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Cameras are a great way to capture our special moments forever. The point and shoot camera is a compact and still camera. It is also known as the P&S camera in its abbreviated form. It is designed for the simple and primary operation of capturing photographs. They often come as a compact model and are lightweight in design. This makes these cameras portable and convenient to carry along. You can put them inside your bag or even in your pocket. You can even carry the camera in the palm of your hand as it is small in size. All the P&S cameras come with a fixed lens. This eliminates the hassle of carrying and changing multiple camera lenses. You can take out these devices, aim at the subject and click pictures with ease. The simple operation does not require expertise and can be used by anybody, including kids. Some higher-end cameras also come with a longer zoom range to help you take pictures of objects at a distance. These cameras are a handy item to take to family trips and celebrations. Brands like D Design, BabyTiger, Olympus, Smiledrive, and V.T.I. are popular choices. You can shop for point and shoot cameras across e-stores. 

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Point & Shoot Cameras: Your Photography Companion

Also known as a compact camera, point-shoot cameras are devices that are designed for relatively simpler operations. Most point-shoot cameras function with focus free lenses or have autofocus features. Exposure options are usually automatic, and flash units are built in. Point-shoot cameras are a popular choice among people who want easy to use cameras for capturing moments during vacations, reunions, parties, and other similar events. Brands like Kodak, Nikon, and Canon are among the best to choose from.

Since the advent of smartphones, point shoot cameras have been sidelined, but the truth is, that there are so many features a point shoot camera has that smartphones lack. 


Why You Should Get Yourself A Point And Shoot Camera

Here’s a few reasons why you should opt for a point shoot camera instead of a smartphone while clicking pics:


Better Macro Photos Than Smartphones

Point shoot cameras from Kodak, Sony, Sjcam etc. can take better macro pictures, as opposed to your smartphone camera. Some models can even focus at a distance of less than half an inch from the object. With point shoot cameras, you can create a shallow depth of field, as it has larger sensors unlike smartphone cameras. 

Save Your Battery And Storage

Taking pictures and videos on your phone drains out your battery and takes up a great amount of storage space. If you want to save your phone’s battery and storage, then a point shoot camera does just that. Especially at times when you’re travelling, the need to take pictures and videos increases, and using a point shoot camera is the ideal choice, as you wouldn’t want your phone battery dead, or your phone’s storage space full.   


Better Performance

Trying to capture a picture of a moving object is nearly impossible with a smartphone. The image taken might end up being soft, noisy or blurry.

However, point shoot cameras have better shooting performance. Many good point shoot cameras have improved on the shutter lag, startup time and more, and this has resulted in greater performance. Most point shoot cameras have a shutter release button, which means that holding and prefocusing is easier.


Sensor and optical shift image stabilization

Cameras have sensor and optical shift image stabilization, which means that if your camera shakes while clicking a picture, it doesn’t impact the photo quality. Smartphones on the other hand has something called as the digital image stabilization and this is like the digital zoom, it lowers the image quality.

Great Quality Effects And Filters

Point shoot cameras have a great number of good quality effects and filters, and some of them can be applied right away, while you click the pictures.

Edit On-Camera
Point shoot cameras have some great on-camera editing features. Crop, cut, resize, correct the exposure, soften skin, sharpen the image, remove the red eye and more. After this, you can choose from a number of color filters, effects, add borders and frames and more.

Better Zoom In And Zoom Out Features

This is one of the biggest differences between a point shoot camera and a smartphone and the point shoot camera has the upper hand here. Zooming in and out is much better on a point shoot camera. Sure, you can zoom in and out with your smartphone too, but that is a digital zoom. Which means it is as good as just enlarging your picture and cropping it. This makes the picture look grainy and low quality.

Point and shoot cameras use optical zoom. Which means the entire lens of the camera moves forward to zoom in to your object. This means that the quality of the image is not compromised. 


Where To Buy Point Shoot Cameras

To click pictures, what you need first is a little bit of skill, some passion, and a good point shoot camera.

Buy point shoot cameras online, and choose from an array of the best brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Kodak, and Sjcam.

Point-shoot cameras help you capture the moment as it is, ensuring that when you look back on these pictures, you take a walk down memory lane.

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