The monitor forms one of the computer\'s most crucial components which is the VDU, which is the visual display unit or just simply referred to as a screen. With the advent of modern technology along with the importance given to ergonomics and space saving, the monitor has gradually evolved from a simple monochrome digital display unit to a smart and stylish display medium with an array of integrated connectivity options. What were boxy and space occupying CRT monitors slowly moved to LCD, then to TFT-LCD and finally to the present day LED monitors. The CRT monitors make use of a sizeable cathode ray tube, which is among the main reasons for their chunky size and boxed shape, whereas the monitors using LCD or liquid crystal display and the LED or light-emitting diode technologies are significantly slimmer and lighter. Variety of screen sizes from a simple and compact 15.6 inches to a staggering and highly beneficial 20 inches and above, with most of them having significant HD display capability.

    The size and type of the monitor that you choose could depend on your main avenue of usage which could be strictly official or for your multimedia home PC. This selection process has been made incredibly easy with Flipkart\'s online mega store, which houses a wide range of monitors from some of the most reputed global brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, BenQ and Acer to name a few.

    Now search, select, compare and place the order for the monitor of your choice, right from the comfort of your couch. What\'s more is that Flipkart lets you buy online using either credit card, debit card, net-banking or cash-on delivery, which lets you pay once the product is delivered to your doorstep.
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