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Calculus (English, Mixed media product, Bivens Davis Anton)


Calculus  (English, Mixed media product, Bivens Davis Anton)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Mixed media product
  • Publisher: Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
  • Genre: Mathematics
  • ISBN: 9788126512591, 8126512598
  • Pages: 1314

Learn and brush up your mathematical understanding of calculus by reading this detailed textbook on calculus.

Summary Of The Book

Calculus is an inseparable part of Modern Mathematics which refers to the mathematical study of change. It is further subdivided into two major branches namely differential calculus and integral calculus. These two subdivisions are interrelated to each other through the fundamental theorem of calculus. Both the subdivisions use the basic ideas of infinite series to a definite limit and convergence of infinite sequences.

This book Calculus, authored by Stephen L. Davis in collaboration with Irl C. Bivens and Howard Anton, is a complete, comprehensive book on the subject of Calculus. This book opens with a detailed introduction to calculus.

The various chapters of this book deal with concepts like Vector Calculus, Multiple Integrals, Partial Derivatives, Vector-Valued Functions, Three-Dimensional Space; Vectors, Analytic Geometry in Calculus, Infinite Series, Mathematical Modeling with Differential Equations, Principles of Integral Evaluation, Exponential, Logarithmic and Inverse Trigonometric functions, Applications of the definite Integral in Geometry, Science and Engineering, Integration, the Derivative in Graphing and Applications, Limits and Continuity, and Functions.      

This book is designed in a comprehensive writing style for all the students of Mathematics and Calculus.

About The Authors

Stephen L. Davis is a Professor of Mathematics.

He has contributed his works in innumerable articles and research papers on calculus testing, calculus reforms, and finite group theory.
He acquired his B.A. degree from the Lindenwood College. He also holds a Ph.D degree in Mathematics from the Rutgers University. Before joining the Davidson College in the year 1981, he worked with esteemed educational institutes like the Rutgers University and the Ohio State University. He is an instructor of Computer Science, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Abstract Algebra. During the period of 1995-1996, he took off from his regular job as an instructor and was appointed as a Visiting Associate professor at the Swarthmore College. He was also appointed as the Governor of Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

Irl C. Bivens is a Professor of Mathematics.

He has been contributing his works in various articles and research papers on undergraduate mathematics and geometry.

He holds his A.B. degree in Mathematics from the Pfeiffer College. He also holds a Ph.D degree in Mathematics from the University of North Carolina. He has been teaching as an instructor of Mathematics, Geometry, Topology, and Calculus at the Davidson College since 1982. He is especially interested in the Mathematical History and he regularly hosts annual seminar on the History of Mathematics at the Davidson College. He is presently a member of the Editorial board for the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Problem Book series.
Howard Anton is a Professor of Mathematics.

He holds his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D degrees in Mathematics from Lehigh University, the University of Illinois, and the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn respectively. He worked for the Burroughs Corporation and Avco Corporation at Cape Canaveral, Florida, during the early 1960s. He worked as an instructor at the Mathematics Department of Drexel University from 1968-1983.

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Book Details
  • Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
Table of Contents
    • Introduction: Calculus: A new Horizon from Ancient roots
    • Functions
    • Limits and Continuity
    • The Derivative
    • The Derivative in Graphing and Applications
    • Integration
    • Applications of the Definite Integral in Geometry, Science and Engineering
    • Exponential, Logarithmic and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
    • Principles of Integral Evaluation
    • Mathematical Modeling with Differential Equations
    • Infinite Series
    • Analytic Geometry in Calculus
    • Three-Dimensional Space; Vectors
    • Vector-Valued Functions
    • Partial Derivatives
    • Multiple Integrals
    • Topics in Vector Calculus
    • Appendix A: Real numbers, Intervals and Inequalities
    • Appendix B: Absolute Value
    • Appendix C: Coordinate Planes and Lines
    • Appendix D: Distance, Circles and Quadratic Equations
    • Appendix E: Trigonometry Review
    • Appendix F: Solving Polynomial Equations
    • Appendix G: Selected Proofs
    • Answers
    • Photo Credits
    • Index
Series & Set Details
Series Name
  • WSE
University Books Details
  • B.Sc(Mathematics)
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25 Ratings &
3 Reviews
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Worst experience ever!

we got the older version

Flipkart Customer

Certified Buyer, Alappuzha

Mar, 2018

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Very good

It is a recommended book for students and researchers. The book is well organized and covers all the required areas of calculus. Concepts are clearly explained with the support of illustrations. Exercises are also well written to match with the title.

Those who have their objective is to learn fluid mechanics or such engineering subjects will be a bit disappointed because the book has a strong flavor of pure mathematics.
It should also be noted that the Indian edition has below average pri...

Ashok Chitharenjan

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

Aug, 2014

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superb book on calculus

very nice book, as if you are taught calculus from the persons who pioneered calculus.A must buy for scientists, engineers & students.The dark side is that when I inserted the C.D suddenly a command prompted saying 'free use date is expired' though inside the book it is told that 120 trial days are given, it is something useless never expected from a publisher like John Wiley. About the book it is a joyful learning calculus through this book. A deep tribute to the authors for making a very be...

satya prakash rout

Certified Buyer, Cuttack

Dec, 2013

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