Complete Mobile Protection

The Complete Mobile Protection is a 365 day complete post-purchase solution with personalized door-to-door service. Covering accidental screen damage, liquid damage to screen and multiple hardware and software glitches, you don’t have to make innumerable calls to the service center the next time you face a problem with your mobile. Add the complete mobile protection plan to your cart when you purchase a smartphone from us and save yourself tonnes of time, money and energy whenever your phone acts up!


What is Flipkart’s complete mobile protection plan?

Mobile phones are not a small investment. Even if its a budget phone, they will be prone to damages, and we all know not all damages are covered under brand warranty (cracked screens, liquid spills, speaker malfunctions, charging port malfunctions for example). So the best way to avoid high repair costs is to get yourself Flipkart’s Complete Mobile Protection - a complete post-purchase solution for all kinds of software and hardware glitches you may face, starting at as low as 99 Rupees only! All you have to do is call us on our one point helpline 1800 425 365 365 for your product to be picked up after a phone analysis of the issue. 

What does the Complete Mobile Protection plan cover?

1) Repair of broken/cracked screens with brand-authorized genuine parts
2) Hardware/software malfunctions through authorized service centers 
3) Liquid damage to screens 
4) Pick-up and drop services 
5) Single point contact for all information 
6) Repair/replacement guarantee 
7) Guaranteed repair within 10 days 

How do you buy the Complete Mobile Protection plan?

Once you are on the product page of the smartphone you wish to buy, you will see a ‘protect your product’ section once you scroll down the same page. Just check the box and it’ll be added to your cart along with the smartphone once you click the ‘add two items’ icon. Yes, the protection plan is applicable only when you are buying a smartphone and not before or after a purchase is completed! Your policy will be activated once the phone is delivered to you. Flipkart will send an email confirmation of the same to your registered email address with its terms and conditions. The policy will expire a year from the date of delivery. 

How do you claim the Complete Mobile Protection plan?

It’s simple. Call our dedicated helpline number 1800 425 365 365 and share your policy ID, after which our experts will identify the issue your phone. In case of a broken screen or liquid damage, a link will be sent to your email address for a 500 Rupees processing fee. A pick-up will be arranged post the payment - the first pick up and drop will be absolutely free! 

What is the 10-day guarantee?

Your device will be repaired within a guaranteed 10 days and returned to you. This includes the total time between the pick-up of your product and the first attempt to deliver it to you. If you don’t receive your device in 10 days, you are eligible for a Flipkart e-gift voucher for 500 Rupees.  

How do you check the status of your phone?

You can call on the same hotline number (1800 425 365 365) for a status update on your device after sharing your policy ID.

How many claims can you raise? 

For damaged screens or liquid damages, you can raise just one claim. However, you can claim multiple times for damages that come under the brand warranty.   

Should you backup your personal data?

Yes absolutely! Your phone will be formatted during the process, so it is imperative you take a backup before handing it over.

Why should you make use of the Complete Mobile Protection?

1) How many times have you had to run to service centres to get a simple glitch in your mobile fixed? How long have you been kept on hold when you call customer care? The next time you face an issue with your phone, you get to relax at home while we do the repairing work, starting right from picking your phone up. Our instant call remote assistance is quick and experienced, and will get the work started ASAP. 

2) A broken screen will easily cost you 3,500 Rupees for it to be fixed. Liquid spills could go up to 5000 Rupees. A malfunctioning touch screen could take another 3000 Rupees. These are issues not covered under limited brand warranty. The Complete Mobile Protection covers a comprehensive list of post-purchase problems your device could possibly face, from the most simple to complex, saving you enormous amounts of repair costs! 

Starting at Rupees 99, this plan is surely a steal!! Currently available on models of Apple, Samsung, Mobiistar, Asus Zenfone, Realme 2, the plan will soon start to cover other brands as well. So next time you buy a phone from us, you know what to do!

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