Codename : Panzers Cold War

    Codename : Panzers Cold War (for PC)

    Codename : Panzers Cold War  (for PC)

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    • Platform: PC
    • Genre: Strategy
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Multi-Player, Single-Player
      A major armed conflict is brewing between the Western powers and the Soviet bloc. The Red Army has been growing ever stronger since the end of World War II. With the growth of their army the Soviets realize that they hold the advantage and are only waiting for the right moment to attack. That moment arrives with the Tempelhof Incident: the near-fatal collision of a US cargo plane and a Soviet fighter over Berlin's main airfield. A fatalbination of coincidence and human error there is no point in arguing what went wrong no point in asking who pulled the trigger first and who fired on whom in return. The Incident went down in history as fatal. Within 12 hours of the crash the ground beneath the German capital is shaking with the salvoes of a war never meant to be: a conflict between former allies over Europe and global supremacy. In this game the worstes true and it may just change the fate of the "free world" forever! WWII is now just a memory - but the Cold War has just begun.Features:Authentic "Cold War" eraVariable squads with powerful squad leaders capable of easily taking on any kind of enemy providing a gameplay more balanced and fun than ever!Personalize units with visible function upgradesUnique buildingbat system - buildings can be destroyed or occupied to gain an advantageFascinating storyline which follows the personal fates of both familiar Codename Panzers heroes and brand new ones alikeDetailed "movie-like" world simulation: a truly "alive" world in which each and every single unit possesses its own AI and reacts to the player's actions accordinglySingle player campaign with 18 exciting missions.
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      • Title Name
        • Codename : Panzers Cold War
      • Platform
        • PC
      • Edition
        • Standard Edition
      • Type
        • Full Game
      • Genre
        • Strategy
      • Game Modes
        • Multi-Player, Single-Player
      • Publisher
        • Atari
      • PEGI
        • 12
      Ratings and Reviews
      3 Ratings &
      2 Reviews
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      What if WW3 broke out - in 1949 !

      Okay WW2 had ended and the COld War starts and then leads to the Hot War of WW3 ! in 1949 . And as expected in a thousand war games (in military colleges) Berlin is the starting point! Interesting is to put it very mildly . You will be hugely challenged in the more complex scenarios - you capture one mandatory point at one edge of the screen and you go ahead - only to lose it because your factories cant produce enough tanks and equipment fast enough. The graphics are simply gorgeous though li...


      Certified Buyer

      28 Aug, 2012

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      Excellent game

      Its damn good strategy game. Good to have it in your possession.Works fine in any standard laptop.Sound is excellent.Its an advice to play this game with speakers ON to understand the quality of sound. Graphics is good though under full zoom-in it tends to fall apart a bit.

      Manami MITRA

      Certified Buyer

      31 May, 2012

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