Avail Buy Back Guarantee for Moto G5 Plus on Flipkart

    Flipkart offers a buy back guarantee for the highly anticipated Moto G5 Plus, which was unveiled on Flipkart on the 15th of March, 2017. This guarantee makes it all the more easier for the aspiring customer to get hold of the Moto G5 Plus online from Flipkart. It is an assurance that when he/she desires to upgrade his smart phone and invest on a new one, it can be easily done with a good discount so that he doesn't have to spend a huge amount on the new phone.

    How does the Buy Back Guarantee for Moto G5 Plus work?

    The BBG, otherwise called the Buy Back Offer is a promise from Flipkart where we assure you that we will buy back the Moto G5 Plus sold by us at an assured price within a certain time period.

    This offer is valid on Moto G5 Plus mobile phones that are purchased on Flipkart from 16th March, 2017. When you purchase a new phone again from Flipkart, 6-8 months after the purchase of your Moto G5 Plus, or, between 17th September 2017 and 16th November 2017, to be precise, you are eligible for an assured discount value of Rs 6,999 on your new smart phone. This is the ABB value that you can avail on exchange of your Moto G5 Plus. What you need to keep in mind is that you will be eligible for this discount rate only if your newly purchased mobile phone's price exceeds the discount value. The phone must be in good working condition, and you must have it intact in the original box along with its charger, and other mobile accessories that came along with it.

    Why is the Buy Back Offer on Flipkart totally worth investing in?

    There's certainly more than one reason that could drive you into getting your Moto G5 Plus with this Flipkart BBG. These days, smart phone lovers tend to keep upgrading their phones as new pieces of these technological products come in. They like to keep updating themselves of new technology and experiencing the innovation each time. For them, it is going to be extremely profitable and easy to think of investing on a new phone after the Moto G5 Plus with the amazing discount you get. Another significance of the Assured Buy Back Flipkart Guarantee is that the regular exchange value on mobiles keep fluctuating in the market time to time. This ABB vale, will, however protect you from all these fluctuations and give you exactly the discount price that we assured you of at the beginning of your purchase. This means that you can exchange your Moto G5 Plus even after 8 months of your purchase, but at that point, you will only receive an exchange value only depending on the prevailing exchange price at that point in time.

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