A Brief History of Modern India

    A Brief History of Modern India  (English, Paperback, Rajiv Ahir)

    473 Ratings & 53 Reviews
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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Spectrum Books
    • ISBN: 9788179304747, 8179304744
    • Edition: 2013
    • Pages: 416
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    The book offers a concise overview of India's struggle for freedom from British rule alongwith a discussion of various developments in education, administration, social reforms and other fields between The book will be of immense use for a candidate of the civil services examination at the Mains level.

    Table of Contents

    1. The Revolt of 1857

    • Economic Causes
    • Political Causes
    • Administrative Causes
    • Socio-Religious Causes
    • Influence of Outside Events
    • Discontent Among Sepoys
    • Beginning and Spread
    • Storm Centers and Leaders of the Revolt
    • Suppression of Revolt
    • Causes of Failure of Revolt
    • Hindu-Muslim Unity Factor
    • Nature of the Revolt
    • Consequences
    • Summary

    2. Religious and Social Reform Movements

    • Genesis of the Awakening
    • Social Reform
    • A General Survey of Socio-Cultural Reform Movements and their Leaders
    • Positive Contributions of Reform Movements
    • Negative Aspects of Reform Movements
    • Summary

    3. The Struggle Begins

    • Moderate Phase and Early Congress (1858-1905)
    • Factors in Growth of Modern Nationalism
    • Political Associations Before the Indian National Congress
    • Pre-Congress Campaigns
    • Indian National Congress—its Aims and Objectives
    • Methods of Political work of the Early Moderates (1885-1905)
    • Contributions of Moderate Nationalists
    • An Evaluation of the Early Nationalists
    • Role of Masses
    • Attitude of the Government
    • Summary

    4. National Movement 1905-1918

    • Why Militant Nationalism Grew
    • The Swadeshi and Boycott Movement
    • The Movement Under Militant Leadership
    • Extent of Mass Participation
    • All India Aspect
    • Annulment of Partition
    • Why did the Swadeshi Movement Fizzle out?
    • Assessment
    • The Surat Split
    • The Government Strategy
    • Revolutionary Terrorism
    • Morley-Minto Reforms 1909
    • First World War and Nationalist Response
    • Home Rule League Movement
    • Lucknow Session of the Indian National Congress 1916
    • Montagu’s Statement August 1917
    • Summary

    5. National Movement 1919-1939 Era of Mass Nationalism

    • Why Nationalist Resurgence Now
    • Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms and Government of India Act, 1919
    • Rowlatt Act
    • Emergence of Gandhi
    • Gandhi in India
    • Gains from Champaran, Ahmedabad and Kheda
    • Satyagraha Against the Rowlatt Act First Mass Strike
    • Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (April 13,1919)
    • Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement
    • Swarajists and No-Changers
    • Emergence of New Forces During the 1920s
    • Revolutionary Terrorism During the 1920s
    • Growth of Communalism
    • Anti-Simon Commission Upsurge
    • Nehru Report
    • The Run-up to Civil Disobedience Movement
    • Civil Disobedience Movement
    • First Round Table Conference (November 1930-January 1931)
    • Gandhi-Irwin Pact
    • Evaluation of Civil Disobedience Movement
    • Karachi Congress Session 1931
    • Second RTC and Second Civil Disobedience Movement
    • Communal Award and Poona Pact
    • Gandhi’s Harijan Campaign
    • Strategic Debate
    • The First Stage Debate
    • Government of India Act,
    • The Second Stage Debate
    • 28 Months of Congress Rule in Provinces
    • Summary

    6. National Movement : Towards

    • Freedom and Partition 1939-1947
    • Second World War and Nationalist Response
    • August Offer
    • Individual Satyagrahas
    • Cripps Mission
    • Quit India Movement
    • Famine of
    • Rajagopalachari formula
    • Desai-Liaqat Pact
    • Wavell Plan
    • The Indian National Army
    • Post-War National Upsurge June 1945 to February 1946
    • Congress Election Campaign and INA trials
    • Three Upsurges Winter of 1945-46
    • Election Results
    • The Cabinet Mission
    • Communal Holocaust and the Interim Government
    • Attlee’s Statement February 20, 1947
    • Towards Partition
    • Mountbatten Plan, June 3, 1947
    • Indian Independence Act
    • Problems of Early Withdrawal
    • Integration of States
    • Why Congress Accepted Partition?
    • Summary

    7. Administrative Changes after 1857

    • Administration: Central, Provincial, Local
    • Changes in the Army
    • Public Services
    • Princely States
    • Administrative Policies
    • Foreign Policy
    • Summary

    8. Economic Impact of British Rule in India

    • Deindustrialisation Ruin of Artisans and Handicraftsmen
    • Impoverishment of Peasantry
    • Emergence of New Land Relations, Ruin of Old Zamindars
    • Stagnation and Deterioration of Agriculture
    • Commercialisation of Indian Agriculture
    • Development of Modern Industry
    • Rise of Indian Bourgeoisie
    • Economic Drain
    • Famine and Poverty
    • Nationalist Critique of Colonial Economy
    • Summary

    9. Development of Indian Press

    • Early Regulations
    • Struggle by Early Nationalists to Secure Press Freedom
    • Vernacular Press Act,
    • During and After the First World War
    • During the Second World War
    • After Independence

    10. Development of Education

    • A Humble Beginning by Charter Act of 1813
    • Orientalist-Anglicist Controversy
    • Efforts of Thomson
    • Wood’s Despatch (1854)
    • Hunter Education Commission (1882-83)
    • Indian Universities Act, 1904
    • Government Resolution on Education Policy 1913
    • Saddler University Commission (1917-19)
    • Education Under Dyarchy
    • Hartog Committee (1929)
    • Wardha Scheme of Basic Education (1937)
    • Sergeant Plan of Education
    • After Independence
    • Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)
    • Development of Vernacular Education
    • Development of Technical Education
    • Evaluation of British Policy on Education

    11. Brief Notes on Some Aspects of British Rule

    • British Social and Cultural Policy in India
    • Civil Services
    • Police
    • Judiciary
    • Development of Constitution from 1773 to 1858

    12. The Indian States

    • I. East India Company’s Struggle for equality with Indian States from a Position of Subordination (1740-1765)
    • II. Policy of Ring Fence (1765-1813)
    • III. Policy of Subordinate Isolation (1813-1857)
    • IV. Policy of Subordinate Union (1857-1935)
    • V. Policy of Equal Federation (1935-1947)
    • VI. Integration and Merger

    13. Civil Rebellions and Tribal Uprisings 1757-1900

    • Bengal and Eastern India
    • Western India
    • South India
    • North India
    • Weaknesses of these Uprisings

    14. Peasant Movements 1857-1947

    • Peasantry under Colonialism
    • A Survey of Early Peasant Movements
    • Changed Nature of Peasant Movements After 1857
    • Weaknesses
    • Later Movements
    • Peasant Activity in Provinces
    • During the War
    • Post-War Phase
    • Balance-Sheet of Peasant Movements

    15. The Movement of the Working Class

    • Earlier Efforts
    • During Swadeshi Upsurge
    • During the First World War and After
    • During and After the Second World War
    • After Independence

    16. The Evolution of Nationalist Foreign Policy

    • 1880 to First World War: Anti-Imperialism and Pan-Asian Feeling
    • World War I
    • 1920s and 1930s Identifying with Socialists
    • After 1936 Anti-Fascism
    • After Independence

    Ready Reference Data

    • Personalities Associated with Specific Movements
    • Governors-General and Viceroys of India: Significant Events in their Rule
    • North-East Frontier Tribal Movements Year, Region, Major Causes
    • Other Tribal Movements : Period, Region, Causes and Consequences
    • Constitutional Development in India at a Glance
    • Indian National Congress Annual Sessions
    • Famous Trials of the Nationalistic Period
    • Socio-Religious Reform Movements
    • Caste Movements
    • Peasant Movements
    • Newspapers and Journals
    Read More
    Book Details
    • Publication Year
      • 2013
    • Exam
      • CSAT
    • Authored By
      • Rajiv Ahir
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    By Certified Buyers 

    Concise and apt , unbiased version of Indian History

    Unlike the case of Bipin Chandra's book , this book is not a propagandist of Nehruvian philosophy and yeah we do know Nehru didn't play as big a role as high chair he got to sit on.

    On the book, it is an awesome book , nutshelled , concised and apt bookwithout leaving minutest of details.

    2012 CSAT question about national social conference is there in one line, same with 2013 simon commission in one line and all others

    I would certainly recommend it over Bipin as every aspirant's immediat...

    Karan lal

    Certified Buyer

    8 Jun, 2013

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    A Good Resourceful Book

    the book is a great resource and is a perfect recipe for knowledge seekers and competitive exam students like upsc and other state exams where questions from history are asked...but it is also good for people who wish to know about the sequence of happenings and events that impacted our freedom struggle....going by the size of the book..i got a bit disappoint initially but when i read through the pages i realised that great things come in small package!!!!! the book is very systematically wri...

    ravi sharma

    Certified Buyer

    5 Aug, 2013

    Report Abuse

    modern history

    very short and precise...!!good for revision purpose or for reference..!!!no detailed layout....only higlights are given..!!overall a good book if u are in short of time..!!!


    Certified Buyer

    26 Dec, 2013

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    every 1 shud get dis buk if u r serious abt cracking upsc.
    very precise yet very helpful and saves a lot of time

    sangrita mazumder

    Certified Buyer

    16 Feb, 2017

    Report Abuse


    this books has a terrible paper quality!
    and the font is of the minimum possible size!
    the printing quality is bad as well!!
    these factors add up to be very repulsive and u dont feel like reading the book!

    Surabhi Lakhotia

    Certified Buyer

    31 Aug, 2013

    Report Abuse

    Highly Concise Pointwise description of all events

    Firstly, the book might seem to be an average sized book as shown on the buy page. But, it is a palm sized book(can be called a pocket size) with maybe a 10 to 12-size font. Feels really challenging to concentrate on such small text. But once the rhythm is set the book is a blessing in disguise.
    With point-wise and separated paragraphs the book provides all relevant data systematically.
    Enjoy the book..!!

    Abhinav Agnihotri

    Certified Buyer

    18 Aug, 2013

    Report Abuse

    Waste of money!

    The price shocked me...I got the book on full MRP ... But after 2-3 days prices slashed down and now feeling cheated...anyway book is good and worth reading.

    Abhishek Prajapat

    Certified Buyer

    28 May, 2017

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    Certified Buyer

    27 May, 2017

    Report Abuse

    Does the job

    Product is awesome

    Vijay K Ambedkar

    Certified Buyer

    18 May, 2017

    Report Abuse

    Great product

    must for upsc

    priyesh Jain

    Certified Buyer

    14 May, 2017

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