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Database Systems - The Complete Book
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Database Systems - The Complete Book (English, Paperback, Garcia-Molina Hector)


Database Systems - The Complete Book  (English, Paperback, Garcia-Molina Hector)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Genre: Computers
  • ISBN: 9789332518674, 933251867X
  • Pages: 1139

Database System: The Complete Book 1 Edition is a comprehensive book on understanding and implementation of databases, the electronic storehouses of data, for students of undergraduate, senior as well as junior classes of Computer Science.

Summary of the book

With 20 chapters and exercises to check the level of understanding with almost all of them, Database System: The Complete Book 1 Edition starts with defining databases, what they are and how they are used, goes on to describe various structures of databases and their implementation, finally concluding with information integration. SQL or Structured Query Language is dealt with in more depth than most other books. It is a programming language which deals with management of data which is recorded, stored and accessed in a “relationship” based manner. This brings to the fore the topic of entities, what they are, how they are unique and yet linked with other entities within the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System).

With lots of practical examples and an up-to-date discussion of SQL (1999 standard) and covering most issues that learners of database systems face, Database System : The Complete Book 1 Edition covers the method of processing queries and optimizing them in great detail. Mediation, data cube systems, data warehousing as well as languages connecting database programming with Java or C code, are discussed in this book.

This book was published in the year 2003 by Pearson.

About The Authors

Jennifer Widom has also written another book, Active Database Systems: Triggers and Rules for Advanced Database Processing, with S. Ceri. She chairs the Stanford University Computer Science department. Her father is the renowned American mathematician, Harold Widom.

Jeffrey D. Ullman also teaches at Stanford University. His books feature authoritative references and textbooks for their individual topics like databases, compilers and data structures. Ullman has written more than 10 books which include Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation, Fundamental Concepts of Programming Systems and Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems (two volumes), and is the winner of the Knuth Prize for 2000. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Gradiance.

Hector Garcia-Molina is a Professor in the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University and also happens to be a very fast two-finger typist. He has a series of impressive credentials like being a National Academy of Engineering member, winner of the ACM SIGMOD Innovations Award of 1999, service to the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) and a board member of Oracle Corporation.

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  • Pearson Education India
Edition Type
  • Reprint
Book Type
  • Non Fiction Book
Table of Contents
  • 1. The Worlds of Database Systems.
    2. The Entity-Relationship Data Model.
    3. The Relational Data Model.
    4. Other Data Models.
    5. Relational Algebra.
    6. The Database Language SQL.
    7. Constraints and Triggers.
    8. System Aspects of SQL.
    9. Object-Orientation in Query Languages.
    10. Logical Query Languages.
    11. Data Storage.
    12. Representing Data Elements.
    13. Index Structures.
    14. Multidimensional Indexes.
    15. Query Execution.
    16. The Query Compiler.
    17. Coping with System Failures.
    18. Concurrency Control.
    19. More about Transaction Management.
    20. Information Integration.

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The breadth and depth of coverage to concepts and topics is quite comprehensive... one would immensely benefit by reading the book from beginning to the end.

Murali Mohan

Certified Buyer

Jan, 2014

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