Printers are one of those indispensable accessories that one possesses if you have a computer at home. These peripheral instruments help you in producing a hard copy of an electronic document in no time. From personal printers at home to networked printers shared by a group at places like an office or a cyber cafe, creating a physical copy of important files or documents is now a cake walk. Most printers these days come with an ink cartridge that contains different inks for producing black and white as well as coloured images, texts and graphics.

    An ink cartridge is a disposable component of a printer that contains the ink that is deposited on the paper during printing. Each ink cartridge contains one or more ink reservoirs partitioned from each other. Some printers also come with electronic chips that communicate with the printer. Most printer-making companies use a thermal jacket, which gets heated up in response to a signal from the printer, resulting in the vaporisation of the ink and subsequent deposition on the paper.

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