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1.) A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning is an excellent guide for all those who often find the reasoning section of competitive exams tough to crack. The book is bulky with good reason. It comes packed with exercises, tips, explanations and much more.
Getting through competitive examinations is no joke. You not just have millions of other aspirants to beat, the exams themselves seem to be becoming a notch tougher with every passing year. There are plenty of reference books in the shelves of book stores. However, R S Aggarwal’s A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning is definitely one of the more comprehensive exam guides.
The book is divided into two parts  Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The Verbal Reasoning part is further sub-divided into two sections. These include General Mental Ability and Logical Deduction. The exercises given in the book cover the entire gamut of questions asked in the competitive exams. This includes series completion, mathematical operations, verification of truth of the statement, arithmetic reasoning, cause and effect reasoning, deriving conclusion from passages, analytical reasoning and much more.

The book is useful for aspirants of various entrance exams, including bank tests, MBA entrance exams, UPSC exams, government tests for railways and tax department. One of the advantages of using the book to prepare for your exam is that there are a lot of practice questions. In addition, there are also fully solved examples. These give you the necessary tips and hints required to solve any kind of question. The book also has a Question Paper segment. This can be useful to candidates who would like to do a dry run before their exams.

About the Author
R. S. Aggarwal
can probably be described as a veteran author in the field of writing reference books. He has several publications to his credit. These include books on quantitative aptitude, data interpretation and verbal reasoning. His books find favor mainly because they are extremely practical in nature. The concepts are explained very simply and the focus is in giving as many examples as possible. R S Aggarwal has also published books on various aptitude tests.

Table of Contents

Part- I Verbal Reasoning

Section I - General Mental Ability

1. Series Completion
2. Analogy
3. Classification
4. Coding-Decoding
5. Blood Relations
6. Puzzle Test
7. Sequential Output Tracing
8. Direction Sense Test
9. Logical Venn Diagrams
10. Alphabet Test
11. Alpha Numeric Sequence Puzzle
12. Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test
13. Mathematical Operations
14. Logical Sequence of Words
15. Arithmetical Reasoning
16. Inserting The Missing Character
17. Data Sufficiency
18. Eligibility Test
19. Assertion and Reason
20. Situation Reaction Test
21. Verification of Truth of the Statement

Section- II Logical Deduction

1. Logic
2. Statement - Arguments
3. Statement - Assumptions
4. Statement - Courses of Action
5. Statement - Conclusions
6. Deriving Conclusions From Passages
7. Theme Detection
8. Cause and Effect Reasoning

Part- II Non Verbal Reasoning

1. Series
2. Analogy
3. Classification
4. Analytical Reasoning
5. Mirror Images
6. Water Images
7. Spotting Out The Embedded Figures
8. Completion Of Incomplete Pattern
9. Figure Matrix
10. Paper Folding
11. Paper Cutting
12. Rule Detection
13. Grouping Of Identical Figures
14. Cubes and Dice
15. Dot Situation
16. Construction Of Squares And Triangles
17. Figure Formation & Analysis

2.) Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations

Quantitative Aptitude is a book that's popular among every student who's registered for competitive exams or job interviews. It remains a bestseller till date, mainly because of its comprehensive nature.

Often considered as the absolute bible for every aspirant, Quantitative Aptitude by R. S. Aggarwal helps students prepare for competitive exams and job interviews. The book covers an array of topics and its content is split across two sections: Arithmetic Ability and Data Interpretation.

The book features extensive examples and exercises that cover topics like HCF/LCM, Decimal Fractions, Profit and Loss, Time and Distance, Chain Rule, Surds and Indices, Age Problems, Simple and Compound Interest, Probability, Heights and Distances, Volume and Surface Areas and Permutations and Combinations under the broad umbrella of Arithmetic Ability.

Topics covered under Data Interpretation include Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Tabulation and Pie Charts.

This is the perfect handbook for every student as the examples are easy to comprehend.

Table Of Contents

Section- I Arithmetical Ability

1. Numbers
2. H.C.F. & L.C.M. of Numbers
3. Decimal Fractions
4. Simplification
5. Square Roots & Cube Roots
6. Average
7. Problems on Numbers
8. Problems on Ages
9. Surds & Indices
10. Percentage
11. Profit & Loss
12. Ratio & Proportion
13. Partnership
14. Chain Rule
15. Time & work
16. Pipes & Cistern
17. Time & Distance
18. Problems on Trains
19. Boats & Streams
20. Alligation or Mixture
21. Simple Interest
22. Compound Interest
23. Logarithms
24. Area
25. Volume & Surface Areas
26. Races & Games of Skill
27. Calendar
28. Clocks
29. Stocks & Shares
30. Permutations & Combinations
31. Probability
32. True Discount
33. Banker's Discount
34. Heights & Distances
35. Odd Man Out & Series

Section- II Data Interpretation

36. Tabulation
37. Bar Graphs
38. Pie Charts
39. Line Graphs

3.) General Knowledge Manual 2013

Table of Contents

  • History Of India And The World
  • Indian Polity And Governance
  • Geography Of India And The World
  • Economy
  • General Science
  • Organisations
  • Sports And Games
  • General Knowledge
  • Objective Questions
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combo deal the best deal

today i received the last book in the combo collection that i ordered from flipkart..though there was a bit delay in receiving the last book in the combo section im happy that i made this deal on flipkart...all three books i received were in very good far as books in this combo series is concerned R S Aggrawal's quantitative aptitude and verbal and non verbal reasoning texts are no douubt ia must and the best for those who are preparing for various public job oriented exams......

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Awesome book for beginners

this combo is very Good for doing preparation for mba Upsc SSC Railways banking and campus placement drive..its give key concepts and basic idea about all topic with No of examples..thank you filpkart providing these Combo with Much less price..
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