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Crystals & Beads White Colour Round Pearl & White Pearl Bead with Diamond Spacer Acrylic, Glass, Crystal Drops & Danglers


Crystals & Beads White Colour Round Pearl & White Pearl Bead with Diamond Spacer Acrylic, Glass, Crystal Drops & Danglers

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Product Details
Base Material
Acrylic, Glass, Crystal
Model Number
Model Name
White Colour Round Pearl & White Pearl Bead with Diamond Spacer
Ideal For
Women, Girls
Drops & Danglers
Sales Package
1 Earing Pair
Love, Everyday, Workwear
Earring Back Type
Fish Hook Back
Piercing Required
Number of Pairs
39 mm
Crystal & Beads Fashion Jewellery is Manufactured by New India Works (NIW). Each color has its own frequency, vibration and energy in the universe. Colors of crystals, beads, metals and alloys are used to stimulate healing by therapists who believes natural and artificial lights plays the significant role either by passing, reflecting, emitting, absorbing, suppressing or blocking rays of colors. Multi-Color Brings Multiple Positive Auras, Vibrations and Energies Religious-spiritual curing or healing by the help of colourful jewelleries and gems began since the humans' evolution started to think what's good, bad, luck, unluck, fame, fortune, health, happiness, planets, universe and god etc.? Universe creates natural rainbows which are called VIBGYOR ; Where 'V' is for Violet, 'I' for Indigo, 'B' for Blue, 'G' for Green, 'Y' for Yellow, 'O' for Orange and 'R' for Red. Rest all other colours are by-products of these 7 base colours. Colours can be distinguished clearly through a prism. Colours are believed to influence planets so called 'Colours Therapy'. This has been accepted world wide by cults. Humans often use colours to describe moods and emotions. However, the link between colours and our moods or emotions goes beyond that. AstroTherapist believes that colours not only do affect our emotions, But colours have healing- influencing properties too. The link between Seven Colours with the 7 days of the week are suggested by astrologers, palmists, tarot & fengshui practitioners. Monday Moon Chandra Pearl, Moon Stone, Opal, Silver, White, Cream; Tuesday Mars Mangal Coral, Rose Quartz, Orange, Pink, Peach, Pastel; Wednesday Mercury Budh Emerald, Peridot, Onyx, Turquoise, Green, Olive; Thursday Jupiter Guru Topaz, Citrine, Golden, Brass,Yellow, Beige; Friday Venus Shukra Diamond, Zircon, Crystal,Tansparent, Aquamarine; Saturday Saturn Shani Sapphire, Amethyst, Aqua, Blue, Purple, Black; Sunday Sun Surya Ruby, Red, Copper, Deep Pink, Bargandi, Brown;
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