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Caprese Yellow Women Sling Bag

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Model Name
Bag Size
Zip and Flap
Other Body Features
Glossy Surface, Multiple Pockets, Adjustable Sling, Branded Lining, Cell Phone Pocket
280 mm
195 mm
11 mm

You are the kind of person who knows that appearances might not be everything but they are most things. You do not step out of the house sporting mismatched clothes and wearing the wrong shade of blush sounds scandalous to you. You are known for always being well put-together with not a hair out of place which is why the Caprese Clara Medium Sling Bag - For Women is an accessory that perfectly complements your style.

Made of faux leather, this sling bag appeases the animal lover in you while providing you with ample space to store your belongings. Perfect for casual occasions, grab the bag on your way out to meet your gal pals for the matinee show or a light lunch to discuss relationship strategy. For the woman who cannot live without all that she deems essential, this medium sized bag with multiple pockets apart from a cell phone pocket is the perfect solution for organized existence. The bag comes with a zip and flap closure as well; pair it with your jumper and embrace your bohemian side.  Adjust the sling to suit your hemline and stride out with pride to watch the covetous glances reflect off the glossy surface of the Caprese Clara Medium Sling Bag.

Generic Name
Sling Bags
Ratings & Reviews
2 ratings and 0 reviews
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