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Chafing dishes play a vital role in serving food at places such as parties, weddings, and restaurants. Using these dishes, you can arrange different types of food on the serving station or the buffet counter. They are efficient in keeping the food warm and ensure food safety. They are available in varying designs and shapes, like minimalistic rectangular dishes, square containers, or beautifully carved spherical dishes. You can choose from a variety of materials like copper, stainless steel, brass, and other metals, according to your requirements. They have heat-proof handles and lids with a knob that offers a comfortable grip. The lids come in different styles like hinged covers, glass top lids, or lift-off lids. Electric variants come with an inbuilt temperature control system and induction element, so there is no need for the gel to be ignited on and off. You just have to plug it into a power source for the food to remain warm. Other great options are fuel-powered and induction-powered variants. You can choose the best one, keeping in mind the crowd to be catered. You can compare chafing dish prices in India to buy the one that best suits your requirement. Browse the collection from popular brands like TMS, Venus, Episode, Habib HandicraftS, ROXX, etc., and shop for chafing dishes online across e-stores.

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Chafing Dishes
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Chafing Dishes With A Modern Twist

A chafing dish is a container raised on a tripod stand. The flame does not touch the dish but warms it from below. It is used for heating up the food gently and to prevent overheating and overcooking. Chafing dishes are generally used in buffets to warm up the food. Most of the chafing dishes come with a lid to help keep the food warm. 

In ancient times, chafing dishes were made of ceramic, glazed earthenware, or expensive metals like silver. These chafing dishes were heated up gently with burning coal. In modern times, these dishes are made with stainless steel, light metals or ceramic. They have heatproof handles and are covered with pyrex lids which are break proof and heat proof. These dishes are heated up with fire instead of coal.

The ancient versions came with no handles, but some modified versions of chafing dishes trace their history back to the late 19th century England. During this time, “chafing dish suppers” became very popular. The families preferred slow-cooked supper on the table instead of pre-prepared dishes.

Find The Suitable Material For Your Needs

Chafing dishes come in a variety of materials like copper, stainless steel, and other metals. You can choose the one according to your requirement.

If you are looking for a copper chafing dish, you can go for the Skyra 7 L Round Chafing Dish which comes in a burnt copper finish. Buy this chafing dish for heating up soup or other such liquid consistency food item.

If you want to go for a stainless steel chafing dish, go for the Skyra 6 L Rectangular Chafing Dish.

Chafing dishes also come in brass which heats up the food effectively. You can consider buying the Episode Rectangular Chafing Dish which is made of brass and is silver plated to give the best heat distribution to heat your food evenly.

Go For A Chafing Dish With A Royal Touch

Chafing online are available in a variety of designs right from a minimalistic rectangular container with a glass lid to beautifully carved spherical chafing dishes with intricate designs.

Buy the IndianArtVilla Round Chafing Dish if you are looking for a chafing dish which emanates the essence of the royal traditional Mughal style utensils.

This chafing dish works well both as a heating dish and as a decorative piece if you are planning to organize a theme buffet or if you are decorating your shop or hotel.

Look For A Chafing Dish With A Lid

A chafing dish with a lid is essential to keep your food constantly warm and to protect it from unwanted dust particles and insects in case of an outdoor party.

Buy the CHEFFO Radiance 4.5 L Round Chafing Dish which comes with a tempered glass lid and a beautiful crystal handle. This transparent tempered glass lid is shatter-proof and can handle high temperatures as well.

If you would like an opaque lid, go for the Skyra Soup Tureen 7 L Round Chafing Dish which is perfect for heating soups. This chafing dish comes in black color coated steel with a black lid. This chafing dish gives a very traditional Indian feel and can help bring that flavor to your event.

Choose The Shape You Like Best

Go For the Episode Round Chafing Dish if you want to buy a circular chafing dish with a shiny finish. If you want a rectangular chafing dish, you can opt for the Skyra 6 L Rectangular Chafing Dish.

Buy chafing dishes online which available in a variety of materials, designs, and shapes with varying capacities. Choose the one which best suits your purpose.

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