These mini modems are also known as Mobile Broadband Modems. These devices are commonly used to connect to laptops or Personal Computers and serves as a router to receive internet signals through a mobile broadband network. This is unlike the conventional cable internet or Telephone based internet connections. The process is entirely wireless and the user can connect to a Wireless ISP or internet service provider for instant access. 3G networks have taken the data world by storm with blazing speeds and amazing service. Buy Data Cards from Flipkart to take advantage of this next generation data service and approach a higher level of technological prowess. 3G and higher capacity Data Cards provide speeds of 300 Kbps and greater. HSDPA is a further improvement over 3G technology where it provides speeds of many Mbps.

    Data Cards are a blessing in a world constantly in motion. People need to be mobile in order to get work done, and most of the work they do is over the internet. Data Cards help them stay connected wirelessly. Buying These Data Cards online through Flipkart's online web portal allows you to make convenient payments options like Credit or Debit Cards, Cash or Card on delivery, Quick and seamless delivery of the goods ordered, and also Net Banking options. Having all these customer friendly options available to you, you can relax and sit back while your ordered product is delivered to your address within a matter of a few days. If the products are found to be faulty, it will be replaced or the amount will be refunded to you.

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