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Buying a Business Laptop: Features You Need to Consider

While the laptop in your room may be great for gaming and provide you with an immersive movie watching experience, you may not find it equally satisfying when you use it to work. Whether you’re running a startup or are one of the top managers in one of the biggest MNCs over the world, if you’re passionate about climbing the ladder to success, it is very important that you buy business laptops that let you multitask efficiently and make the most of your productivity. This is a short article to help you know the few things that you need to consider when you buy business laptops online: 

The Operating System

One of the first decisions that someone buying business laptops has to make is whether to go for an iOS laptop or the Windows OS. If you’re in the creative field, an Apple laptop is a better choice for you, letting you enjoy benefits like a high screen quality, better function keys and the ability to run programs like Avid, Maya and Dreamweaver.

However, one drawback of an Apple laptop is its high price. However, with the range of options that you’ll find while shopping for Windows laptops, you have no reason to worry.
One of the latest of all Windows operating systems is the Windows 10 OS. With features like Cortana that serves as your virtual assistant app and Task View that lets you multitask by setting up multiple virtual desktops, this operating system goes a long way in helping you boost your productivity. A few models that you can have a look at if you want to buy Windows 10 laptops online are the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge, the HP ProBook, the HP EliteBook and business laptops from Microsoft. 

The Processor of Your Business Laptop

The processor is the engine of your laptop, which makes it one of the most important features that you have to look at, especially while buying a business laptop. However, this doesn’t mean you should overspend and buy a laptop with one of the most powerful processors. If all you’ll be using your laptop for are basic work tasks like taking notes and sending mails, Intel Core m3, m5 or m7 laptops would suffice for you. 

On the other hand, if you’re someone who multitasks, running massive spreadsheets with over 10 to 15 tabs opened, laptops with the Intel Core i3 or i5 processors are a better choice for you. If you’re looking for a laptop that you can use for tasks like video-editing or 3D modelling, you can have a look at business laptops with the Intel Core i7 OS. The Apple MacBook is one of the best business laptops that you have if you’re looking for a laptop with an i7 processor. Another laptop that you can consider is the Microsoft Surface Pro. 

The Storage

With the number of powerpoint slides and other important data that you need to store, the storage is another feature that you cannot afford to ignore in your search for a business laptop. When it comes to the storage, laptops with SSD drives are becoming increasingly popular, as they are more reliable and provide an efficient performance. An SSD drive of around 256 GB should be convenient for most businessmen. 

The Battery Life

Now, this one can be tricky. Choosing a business laptop with the right battery capacity is important for two reasons. The first is obvious. A good battery life lets you work on long trips without any hassles. However, you also need to keep in mind that a large battery means more weight. So, ensure that the battery is just right for what you need. 

These are some of the most important features that you as a businessman or professional need to look for in a laptop. A few other features that you may want to consider are graphic cards, that is, if you’re a designer, the design and finally the price. Ensure that the laptop has keys that are comfortable to work with. Features like backlit keyboards make the laptop useful to work in dim lighting conditions. No matter what your budget is, you can easily find a business laptop to suit your needs. 


MacBook Pro - A Laptop for the Travelling Businessman


Powerful yet thin and light, the MacBook Pro is a business laptop that professionals who tend to travel a lot can buy. The laptop is designed with a Touch Bar that adds relevant tools to your keyboard according to the task you are performing. So, you can enjoy instant access to your favourite tools. The laptop is built with a powerful Radeon Pro discrete GPU that delivers high resolution graphics, making it a good choice for those in the field of advertising and graphic design. 


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 - A Business Laptop and Tablet Too


With a multi-position kickstand and new Type Cover, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a tablet when you want to relax and a laptop when you need to work and perform other tasks that require the keyboard. The laptop is designed to be ultrathin and has an Intel Core i5 processor, resulting in the perfect combination of lightness and power. 


HP ProBook 440 - For a Reliable Business Laptop


If there's one feature that most buyers tend to look for while shopping for a business laptop, it's security. If this is true in your case, you can have a look at the HP ProBook 440. HP's BIOSphere firmware-level automation ensures your system is automatically updated and secured for improved security. You can use the optional biometric fingerprint reader to verify and secure your ProBook. Apart from this, you also have the HP Touchpoint Manager app that addresses risks so that your laptop functions well. The HP Audio Boost Technology and the stunning graphics in high resolution will complement your presentations, making your meetings much more productive.


These are just three of the many laptops that you will find while shopping for business laptops online. You can have a closer look at the range of business laptops from brands like Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Microsoft and choose the one that suits your needs. Whether you’re in the field of graphic design or are into sales, you are sure to find the ideal laptop for you while shopping for business laptops online. 

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