Chest X-Ray Made Easy
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Chest X-Ray Made Easy (English, Book, Corne Jonathan)


Chest X-Ray Made Easy  (English, Book, Corne Jonathan)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Book
  • Publisher: Not Avail
  • Genre: Medical
  • ISBN: 9780443067358, 9780443067358
  • Pages: 169

Chest X-Ray Made Easy aims to help clinicians interpret X-Ray images of the chest correctly.

Summary Of The Book

The book takes doctors through the steps of identifying and interpreting the abnormalities that show up on a chest x-ray film.

Chest X-Ray Made Easy begins by stressing on simple things such as checking the name and date on the X-Ray record. It explains how to check the technical quality of the film and how to do a preliminary scan of the whole film to note down first impressions of any possible abnormalities.

Doing this first scan and noting down impressions, say the authors, will help the doctors check on the possibility of more than one single problem. It will prevent them from getting obsessed over one abnormality and ignoring others.

The book also asks the doctor to note down a basic description of the abnormality. For instance, remembering what drew the clinician’s attention to it in the first place. Maybe it was too large, or it was too black or white in the film or it was in the wrong place.

The authors also go into the process of localising the lesion. They describe how to determine where exactly it is located, whether in the chest wall or in the mediastinum or in the lung. Chapter 2 shows how to pinpoint the location of the lesion inside the heart or the lung. The eighth chapter explains how to do this within the mediastinum and the next chapter describes the process for localising the lesion in the ribs.

The authors also stress the importance of the radiologist’s report on the film. The third chapter examines CT scans and how to interpret these composite images. Chest X-Ray Made Easy takes up different signs of abnormality. It shows how to go deeper into them and track down the specific abnormality that these might indicate. It explains the concepts of the white and the black lung fields, the abnormal heart shadow and the abnormal hilum. It shows how to study and interpret the widened mediastinum, abnormal ribs, or soft tissues. The book also discusses how to track down possible hidden abnormalities.

Chest X-Ray Made Easy is a simple and easy to follow guide to help junior doctors interpret the x-ray film. It familiarizes them with the conditions that they might frequently encounter. It explains the process of first identifying the abnormalities and then interpreting the cause.
New to this edition are the two-color style of presentation, and the coverage of CT scans.

About The Authors

Jonathan Corne is a respiratory physician.

He has co-authored another book, 100 Chest X-Ray Problems.

Jonathan Corne holds an MA, Ph.D., and FRCP. He is a Consultant Respiratory Physician at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Kate Pointon is a radiologist.

Kate Pointon is a MRCP and FRCR. Pointon is a Consultant Radiologist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust’s Department of Radiology.

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  • October
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  • International
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  • Non Fiction Book
Author Info
  • By Jonathan Corne, MA, PhD, FRCP, Consultant Respiratory Physician, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Nottingham, UK and Kate Pointon, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant Radiologist, Department of Radiology, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Notting
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Simply awesome

Lots of information about x-Ray of different part of body which will help a lots to medical students and also those practicing doctors.

sudip ghorui

Certified Buyer, Kolkata

Dec, 2016

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