An Access Point is a device that allows other devices to connect to a wired network either wirelessly or through cable. An Access Point can connect to a separate router or it can also be a stand-alone device provided it is compatible. Most Access Points are wireless enabled and allows for wireless devices to connect to a wired network through Wi-Fi thus eliminating the need for excess wires. Before the advent of Access Points, it was required to set up cables through the floors and ceilings in order to deliver network access to all the compatible devices in the vicinity and this was cumbersome indeed. With the Access Points now in use, network users can now add devices to the network HUB without the use of many cables, except perhaps the respective power cables. Some of the brands famous for their network components are Cisco, Cisco Linksys, D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link, iBall, Digisol and many more. These Access Points offer speeds that range from anywhere between 54 Mbps up to 300 Mbps. Buy Access Points from Flipkart and experience the convenience of shopping online. Simply choose among the many payment options available to you like Credit or Debit card payment, cash or Card on Delivery, Net Banking options and others. Order the Access Points from Flipkart and have them delivered to your chosen address quickly within just a few days of having the order confirmed. If the products are found to be damaged on delivery, Flipkart will refund or replace the items.
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