Comprehensive Guide to VITEEE PB

    Comprehensive Guide to VITEEE PB

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    • ISBN: 9789381250242, 9381250243

      The syllabus for the entrance test to get into Vellore Institute of Technology varies from those of other major engineering entrance tests.

      This book covers all the topics included in the VITEEE syllabus. The book has a full and comprehensive coverage of all the topics in the three subjects of Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. The topics in Physics include electricity, electrostatics, wave optics, magnetism and electro-magnetism, radiation’s dual nature, atomic physics, semiconductors, nuclear physics, and communication systems. The chemistry topics include nuclear chemistry, d-block and f-block elements, thermodynamics, solid state, alcohols and ether, electrochemistry,  and organic nitrogen containing compounds. The topics in mathematics start from functions, relations, and quadratic equations to permutations and combinations, binomial theorems, vector algebra, trigonometry, and three-dimensional geometry.

      A review of important concepts is there in every chapter, and solved examples. Also, there are two different levels of exercises with solutions.

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      • Table of Contents
        • Index
          Chapter 1 Electrostatics
          Chapter 2 Current Electricity
          Chapter 3 Heating and chemical Effect of current
          Chapter 4 Magnetic field and Magnetism
          Chapter 5 Electromagnetic Induction
          Chapter 6 Alternating Current
          Chapter 7 Electromagnetic Waves
          Chapter 8 Wave Optics
          Chapter 9 Atomic Physics
          Chapter 10 Dual Nature of Radiation
          Chapter 11 Nuclear Physics
          Chapter 12 Semiconductor and their Applications
          Chapter 13 Communication Systems
          Chapter 1 d-Block Elements
          Chapter 2 f-Block Elements
          Chapter 3 Nuclear Chemistry
          Chapter 4 Coordination Chemistry
          Chapter 5 Solid State
          Chapter 6 Thermosynamics
          Chapter 7 Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics
          Chapter 8 Electrochemistry
          Chapter 9 Alcohols and Ethers
          Chapter 10 Carbonyl Compounds
          Chapter 11 Carboxylic Acid
          Chapter 12 Organic Nitrogen Containing Compounds
          Chapter 1 Relations and Functions
          Chapter 2 Quadratic Equations
          Chapter 3 Sequence and Series
          Chapter 4 Complex Numbers
          Chapter 5 Binomial Theorem Mathematical Induction Exponental and logarithmic Series
          Chapter 6 Permutations and Combinations
          Chapter 7 Matrics and Determinants
          Chapter 8 Trignometric Functions
          Chapter 9 Inverse Trignometric Functions
          Chapter 10 Conic Sections
          Chapter 11 Applications of Derivatives – I
          Chapter 12 Applications of Derivatives – II
          Chapter 13 Integrations
          Chapter 14 Applications of Integrals
          Chapter 15 Differential Equations
          Chapter 16 Vector Algebra
          Chapter 17 Three Dimensional Geometry
          Chapter 18 Probability
          Chapter 19 Mathematical Reasoning Binary Operations and Group Theory

      25 Ratings
      3 Reviews
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      Good Book

      compared to other websites this is the best platform to buy things which is cheaper as well as the best quality

      Jawad Mohammed

      Certified Buyer

      11 Apr, 2014

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      Misleading book for a misleading college.

      Not the best and most useful book that too for a college that gives misleading information about placement and amenities. The question are the sort that don't appear on any entrance examination. A blatant attempt to cash in on the aggressive and misleading advertisements placed by the college in various publications. Please save your money and don't buy this book.

      Saurav S

      Certified Buyer

      27 Oct, 2012

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      bad experience

      i took book and that was dirty and again replaced with other but it was ok compared to pervious delivery and delivery was also late

      Kanthraj D

      Certified Buyer

      26 Apr, 2015

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