Delta Force : Task Force Dagger
    Delta Force : Task Force Dagger (Games, PC)

    Delta Force : Task Force Dagger  (Games, PC)

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      Take control as a Special Forces soldier - over 25intense/varied missionsProduct InformationEngage in anti-terrorist operations as of 1 of 10 different special forces unitsfighting for justice in Afghanistan. These forces are the actual Special Forcesunits deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom. Each special op team has a specialrole.Missions take place deep in enemy territory from Kandahar to Mazar-i-Sharif toTora Bora. Delta Force Operatives raid rebel headquarters take control of alocal airport ambush enemy convoys and destroy key SAM and SCUD missile sites.Only the best of the best are selected tobecome members of the 2/75th RANGER SEAL Team 6 CIA Spec Ops the UK SAS 22Regiment SFOD-SF Viper Team (Green Berets) Australian SASR Canadian JTF-2Marine Force Recon USAF CSAR (Air Force Pararescue) and of course SFOD-DELTA!Product FeaturesBecome the BestPlay as a soldier from 1 of 10 Special Forces units including Delta Force ArmyRangers Navy SEALs and British SAS.Infiltrate Afghanistan Strongholds25 intense missions!
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      • Title
        • Delta Force : Task Force Dagger
      • Category
        • Games
      • Platform
        • PC
      • Publisher
        • NovaLogic
      • Mode
        • Multi-Player, Single-Player
      • Genre
        • First-Person Shooter
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      0 Reviews
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