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Are you craving delicious cream rolls but cannot find them anywhere near you? If so, then you can get a set of cream roll horn forms and try your hand at making them on your own. With these forms which are available in many dimensions and varieties, you can customise your cream rolls however you want. You can also use them to work with meringue by filling the horns with meringue. Make the rolls by wrapping pastry strips around the conical moulds. Bake it in the oven and once it is done, remove the mould, stuff the inside with jam, and top it up with your choice of cream. Depending on your preferences or requirements, you can opt for cream roll horn forms made with aluminium or sets made from stainless steel. Aluminium moulds will allow you to get a quick baking experience due to their excellent heat conduction properties. Similarly, the stainless steel sets will allow you to experiment with different types of cream rolls in your oven. Depending on your preferences, you can get cream roll moulds sold by reputed brands, such as SS Enterprise, Ezzideals, Top Trick, and Rinkle Trends, among other brands. 

Cream Roll Horn Forms

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