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    The convenience that computer monitors impart can never be replaced by laptops or tablets or even the phablets we have today. A large LCD monitor or LED monitor we use at our desktop for gaming or watching a movie or so, always enables us to enjoy the process much more than doing all these activities with a smaller sized screen. Screen sizes more than 31 inches and resolutions up to 4k (Ultra HD) are available from Samsung monitors, LG monitors, Acer monitors, Dell, HP among others. Although office-goers use laptops these days owing to their portability factor, important jobs still use the large screen-sized monitors to make the cut. Buy a computer monitor online to avail it at the lowest price.

    The computer screen size and screen resolution

    The size of your pc monitor should depend on many factors like the application you are going to use it for, like regular office or college work, gaming application, graphics design and most importantly, based on the distance at which you will be placing your monitor. Under normal viewing distances, you can opt for a 24-inch monitor. Get yourself a Samsung 24-inch Full HD LED monitor or an Acer 24 inch LED backlit LCD monitor to serve the purpose. Gaming monitors generally come in and around this screen size as the player will be sitting pretty close to the screen. Asus 24 inch Full HD LED gaming monitor, BenQ 21.5 inch LCD gaming monitor are some examples. You can also opt for 27 inch monitor, 32 inch monitors and the like if you are into graphic designing or such activities which require large screens to see clearly the creative outcome.

    Along with the resolution, the viewing angle is also important. Hence, you have options like curved monitor screen and flat monitor screen to choose from. The resolution determines the clarity of visuals displayed on the screen and the best under this category is the 4k Ultra HD monitors which will have a resolution around 3840 x 2160 pixels. HD screens and Full HD monitors are also quite popular. You can choose from a wide range of options like Micromax 18.5 inch HD LED monitor, Viewsonic monitors of 19 inch HD resolution, LG 19 inch HD LED Backlit LCD monitor and many such more options.

    PC monitor display type and other features

    The most popular among display types are definitely LCD and LED desktop monitors. The advantages of LED screen certainly include the lesser strain it imparts to the viewer's eyes and the lower amount power it consumes compared to other screen types. Another popular variety are the TFT monitors. TFT is the abbreviation for Thin Film Transistor which is a type under the LCD flat-panel display screen and provides the highest resolution among all the flat-panel techniques. The Dell 18.5 inch HD TFT monitor is an example. HDMI monitors and touch-screen monitors are other types that are highly popular.

    List of branded Monitors :SAMSUNG MonitorsDell MonitorsAcer MonitorsLG MonitorsHP MonitorsAOC Monitors

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