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Sports & Action Cameras: Relive Your Memories with 

Memories and experiences are that which make us, and to some of us, they are those elements which add meaning to our life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relive our precious and memorable moments time and time again? Isn’t it an incredible feeling to share with your loved ones those feelings of thrill and excitement?

Well, now you can!

Your adventures and experiences come alive in videos, and action cameras are a great way for us to relive those unforgettable moments. Unlike conventional cameras, some of the best action cameras, such as GoPro camera make you feel as if you were in the midst of the action all over again, filling your head and heart with fond nostalgia.

Sometimes, life sneaks up on us. It’s easy to lose track of time, caught in a rut, doing day-to-day chores and ticking off things in our everyday lists. You are then hit with a realisation and the urge to travel, see the world, and do a bunch of crazy, adventurous stuff that you haven’t tried before. There are certain essential accessories and gadgets you need to have if you’re planning to hit the road or pull off crazy stunts. One such gadget is a sports action camera. These cameras often come with mounts that can be strapped anywhere on your person or onto a bike helmet, depending on what activity you’re undertaking. Providing a first-person view of the world around you, an action camera captures people and life as you see it.

We create memories every day and the memories we create when on a trip or vacation are truly memorable. It’s essential to choose the right action cameras which meet your specific requirements to create a library of memories for the future.

The Who, Why’s and How’s When It Comes to Action Cameras

Almost every adventure junkie has base jumping or bungee jumping on his/her bucket list. The Victoria Falls - a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River, at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, is an ideal spot for those who wish to bungee jump. One of the highest commercial bungee jumps in the world, this spot is not for the faint of heart. But, for those who pluck up the nerve to take the leap and thunder along for more than a hundred metres below, it is an experience of a lifetime. 

Adventure sports which require the use of both your hands, such as bike riding or trekking find use in action cameras to take photos of precious moments and breathtaking views which you wouldn’t be able to capture otherwise.

Whether you’re diving in Iceland, river tubing in Dominica, canyoning in Mauritius, tidal-bore rafting in Nova Scotia, sandboarding in Namibia, or swimming with whale sharks in Saint Helena, you need the ideal action camera to capture even the subtlest of details in the most vivid and dramatic way possible.

Don’t you want to immortalise those cherished moments? A waterproof action camera is the gadget of choice you need in these trips.

The GoPro HERO

Take the GoPro HERO for instance. Apart from featuring a 10 MP camera, it also lets you take videos in 1080 or 1440 pixels with 30 or 60 frames per second. With its voice control capability, all you have to do is ask the GoPro to take a photo, and lo and behold, it snaps a picture with amazing responsiveness. This sports cam also comes with a 5.08-cm (2) touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Time Lapse, Auto Cloud Backup and other features. But, the icing on the cake is its durable, waterproof design. You don’t have to hesitate before jumping into a pool or a beautiful lake with your camera. This GoPro camera captures clear pictures and videos and can go with you on any adventure in which your smartphone just wouldn’t cut it. It also comes with a nifty feature, QuikStories, which moves your pictures to the GoPro app and transforms them into an awesome video automatically.

Why Go for an Action Camera?

Isn’t it exciting to capture your adventures as realistically as possible? With a GoPro camera or any sports action camera, extreme sports or adventure videos can be captured in POV (Point-of-View) mode, so even routine vacation videos can be made much more exciting and interesting!

In essence, action cameras aren’t that different from camcorders. That which sets them apart is their size and weight. They can be easily attached to bike helmets, cars, and even your own forehead with the necessary accessories. The camera of choice for adventure video enthusiasts, action cameras enable you to capture breathtaking views of landscapes from different angles and distances which were thought impossible.

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to how you can put an action camera to use. Whether you’re snapping the perfect shot from the precipice of a snowy peak or you’re exploring the depths of deep blue seas, with an action camera, 4K quality videos can also be captured. In trips, which involve trekking or hiking, GoPro cameras or sports action cameras are highly useful, to take pictures or videos on the go, without using your hands.

Not Just for Thrill Seekers

Though action cameras were built keeping adventure junkies in mind, they are gaining popularity among families too. Whether it is your parents’ anniversary or your kid’s graduation ceremony, an action camera is suitable for any occasion or activity.

If you’re planning to buy an action camera online, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind: 

Video Quality

What's the point of taking videos of your adventures if they aren’t clear or even visible? The video resolution of a camera is a vital factor to consider when choosing a sports action camera. At present, there are cameras available online which even let you record videos in 4K resolution, followed by 1080p and 720p. It depends on how you will be using the camera and what devices you have to view the footage.


Though action cameras can be used for everyday activities, they weren’t made for those, were they? When you’re trekking during snowfall, or diving underwater, waterproof cameras offer the durability required to make it through the journey. You can also get a waterproof case if your camera isn’t completely waterproof.

Battery Life

It’s all well and good to take high-quality videos with your camera. But it’s necessary to ensure that the camera’s battery lasts for a long time, so you don’t miss out on capturing the beautiful moments of your adventure. Keeping features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on will drain the battery faster. So choose a camera wisely, keeping the battery life in mind.

How Much storage?

You’re filming something amazing, but your camera says there isn’t enough storage space. Isn’t that frustrating? If you’re going to be filming a lot more than just taking photos, it might be a good idea to choose an action camera with a bigger capacity. Another tip would be to carry a few micro SD cards with you, so you can swap your existing card with a new one when it is full.

It is time you take that trip you’ve been planning for ages. The world with its abundant beauty is enticing us, seducing us to explore it. Take the plunge, take the leap, but above all remember to take your action camera with you.

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