Action cameras - Record Every Minute of Your Adventures

    Action cameras are for those who do not want to miss even a fleeting second of their adventures. It is designed to record all kinds of action while you are immersed in it. They are therefore tough, rugged and water-proof at surface level. Also called a sports cam, they are associated with outdoor sports and are generally attached to helmets, cars, surfboards or handlebars. Small and compact in size, an action camera is simple to operate and contains a lens that captures the world in a wide-angle fish-eye perspective and in very high-definition. Nowadays, an action camera has become an integral part of many extreme sports such as skydiving, base jumping, etc.  

    Their dramatic point of view footage and the fact that it can survive all your adventures without damage are features that have made these sport cams so popular among extreme sports enthusiasts. They generally attach the device to themselves or their equipment to capture all the action. Most of these devices record on a micro SD card and have a micro-USB connector.  

    Yes, you can also mount a traditional camcorder which could be a cheaper option but they would prove to be very bulky in nature. They are too heavy to be strapped onto yourself or your equipment. An action camera on the other hand is extremely lightweight, mountable and portable. 

    Before buying an action camera, you must know why you want it. Don’t go by the brand but think about what you require out of it. Do you really need wi-fi or GPS? You could still great footage without them! 

    Let’s look at some of the most important things to keep in mind before you buy one:

    Go hands-free!

    An action camera comes in different shapes and it is important to choose the right one. If you want to mount the action camera on your helmet, a box design is the most stable choice. If you plan to mount it on the chest, a box-design is a better option. It always helps to find out the mounting system of the device before you purchase one. 

    You will want to know what method is used for mounting - straps, clamps or adhesives? You will also want to find out if the mount can be tilted and pivoted when needed or is it just fixed to one position?

    Remember that not all action cameras are suitable for every sport. Different shapes allow for different mounting possibilities. If you plan to buy a waterproof action camera to record your underwater adventures, keep an eye on its depth rating. Some of them go deeper than others. Keep a check on this! 

    GoPro undoubtedly has the best waterproof action camera in the market today - GroPro HERO6.

    The tougher, the better

    A sports cam is rugged and durable but each of them come with different degrees of toughness. An action camera comes with a set of information which you have to read carefully before you choose to buy it :

    - how far can you drop it and get it to still work?

    - if it is a waterproof action camera, how far can it be submerged in water?

    - upto what temperature can it handle? Can it handle extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures?

    Resolution is key

    You must keep in mind frame rate while buying a sports cam. Some action cameras offer upto 240 fps (frame rate per second) which is great when you want to slow footage down while editing. The footage can be played back smoothly at ¼ speed. But for regular playback, you can just go for the 30 fps. That works out just fine. For a more cinematic experience, you can go for the 24 fps action camera. 

    Then there is the topic of resolution. The best sports cam in the market captures footage at 4K. Shooting at 4K has a lot of advantages. You can crop footage and maintain 1080p quality and can also be set to record in low resolutions if you wish to keep the file size small. 

    Track important details

    Some action cameras provide important information about you and your surroundings. These cameras can include a compass, heart rate monitor, altimeter, barometric pressure indicator, and more such crucial info. 

    Special shooting modes

    If you are the creative kind, you can find action cameras that have special shooting modes like slow motion and time lapse footage. These will enhance your action videos. 

    Hands-free and voice activated control

    Your hands are generally not free when you are swimming, hiking or biking. Hence, most action cameras come with a wireless remote control that could be mounted on your wristband or your helmet. This is a very important criteria! The GoPro HERO5 and HERO5 Session introduced voice control - you don’t have to use your hands at all!

    Long battery life and plenty of memory

    When you are out on a trip, you wont be near a power station for long periods of time. Check to see how long your action camera can survive on a full battery. Memory is as important. These action cameras record on a SD card, so you will want to know how long each of these cards last. You must keep extras in handy for the worst thing that can occur is running out of memory!

    A GoPro camera is your best bet when it comes to buying a sports cam and the best out of the lot is the GoPro HERO6. Let’s take a look at what makes this GoPro camera so special -

    GoPro HERO6 Action Camera

    This stylish and super-useful GoPro camera is the best action camera you will find in the market. Compact and rugged, it has an intuitive touchscreen and amazing photo and video-capturing capabilities. 

    This GoPro camera can record 4k video with stereo sound upto 60 fps as well as record Full HD footage at 240 fps. It also comes with a lot of optional accessories to choose from. 

    This device comes with the most sophisticated digital image stabilization. It can capture bursts of 30 shots. You can even save your images in RAW format for desktop editing. Great feature for an action camera to have, right?

    The 2 inch touchscreen of this GoPro camera makes navigating through its content a breeze. You can even control this device through voice commands. Enjoy the complete hands-free experience with this magnificent device. We believe this certainly is the best action camera in the industry today!

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