Burnout 3 : Takedown
    Burnout 3 : Takedown (for PS2)

    Burnout 3 : Takedown  (for PS2)

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    • Platform: PS2
    • Genre: Racing
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Multi-Player, Single-Player

      Engage in the most insane types of car races where you can crash cars left, right and center and earn points for the craziest stunts you can perform while driving a car in Burnout 3: Takedown. The statement of live life on the edge turns into a literal possibility with Takedown as you can earn rewards for the most dangerous of stunts performed. The 3rd game in the hugely popular game series packs in some serious new features to the game, allowing you to indulge in many entertaining gaming sessions.

      The game is targeted towards hard-core and casual gamers who like driving cars at crazy speeds in a video game. The racing game will keep you at the edge of your seats every time you switch it on. The game DVD is available for the PS2 gaming console and has a Teen rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      The logic behind Burnout games is simple – drive your car in the most dangerous manner possible. This concept keeps changing according to the modes to play within the game. You earn points for doing anything and everything that is considered illegal in the real world. From driving into wrong lanes, sliding against a car to indulging in an event of ridiculous drifting, you earn points for your every move.

      Developed by Criterion Games and published by EA Games, Burnout 3 sets the stage for some pretty impressive car races. The single-player in the game contains a Career mode where you race to the top against the AI. You establish superiority against your foes by filling up your burnout meter. You can do this by performing crazy stunts and then press a button to speed boost and race ahead of your opponents.

      The different events appearing in the game can be anything from elimination races, grand prix events, one-on-one matches, burning laps, road rage events, crash races and more. Every event occurring in Burnout 3: Takedown also appears in the world tour mode.

      The biggest plus point in Burnout games have been their crashes and Burnout 3 does not disappoint in this aspect. You can view your car in slow-motion by using the impact mode and see it as it crashes into a wall or flies off from the top of a canyon. This gives you the time to relish the crash as you can watch the extensive damage the vehicle has taken and repeat it again, if required. If you just want to crash cars all day long, you can do it with this game in the Crash mode.

      Crash mode also includes a very cool addition named crashbreaker that allows you to explode your car at a push of a button. This helps you in making long strides of crashes and earning extra points when you are in a huge car pileup.

      The game also features a split screen multiplayer. This is helpful when you are playing a game along with your friends as you can compete against them and prove how well versed you are with the game. Burnout 3 includes a great soundtrack that features world famous artists such as My Chemical Romance, Franz Ferdinand, Yellowcard and many more.

      Online Features

      You can team up with your friends and play online races by using the party crash mode. Up to 8 players can join together at one time and crash their cars against each other to see who wins. The racing events in the multiplayer can support up to 6 players. Many others modes are also available where you can unlock sleek looking cars and play team based matches. There are a variety of leaderboards that track your progress online. This is essential to see how you are faring against other racers from across the world.

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      • Title Name
        • Burnout 3 : Takedown
      • Platform
        • PS2
      • Edition
        • Standard Edition
      • Type
        • Full Game
      • Series
        • Burnout
      • Genre
        • Racing
      • Video Encoding
        • PAL
      • Game Modes
        • Multi-Player, Single-Player
      • Publisher
        • Electronic Arts
      • PEGI
        • 3
      54 Ratings
      16 Reviews
      • 5
      • 4
      • 3
      • 2
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      By Certified Buyers 

      Don't Go For It

      I was very excited when I bought this game, but it does not saves the progress you have made in the game.IT offers you GOOD GRAPHICS and crash effects according to the ps2 status but I will recommend you to not buy this product as what is the use of a game if it does not respond to the memory card in your console?

      Vijay%20Kumar Upadhyay

      Certified Buyer

      30 Sep, 2012

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      AMAZING game!

      You know, before I bought this game, I felt that all these racing games EA comes out with are the LAMEST, but after playing this one, I was like," What the-?" and just couldn't take my hands off my PS2 for like the next 1 month after I finished it! AMAZING game and at an amazing price on flipkart!

      Jaivir Das

      Certified Buyer

      11 Dec, 2011

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      great game

      very nice game and cheap here in flipkart and flipkart feedback was very nice hope in the future filpkart always helpful and understand our money coz we all need cheap things :)

      hanish sareen

      Certified Buyer

      12 Sep, 2011

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      Makes you burnout every bit of your adrnaline! :)

      A cool format for racing which is just more than racing. Imagine if you could hit through your opponents and earn ntirous for that. heck yeahhh...! Thats wat Burnout-Takedown is all about. :D Its soooo cool with the nearly realistic graphics and crash playback stuff. The multiplayer option is is like an ice on the cake!

      Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

      Certified Buyer

      8 Apr, 2012

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      Its Nice......
      i think all racing games are just boring....but Burnout series is the Series of racing games which i think worth attention.....!
      The road Rage mode is Good......!
      Game overall = NYC
      If u can tolerate the racing games.....BUY it!

      Pranav mihani

      Certified Buyer

      16 Mar, 2012

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      Great Gameplay

      The cars are all customs, the speed is awesome. The races are terrific. The aggressiveness is fun. Specifically in multi-player mode.

      The graphics is pretty Poor, which may be the only negative thing about the game...

      Flipkart Customer

      Certified Buyer

      30 Jun, 2014


      please buyer shoud not buy it

      this game is nice and has great graphics and cars.At first I was very excited because it was my first order of flipkart. Please don't buy it because we cannot save our progress in it and there is no point in playing a game where we cannot save our progress. Packaging was good but believe me u should not buy it.


      Certified Buyer

      7 Oct, 2013



      Order this game from flipkart to have a try on playing this classic racing game for the one last time!! i think its worth it on playing it on my PS2! Takedown was classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Vijayabalaji S

      Certified Buyer

      7 Aug, 2013


      Great Racing PS2 Game

      Burnout 3: Takedown is one of the best racing games to ever grace the PS2 platform, if not the best. This game is definitely a 'must-buy' for every PS2 gamer. I was looking for a fabulous racing game. This game not only focuses on racing but crashes.

      In other games, you'll get frustrated by crashing but here, crashing into other rival cars as well as driving well is a pre-requisite for achieving success in this game because your chances of winning a race or an event on pure and clean racin...

      Suyash Dayal

      Certified Buyer

      10 Mar, 2013


      Best PS2 Racing Game!

      I brought this game from Flipkart & what a great game for my PS2.Firstly the graphics of this game is awesome & looks great on my LCD tv as this game has progressive scan giving sharper resolution.
      Then the gameplay..Road Rage & Crash this is just awesome & no other game gives the feel of speed like this game..There is non-stop nitro boost avaiable to blast.The fun is ofcourse in seeing the cars crash & explode.The controls are so simple & accurate the car moves just like you want.Just at 499...

      Shalu Samuel

      Certified Buyer

      9 Mar, 2013

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