CSAT 2014 : General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper II 1st Edition

CSAT 2014 : General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper II 1st Edition (English, Paperback, V. Sasikumar, H. D. Madan, Sanjeev Joon, R. A. Sharma, Prem Sahajpal, N. D. Arora)


CSAT 2014 : General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper II 1st Edition  (English, Paperback, V. Sasikumar, H. D. Madan, Sanjeev Joon, R. A. Sharma, Prem Sahajpal, N. D. Arora)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Access Publishing
  • ISBN: 9788192679617, 8192679616
  • Edition: 1st, 2013

H. D. Madan, Sanjeev Joon, R. A. Sharma, Prem Sahajpal, V. Sasikumar and N. D. Arora’s General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper II : CSAT 2014 1st Edition is a comprehensive book for UPSC aspirants. The book comprises of solved questions from actual general studies papers and practice questions for the students. In addition, there are multiple sections that give you a clear understanding of various topics. This book is essential for candidates applying for UPSC and other competitive exams.

About the Authors

H. D. Madan, Sanjeev Joon, R. A. Sharma, Prem Sahajpal, V. Sasikumar and N. D. Arora are Indian authors and together have penned down the book General Studies for Civil Services Preliminary Examination Paper II : CSAT 2014 1st Edition.

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Book Details
Publication Year
  • 2013 August
Book Type
  • Entrance Exam Book
  • CSAT
Table of Contents
  • From the Publishers’ Desk v
    Previous Years Solved Papers (2011-2013)

    General Studies Paper-II Solved Paper—2013 3
    General Studies Paper-II Solved Paper—2012 21
    General Studies Paper-II Solved Paper—2011 37
    1. Introduction
    2. Comprehension Passages
    ?? 50 Passages and Questions
    Interpersonal Skills Including Communication Skills
    1. Introduction
    2. Factors/Elements Affecting Interpersonal Communication
    3. Barriers to Interpersonal Communication
    4. Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills and Ways to Improve these Skills
    5. ‘SMART’ Variations Across Situations
    6. Negotiations
    7. Stress and its Management
    8. Some Special Skills
    Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability
    Logical Reasoning: Introduction
    1. Syllogism (Logic)
    2. Statement and Arguments
    3. Statement-Assumptions
    4. Statement-Conclusions
    5. Deriving Conclusions from Passages
    6. Theme Detection
    7. Analytical Reasoning
    8. Assertion and Reason
    9. Verification of Truth of the Statement
    10. Statement-Course of Action
    Decision Making and Problem Solving
    I. Introduction
    II. Decision-Making
    III. Group Decision-Making
    IV. Decision Making In Administration
    V. Decision Making : Some Related Aspects
    VI. Administrative Decision-Making
    VII. Decision Making : Risk Management
    VIII. Ethical Decision Making
    IX. Problem-Solving
    X. A Note On Disaster Management
    General Mental Ability
    1. Series Completion
    2. Analogy
    3. Classification/Odd-Man-Out
    4. Coding – Decoding
    5. Blood Relations
    6. Distance and Direction Sense
    7. Sitting Arrangement
    8. Logical Venn Diagram
    9. Number and Ranking Test
    10. Alpha–Numeric Sequence
    11. Mathematical Operations
    12. Inserting The Missing Character
    13. Probability
    14. Combinatorics
    15. Water Image
    16. Mirror Image
    17. Cubes and Dices
    18. Paper Folding and Cutting
    19. Embedded Figure
    20. Incomplete Figures
    21. Analytical Reasoning
    Basic Numeracy and Data Interpretation
    1. Number System
    2. Decimals and Fractions
    3. Powers and Roots
    4. HCF and LCM
    5. Simplification
    6. Average
    7. Percentage
    8. Ratio and Proportion
    9. Partnership and Share
    10. Chain Rule
    11. Mixtures and Alligation
    12. Time, Work and Wages
    13. Pipes and Cisterns
    14. Time and Distance
    15. Trains
    16. Profit, Loss and Discount
    17. Simple Interest
    18. Clocks and Calenders
    19. Geometry and Mensuration
    20. Data Sufficiency
    21. Data Interpretation
    Solved Questions from Actual GS Papers–1995 to 2010 (Reasoning & Mathematics)

    • General Studies (GS) – 2010
    • General Studies (GS) – 2009
    • General Studies (GS) – 2008
    • General Studies (GS) – 2007
    • General Studies (GS) – 2006
    • General Studies (GS) – 2005
    • General Studies (GS) – 2004
    • General Studies (GS) – 2003
    • General Studies (GS) – 2002
    • General Studies (GS) – 2001
    • General Studies (GS) – 2000
    • General Studies (GS) – 1999
    • General Studies (GS) – 1998
    • General Studies (GS) – 1997
    • General Studies (GS) – 1996
    • General Studies (GS) – 1995

    English Language Comprehension Skills
    I. Vocabulary and other significant items
    • Some significant words with meanings
    • Idioms and Phrases
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Proverbs and Sayings
    • Synonyms
    • Antonyms
    • One word substitution
    II. Figures of Speech

    • Comprehension Passages

    Practice Questions

    • Practice Questions (Comprehension)
    • Practice Questions (Interpersonal Skills Including Communication Skills)
    • Practice Questions (Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability)
    • Practice Questions (Decision Making and Problem Solving)
    • Practice Questions (General Mental Ability)
    • Practice Questions (Basic Numeracy and Data Interpretation)
    • Practice Questions (English Language Comprehension Skills)
  • V. Sasikumar, H. D. Madan, Sanjeev Joon, Prem Sahajpal, N. D. Arora
Authored By
  • R. A. Sharma
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12 Reviews
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Best available book.

If I am asked to describe it in a word, the word will be The Bible. It is the best book to practice for CSAT. It contains the best techniques and is the most indispensable book available in the market. Passages in the book are beautifully arranged for the CSE. It contains mostly important pieces of GK information relevant for CSE. QA section is explained in full. It contains almost every pattern of questions possible to ask. Best part is that it has all the relevant questions asked from 1995 ...

Arunabh Roy

Certified Buyer, Bangalore

11 Nov, 2013

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Rajesh Kumar T

Comprehension and Decision Making part of this book is great.
Will suit your Paper 2, if you are not attending any coaching.

Rajesh Thiruveedhula

Certified Buyer, Hyderabad

2 Mar, 2014

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very good one

very well prepared book,will be of immense help,though model practise sets could have been given some more(according to me)

Nousad Mandal

Certified Buyer, Krishnagar

7 Feb, 2014

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Amazing book

I should comment about the quality of the sections especially interpersonal skills, decision making and the section on actual GS questions on Maths and Reasoning. the treatment is authoritative, interpersonal skills needs a psychologist's perspective which is the plus point of this book.
This is a well written book and offers an excellent choice for students looking out for quality content for their preparation.
A must buy !


4 Nov, 2013

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the problems given in this book is even easier than the clerk level exams....... good for clerk level exams........

Amrit Xavier

Certified Buyer, New Delhi

25 Apr, 2014

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good book

one of the best book .studies material is very accurate n well written.
one should definitely buy it to clear the paper.
it will help u to achieve ur goals.

preena sharma

30 Oct, 2013

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CSAT preparation made easy!

The sections on Decision making, interpersonal skills, comprehension are outstanding ! The separate section on Actual GS questions on Maths and Reasoning(95-2010) makes this book a complete package.

Very knowledgeable and experienced authors. Thank you for such a authentic book.

I would strongly recommend this book to all CSAT aspirants.

Divya G

19 Oct, 2013

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very nicely written book

book is very nice as written by all well known authors .it covers all sections with sufficient number of questions.best part is fully solved reasoning and mathematics questions from actual UPSC GS papers (1995-2010).solved UPSC papers( 2011-2013).separate practice questions for each section at the end of the book makes it more useful.

Reema Sharma

8 Jul, 2014

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Many Mistakes

The book has many mistakes so one must be careful while checking answers....otherwise a good book for practice.

Anonymous User

Certified Buyer, New Delhi

24 Mar, 2014

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Won't help you much with your preparation in CSAT

Price is bit too high.
Does not contain any practice sets for CSAT, which is very important for PAPER-2.
If you want to get rough idea about CSAT go for it.
But if you want to crack it. Please don't go for it.

Anind Gupta

Certified Buyer, Gandhinagar

11 Feb, 2014

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