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A bra is one of the essential products of a women’s lingerie closet. These undergarments provide the right amount of support and comfort so that you can look good and feel confident in your outfit. There are various styles of these undergarments available online, catering to the different requirements. You would want to have different types in your collection so as to effortlessly wear the right option underneath your clothing. If you are wearing a regular top or T-shirt, you can find plenty of styles that are designed to be worn beneath them. They offer a good lift and feature a seamless finish to make your look appear neat and elegant. You can also find these undergarments designed specially for wearing during sports. The high level of support provided by them can help you play, run, exercise, and carry out intense physical activities without a hassle. You can easily shop for these lingerie items from the comfort of your home. You can browse online to find the trending bras offered here. You can choose the required styles from popular brands such as Clovia, BodyCare, Amante, Nykd, V Star, and many others. Shop for bras online to have them delivered to your doorstep. The information you are reading has been last updated on 29-Jun-22.

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Terrific purchase

Tnq flipkart ...gud product ...must buy
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Andru Pavan Chowdary

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Feb, 2021

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Very poor

Don't buy, waste your money
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Abey T Varghese

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Nykd Easy Breezy Slip-On Bra - Non Padded, Wire-Free, Full Coverage Bra - NYB165 Women Sports Non Padded Bra
2. Nykd Easy Breezy Slip-On Br...
255 Ratings&35 Reviews
  • Wirefree
  • Regular Strap
  • With Detachable Straps
Most Helpful Review

Great product

I always have a mark on my skin under my bust from the elastics of other bras.
this was a blessing it felt like I was wearing nothing plus their good side su...
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Rani Mittal

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3months ago

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Terrific purchase

Great product quality.and good packaging.very happy with the purchase 🥰
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Anwesha Das

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9days ago

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excellent quality and fit also
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Susovan Nemu

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2months ago

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Nice product , very comfortable
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Riya Kumari Mishra

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3days ago

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Must buy!

All colors received very very nice product
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Armendar Thakur

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9months ago

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Good but very thin..
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Flipkart Customer

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6days ago

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Nice and comfortable... light padded...soft material...
I'm so happy... definitely go for it👍🏻
Thank u Flipkart😊🤗
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Anushka Tripathi

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2months ago

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Very good product 👌👌👌👌👌😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
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Dinesh Kumar

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2days ago

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Buy Bras for Women Online at the Best Prices

Whether you’re having a great day or a bad day, there’s something that’s always going to stick around with you ladies - your bra (ब्रा). No matter how much you dislike wearing them, they are something you can not do without. Yes, we’ve all been battling with the love and hate relation with our bras . But, the bottom line remains that you need them. Have you faced situations where you avoided wearing a certain kind of outfit, just because you were not sure about which bra to pair it with? I guess, we’ve all been there at some point or the other. To avoid that, it is important to know about different kinds of bras and the outfits that you can pair them with. Also, if you are planning to stock up on some lingerie and confused about what brands to go for, then you can count on the collection from Jockey, Enamor, BodyCareClovia , Zivame and Tweens

Types of Ladies Bra 

Let us now have a look at some of the popular kinds of ladies bras that you must own:

T-shirt Bra

Most women would agree that a t-shirt bra is something they can’t do without. These bras feature smooth, seamless cups without laces. They go invisible under body-hugging outfits keeping you comfortable and confident. They provide gentle support and they are available in a variety of styles, including strapless, plunge and more. Are you wondering what’s the basic difference between T-shirt bras and padded bras? To put it in simple terms, all T-shirt bras are padded but not all padded bras are T-shirt bras. So, if you’re looking for something to wear on a everyday basis, a T-shirt bra is your go-to option. 

Sports Bra

Are you a fitness enthusiast? In that case, a sports bra is a must-have in your wardrobe. These bras are sturdier than the traditional bras and they are especially designed to provide extra support to your breasts when you workout. During strenuous movements, these bras prevent bounce and hold the breast firm for extra comfort. Look for a snug fit to stay comfortable during your workouts. Sports bras are broadly classified as low-impact bras and high-impact bras. Go for a low-impact bra for yoga, hiking or brisk walking. For vigorous exercises, such as aerobics and zumba, go for high-impact bras. 

Push-up Bras

Who doesn’t love the sight of a sexy cleavage? Even if you have small breasts, you can still flaunt a sexy cleavage, thanks to push-up bras. As the name suggests, these bras lift your breasts, adding volume and giving them a symmetric, closer and fuller appearance. Most push up bras have extra (gel or foam) padding at the bottom that pushes your breasts towards each other. There is no rule of thumb that only women with small breasts can wear them. Push-up bras are available in myriad shapes and sizes that you can choose from. 

Padded Bras

The ultimate style staple of every woman’s wardrobe, a padded bra is extremely comfortable and sexy. It not only gives your breasts a fuller look, but it also offers you complete nipple coverage, especially during winters. If you feel that these bras can make your breasts look too big, then you can go for the soft padded ones. You can find a variety of necklines and coverage types for almost all kinds of bodies. Be it a T-shirt, or a bodycon dress , a padded bra will come to your rescue and it will let you flaunt your curves in the best possible way. 

Strapless Bras

Planning to wear a sexy off-shoulder dress on your next date? Confused about the apt lingerie? Don’t worry, all you need is a strapless bra to pair with your outfit and you will be ready to take on the world. As the name suggests, these bras do not have straps. Some of them come with removable straps, making them perfect for shoulder-baring outfits. These bras usually feature wider bands which provide your breasts the needed support. And just to add to your happiness, these bras don’t fall. You just have to go for the right fit. Avoid loose strapless bras as they will keep slipping off. Also, if they are too tight, you will feel choked and uncomfortable.

Balconette Bras

Padded bras might offer you the desired level of support, but they often fail to offer the desired level of coverage. If you’re planning to wear an outfit with a wide neckline, a balconette bra is your go-to option. Also known as demi bras, these bras create a perfect square with straps, similar to that of a balcony. Now you know, where they get their name from. They give you a nice cleavage and they are a must-have for low-cuts dresses and tops. It’s suited for women with almost all kinds of breast sizes.


Featuring minimal padding and maximum detailing, a bralette is probably the most comfortable piece of clothing that simultaneously allows to flaunt your curves in the best possible way. Unlined, unpadded and wire-free, these no-fuss bras are extremely comfy. The best part about these versatile bras is that they can be styled, both as underwear and outerwear. Fashion experts suggest that showing off those steamy lace edges under loose fit tops and low necklines can transform you into a style icon. Be it net blouse for sareecrop tops , see-through dresses , high-waisted skirts or backless tops - bralettes go with everything. 

Buying Guide for Women's Bra

Get the Size Right

Sometimes, even professionals can get this wrong. Either the bra is a size too big or it is tight enough to leave you panting. So, how does one ensure that their brassiere will fit them properly? As a rule of thumb, you should always try it on and see if the cups are wrinkly or not. If they are, then take it as a sign that the particular brassiere is a tad too big for you. You’d want to ensure that your breasts fill the cups evenly without making you feel suffocated. 

Look After Your Bras

If you look at it this way, brassieres are no less than sneakers. And, what do we mean by that? Like a good pair of sneakers, brassieres need to be looked after well. They deserve similar maintenance. The only difference is that they are way more delicate. That’s why it is a good practice to wash your lingerie using your hands rather than leave their fate in the hands of a machine. But, if you still rely on your trusty washing machine, then it is best to ensure that your brassieres are machine-wash friendly.

Mind the Gore

A lot of women often complain about their brassieres stabbing them in the sternum, and that’s totally true. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s not the entire brassiere that causes it, but its central part that is better known as the gore. When you check the bra for the fit, you would also want to ensure that the gore doesn’t bother you and sits flat and easy on your sternum. If it’s pushing against your sternum even in the slightest of manner, then, love it or hate it, you might want to consider going a size (cup) up, irrespective of how perfect the brassiere is. But, if you can deal with that stabbing sensation, then you might as well go for it.

Get the Band to Cup Ratio Correct

After a few years of buying brassieres, it’s natural for one to pick the right cup size. But, it is the band that quite a lot of people get wrong. One needs to understand that the cup and the bands of a brassiere work in unison, and as long as you don’t get that straight there is a fair chance that your brassiere will always fit you in a wonky fashion, regardless of how perfectly the cups fit. You can eliminate this problem by putting on the bra and raising your arms. If the brassiere doesn’t move up, then, ladies, pat yourself on the back because we have found the right piece.

Styles of women’s bras that are available online

Sona Full-coverage Non-padded Bra: Featuring regular straps and back design, this full-coverage bra is perfect for everyday use and use with ethnic attires. It is made from a cotton blend fabric and offers comfort and support to your breasts. This yellow-colored bra comes in different sizes that range from 30B to 40C. Choose the right-sized bra for yourself and buy it online in a hassle-free way.

Jockey Women Sports Non-padded Bra: Featuring a racerback design, this grey-colored bra from Jockey is perfect to wear when you’re working out. Offering comfort and adequate support, this bra is a perfect match for your active lifestyle. It is made from cotton lycra blend fabric and comes in sizes that range from S to XL. 

Clovia Women Plunge Lightly Padded Bra: Perfect to wear under dresses with plunging necklines, this padded bra from Clovia offers optimal support and coverage for your breasts without being seen, so you can flaunt these low-cut, V-neck dresses with confidence.

Why Buy Sexy Bras Online?

Spare yourself the embarrassment of dealing with sleazy salesmen at lingeries shops and conveniently shop on online shopping sites. These sites will offer you a wide variety of women bras in the comfort of your home. Also, you can make use of the filters present on these sites to narrow down your search. So, what’s stopping you? Log on to Flipkart shopping site and buy bars online.

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महिलायो के आवश्यक पोशाकों में ब्रा काफ़ी महत्वपूर्ण हैं। बढ़ती उम्र के साथ शारीरिक परिवर्तन अनिवार्य हैं और इसी लिए ये पोशाक हर महिला के लिए काफ़ी ज़रूरी हैं। विभिन्न साइज़, स्टाइल, रंग, और आकार में उपलब्ध ये पोशाक आपकी शारीरिक सुंदरता बढ़ाती हैं और इसके ऊपर पहने हुए किसी भी पोशाक में चार चाँद लगाती हैं। जैसे जूतों का माप बढ़ा या छोटा होने पे काफ़ी दिक्कत होती हैं, उसी तरह ब्रा ग़लत पहनने से काफ़ी तकलीफ़ हो सकती हैं। इसी बात को नज़र में रखते हुए आजकल ब्रैंड्ज़ महिलायो के लिए विभिन्न प्रकार के अंदर पहनने वाले पोशाक ख़रीदते हैं। आप ऑनलाइन फ़ैशन स्टॉर्ज़ में T-shirts के अंदर, टॉप्स के अंदर, ब्लाउस के अंदर, और/या विभिन्न डिज़ाइन के ड्रेस के अंदर पहनने के लिए अलग अलग तरीक़े के ब्रा ख़रीद सकते हैं। ADIDAS, Sona, Docare, In Beauty, Zivame, और Clovia उन ब्रैंड्ज़ में से हैं जो ये और दूसरे महिलायो के लिए ज़रूरी पोशाक ऑनलाइन बेचते हैं। आपको कोई खेल खेलते समय पहनने के लिए या रोज़मर्रा की ज़िंदगी में पहनने के लिए कोई विशेष ब्रा की ज़रूरत हो, आप ऑनलाइन स्टॉर्ज़ में कुछ भी ख़रीद सकते हैं। ख़रीदने से पहले पोशाक के बारे में पढ़ सकते हैं, दूसरे ग्राहकों के विचार जान सकते हैं, और क़ीमत की तुलना भी कर सकते हैं। 

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.Which type of bra is suitable for wearing daily?
    A.A comfortable T-shirt bra is the most suitable option that you can wear on an everyday basis. It is simple in terms of style and does not feature any lace or embroidery on the cups. It provides a smooth, invisible look even when you wear tight-fitting tees.
  2. Q.
    What type of bra can I choose for the best support?
    A.An underwire bra can be an excellent choice of undergarment if you are looking for additional support. These bras are best suited to support bigger and fuller breasts.
  3. Q.What is the benefit of wearing a non-padded bra?
    A.A non-padded bra is a very light and comfortable type of bra you can opt for. It does not have any heavy padding or underwire and does not feel too tight when you wear it. 
  4. Q.How to wash a bra?
    A.The best way to wash delicate clothing like a bra is by hand, using a mild detergent. Hand washing is the best way to preserve the bra’s shape and fit.
  5. Q.What are the different back styles available in bras?
    A.You can find different types of back styles in bras, including racerback, transparent back, low back, caged back, T-strap back, and backless styles of bras. 
  6. Q.What are the different materials available in bras?
    A.Cotton, cotton blend, lace, linen blend, and lycra are some of the different materials used in making bras. 
  7. Q.Why should I wear a sports bra while working out?
    A.A sports bra is designed to provide good support and sturdiness to firmly keep the breasts in place while you play sports and exercise. This type of bra can help you exercise comfortably without causing any pain or discomfort.  
  8. Q.What is a balconette bra?
    A.A balconette bra is designed with a balcony-like neckline. It cups the breasts from below and pushes them up to provide a round and firm appearance. 
  9. Q.What is the difference between a plunge bra and a balconette bra?
    A.A plunge bra has cups shaped more like a ‘V’, whereas a balconette bra has cups that are shaped in more of a straight-line fashion. 
  10. Q.What are the best bra brands available?
    A.Clovia, Amante, Enamor, Jockey, and Zivame are some of the best bra brands.
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