Culture Shock: A Practical Guide

Culture Shock: A Practical Guide

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  • H.E. Rybol
  • English

A book for inquisitive travelers interested in making the most of challenging cultural transitions. Culture shock can leave anyone feeling disoriented and overwhelmed. With a sensitive and pragmatic approach - focusing on the person, not a place - H.E. Rybol helps readers cope with the ups and downs of adaptation. A mindful understanding of the subject combined with practical tips provide a comforting companion to anyone moving, studying or traveling abroad.

“What sets this book apart from others on the same topic is that instead of concentrating on the differences culture shock shows us, [H.E.] Rybol turns the focus on what we have in common with the new culture.” Ute Limacher-Riebold, Expat Since Birth

"Culture Shock: A Practical Guide offers concise characterizations of the process and, above all, practical advice on how to cope with adjustment issues, specifically how to turn challenges into opportunities for personal growth, self-understanding, and productive intercultural interactions. It reminds me of the kind of counsel a well-traveled friend would want to pass on to someone about to go exploring the world...warm, wise, and above all, useful." Bruce La Brack, Professor Emeritus, School of International Studies, University of the Pacific, and author/editor of What's Up With Culture?

“The author has analyzed the question of culture shock from all possible angles and offered simple, practical remedies. Now that there is no better way of curing it than actually facing it, as the author suggests toward the end of the book, go for it! Jump right in! Enjoy the journey!”
Roy T. James - Readers’ Favorite

"With an honest, friendly voice, the book shares aspects of culture shock, from initial impressions to coping skills. And it is full of helpful tips (a plethora of them), and quotes that stick with you (...) I love this book!" Dr. Jessie Voigts, Wandering Educators

“I’d always thought about culture shock in terms of relocating to a faraway, vastly different land. But, while reading this book, it dawned on me that we may experience culture shock in less obvious situations: a move to a different part of our own country or on vacation. Many of the tips in this book could be used to aid in dealing with the change associated with moving into a new neighbourhood in one’s own city. The book is about more than merely managing the stress. It is about dealing with the discomfort of change in a way that allows us to embrace the new and to grow.” Donna Janke, Destinations, Detours, Dreams

A writer who can take an overdone and often complex topic, and produce something so new, so insightful, and so very powerful that it speaks to a well worn traveller and cultural explorer such as myself – well that’s someone special.”
Valerie Hamer, Faraway Hammer Writing

“She reminds you about not just what to put in your bag, but what to pack in your heart and mind as you set forward on a new adventure. It’s a short book, written in everyday language, a friendly chat that keeps us feeling less alone and more confident on the trail.” George Simons

“This is a thought-provoking analysis. Immersion in a new culture affects travelers, ex-pats, employees, and students abroad. Prior to reading this book, I hadn’t considered that there were positive aspects associated with culture shock.”
Betsy Wuebker, Passing Thru

"In her succinct 2014 easy-to-read e-book, Helene Rybol [...] comes to the issue with a focus that is practical yet comforting, on an issue that calls for practical "tips" at the same time it calls for hugs and sharing of emotions. She covers both ends of this spectrum." Laura Kosloff, The Exchange Mom

"One of the best things about this guide is that the tips are simple and can be implemented by anyone, even in times of stress." Jenni Mahnaz, Witness Humanity

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  • English
  • H.E. Rybol
  • 9789995987718
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  • 2014-11-27
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