practice papers. Buy the Educart NTA CUET Physics Section II book online to revise the NCERT class 12 syllabus and understand the concepts of physics.
Buy Educart NTA CUET Chemistry Section II Book Online and Prepare Well for Your Dream College
When preparing for the CUET, use the Educart NTA CUET Chemistry Section II Book to improve your chances of success. This book includes chapter-by-chapter objective section mind maps for a thorough revision of all concepts, based on the updated class 12 Chemistry syllabus. It also includes NTA mock tests, including practice papers for thorough preparation and past year question papers. This book is solely based on the updated CUET-UG syllabus. So, buy the Educart NTA CUET Chemistry Section II book online and give your efforts in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Books
Q1. What Are the Top 10 Must-read Books?
Ans: You can check the following list to know more:
1. The Great Gatsby 
2. To Kill a Mocking Bird
3. Harry Potter Series
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Jane Eyre
6. The Christmas Carol
7. Animal Farm
8. The Diary of a Young Girl
9. Little Women
10. Lord of the Rings
Q2. What Are Some Good Books to Read?
Ans: Here is a list that you check:
1. The Girl Who Knew Too Much
2. Gardens of the Moon
3. Ulysses
4. Frankenstein
5. Hard Times
Q3. Which Is the Most Famous Book?
Ans: The following is a list of the most famous books which you can buy and read:
1. A Tale of Two Cities
2. Gone with the Wind
3. Alice in Wonderland
4. The Kite Runner
5. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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