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Find an extensive range of banking exam books including IBPS books, insurance examination books and SBI and RBI entrance books. Use our customer ratings to pick up the best one!

Banking Recruitment Exam Books

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Sbi Clerical Cadre Phase- 2 Mains Exam 2020
Sbi Clerical Cadre Phase- 2 Mains Exam 2020
English, Paperback, unknown
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Tarkik Kshamata
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Exam Books to Help You Ace Your Scores and Pick up the Pace

There are those times when exam books help you prepare and take control of your learning so you can advance at a gradual pace. The classroom environment does not always provide the most conducive atmosphere for learning. At other times it is not the non-conducive classroom environment getting in the way of a learner. Instead, it could be anything such as emotional stress or health factors too. Stress plays a big role in the way you learn and how much you are able to retain. Having the right set of books will go a long way in easing your mind and reducing the stress you experience.

Let's first talk a bit about stress as it directly affects your learning. In the following section, we’ll talk about how to use exam books to reduce the stress you experience. There are two types of stress you may experience. Eustress is the good type of stress and distress is the bad type of stress. While eustress is the type of stress that results in improved performance its distress that hampers all of your performance.

How Should You Use Exam Books?

To prepare yourself for your exams, you will need to get your hands on one of the many books available. There are many publishers that offer books on almost all possible subjects and formats such as banking exam books, banking exam sample papers and banking exam papers that are a collection of past question papers. These books may follow styles of explanation that are different from your standard syllabus books. You will have to choose carefully and pick one that makes it easy for you to grasp concepts. Remember, the secret here is both smart work and hard work. Here are a few things that you need to look out for:

1. Your Exam Books Should Be Easy to Read And Understand

Avoid books that feature heavy use of jargons. Jargons are difficult to understand sometimes and make grasping the concept you are trying to learn a difficult task. The most read preparatory books are the ones that are easy to understand.

2. Clarity and Accuracy at Their Best

A good exam book has to be accurate and clear in terms of the information it gives in the form of concepts or theories. Incomplete or ambiguous information is going to mislead you.

3. Use of Diagrams

Books often have to present complicated learning concepts. A book that explains any concept, question, situation or answers through a diagrammatic way is the one that you should pick as most people have good eidetic (photo) memory. Diagrams make it easy for you to retain information.

4. Concise and Crisp

Exams will test your knowledge to its deepest depths. Exams books have to present this knowledge to you in a format that is explained in the simplest and easiest way so that you are able to absorb and retain it.

Buy Your Exam Books Online

You can choose from the many exam books available online at your favourite online retailers and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

What’s that common question which every parent and relative ask you as soon as you enter your final year of college – What is your career plan? And you, like any other young adult in their 20s answer with confidence about the profession you want to choose. And when it comes to professions, a popular choice that young individuals who want to lead a stable life are choosing these days, is banking. No matter what stream you choose, any competitive exam requires hours of study and patience to excel, which is why you need to stock your study table with updated banking exam books, and crack the exam. All you have to do is select from the wide range of options, and buy the best banking books that are available online.


Tips to crack banking exam

Cracking banking exam is not a piece of cake, as it is one of the toughest professional exams. And an exam with that level of competition, needs dedication, love for the subject, and mental preparation. And if you happen to be eyeing a job that will not only offer you an impressive pay package, but also offer you a great learning experience which you can apply later in life, you need to keep three basic things in mind –


Today, all disciplines are related to each other, so having a holistic idea about what’s going on in the world is extremely important. Keep yourself updated with the current affairs on a daily basis, and gather as much knowledge and information as you can. So make it a habit to read the newspaper every single day without fail, and you are good to go.

Studies have revealed that coaching institutes aren’t really that helpful when compared to self-study sessions. Cracking the banking exam is not rocket science, provided you put in at least three months of effort before the final day. You can easily make yourself eligible by reading the prescribed books, and going through the current affairs. Doing these on a daily basis will make you opinionated, and boost your confidence to face the interviewers.

Knowing which books to refer is something that you cannot afford to miss out on. The important subjects that you need to concentrate on include Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, English, and General Awareness with Reference to Banking Industry. Apart from these, you also need to have knowledge about computing methods, and data interpretation techniques. Once you have an understanding of that, you can choose relevant banking books that will help you gain knowledge.

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