Since time immemorial, binoculars have always been interesting devices that have helped men of great power, discover new sights and enhance their range of vision. Even today, binoculars are popular among researchers, ornithologists, wildlife enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and scientists.
    Technically speaking, a pair of binoculars is defined as an optical instrument that is equipped with a lens for each eye, helping the user, view objects that are distant or far away. Binoculars were also perceived to be shorter versions of telescopes.
    A pair of binoculars features a focus wheel, that allows better focussing, a tripod mount for enabling the device to be mounted on a tripod and objective lenses that are coated to a considerable degree for better clarity. With the combination of all these essential attributes, one can successfully make use of binoculars to view subjects of importance.
    The basic working mechanism is truly mind-boggling. Binoculars are constructed with two convex lenses which help in bringing a far away image closer to your vision. The first lens throws light on the image and the second lens will assist in magnifying it by several degrees. A telescope, on the other hand, aids the user in observing very distant objects by collecting visible light and magnifying it by several degrees. Depending on your need or requirement and your area of study, you can effectively decide what you wish to opt for.
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