A Switch in computer terms may refer to a Network Switch which is nothing but a device that is used to link network segments or network devices together. A Switch therefore is in essence, a multi-port network bridge which is used to process and route data among devices. The extent of processing and routing may vary depending on the device and the ones which achieve this task at the network level are often called multilayer switches. Network Switches are telecommunication devices that receive messages from any other electronic device compatibly connected to it and transmits them to only the device that is supposed to be the authorized receiver of the said messages. This is the most important difference between Switches and Hubs. Hubs transmit the message to any and all devices within its range, however, a Switch sends it only to its intended recipient. Switches play a very important role in most SOHO setups. To set up a gated network it is necessary to install a switch or a series of switches depending on the need of your establishment or a simple home based office. Buy Switches from Flipkart and experience the joys of simple online shopping by choosing to pay by Credit or Debit Cards or even through Net Banking. The payment process is simple and secure and the goods are delivered to your chosen address quickly without delay. Opt for the Cash or Card on delivery and have ready service in case you need to claim a replacement or refund if the goods are found to be of unsatisfactory quality.
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