Developments in Science and Technology

Developments in Science and Technology  (English, Paperback, Kalpana)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Spectrum Books Pvt. Ltd.
  • ISBN: 9788179304846, 8179304841
  • Edition: 2014
  • Pages: 856

Science And Technology In India covers the developments in the science and technology fields with a socio-economic perspective.

Summary Of The Book

The development of science and technology in a country ensures progress in all fields, and is also indicative of a country's commitment to use the scientific knowledge and technology gained for social development.

India has endeavored to foster the growth of science and technology right from independence. This book does a review of the progress in science and technology and its impact on various fields. Science And Technology In India is divided into seventeen chapters. It begins with a historical review of the S&T policy in India and the S&T infrastructure. It then looks at the progress and achievements in various fields, beginning with Ecology and Environment.

This chapter examines India’s legislation on environmental issues. It examines the policies regarding conservation of natural resources and wildlife, measures to control various types of pollution, and efforts at increasing awareness about environmental issues.

The book goes on to discuss everything from the impact of technology in the field of agriculture and industry, to the country’s progress in high-tech fields like Nuclear Energy, Information Technology and Electronics. The research and achievements in defence and space research are also documented.

The policies formulated for industrial development to achieve technological self-sufficiency and how effective these have been are also examined. The progress in health and medicine, its reach and impact on society, and the significant growth and impact of the field of Information Technology are also reviewed.

Science And Technology In India discusses the government's initiative in encouraging and fostering the growth of science and technology. It looks at the developments in different aspects of science and technology, and examines these with an emphasis on the impact these have had on the society, and on the role they have played in the country’s socio-economic progress.

Science And Technology In India collects and provides corroborated information on the country’s science and technology scenario, presenting it in a cohesive manner so that readers understand the significance of these achievements in the context of the country’s development.

About Kalpana Rajaram

Kalpana Rajaram has also written Facets of Indian Culture, A Book of Essays, Objective English for All Competitive Examinations, and Handbook for General Studies 2013: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination (Paper - 2).

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Publication Year
  • 2014
Table of Contents
  • Chapter One

    • Science and Technology in India:
    • A Historical Perspective
    • Science Policy Resolutions; Technology Policy;

    Chapter Two

    • Technology Missions

    Chapter Three

    • Ecology and Environment
    • Indian Legislation on Biodiversity; Ratification of Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety by India
    • SFR 2011, Forest Policy; Forest Conservation; Measures Adopted for Conservation; Controlling Fires; Afforestation and Eco-Development
    • Policies and Legislations; International Conventions Related to Wildlife; Project Tiger; Project Elephant; Protecting Vultures; Protecting Gharials; Animal Welfare Division
    • Types and Effects of Pollution; Air Pollution; Water
    • Pollution; Land Pollution; Radiation Pollution; Noise
    • Pollution; Controlling Pollution; Controlling Water and Air Pollution
    • Ganga Action Plan; Conserving Lakes
    • Environmental Awareness and Education; Research Areas;
    • Strategies for the Eleventh Plan; Research Institutions; Motivation and Information Climate Concerns
    • IPCC’s Synthesis Report 2007; Efforts Made to Mitigate Climate Problems; The Ozone layer and the Montreal
    • Protocol; Global Environment Facility (GEF); Climate Change Convention; UN Climate Conferences in Recent Years

    Chapter Four

    • Earth Sciences(Including Atmospheric Sciences and Ocean Development)
    • Monsoon Forecast 
    • Objectives of Ocean Development; Biological Resources;  Mineral Resources; Fresh Water and Energy; Polar Exploration; Marine Environment and Coastal Zone Management; Marine Research and Capacity Building; Coastal Community Programmes; Ocean Observation and Information Services; 
    • International Research Programmes Natural Disasters
    • Nature and Management; Earthquake; Cyclones; Floods;
    • Tsunami
    • Tenth Five Year Plan Strategy and Approach;
    • Eleventh Plan Strategies and Initiatives

    Chapter Five

    • AGRICULTURE and rural development
    • Cropping Systems; Fertiliser Use; Crop Protection Environment-Friendly Agriculture
    • Organic Farming; Organic/Natural Fertilisers; Biofertilisers;
    • Biopesticides
    • Crop Production; Horticulture
    • Cattle; Sheep and Goats; Pigs; Poultry; Fisheries
    • Agriculture in Hot and Arid Lands; Rainfed/Dryland Farming; Hill Farming
    • S&T in Service of Rural India; Institutes and Programmes for Rural Development; Special Programmes

    Chapter Six

    • Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; Research and Development by Industry; Programme Aimed at Technological Self Reliance; Scheme to Enhance the Efficacy of Transfer of Technology; Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Technology Transfer and Export

    Chapter Seven

    • ENERGY
    • Coal; Oil; Natural Gas; Research and Development and Conservation Renewable Sources and their development in India
    • Hydroelectric systems; Solar Energy; Wind Power; Biomass; Biogas; Energy from Urban and Industrial Wastes Alternative/New Technologies as Energy Sources
    • Compressed Natural Gas; Gasohol; Hydrogen; Battery
    • Operated Vehicles; Fuel Cells; Biofuels; Ocean Energy;
    • Geothermal Energy; Magneto Hydrodynamics (MHD)

    Chapter eight

    • Nuclear Science AND TECHNOLOGY
    • Emission of Radiation; Radioactive Decay and Half-Life
    • Nuclear Fission; Nuclear Reactor; Nuclear Fusion;
    • Nuclear Weapons Radioisotopes
    • Uses of Radioisotopes; Radioactive Dating Nuclear Hazards and Safety Issues
    • Radiation Hazard; Hazard from Nuclear Waste;
    • Effects of a Nuclear Explosion
    • Organisation; Power Production; Fuel Fabrication R&D Units
    • Nuclear Tests; India’s Safety Measures

    Chapter Nine

    • Electronics
    • Vacuum Tubes (Valves); The Solid-State Era;
    • Microelectronics

    Chapter Ten

    • Information Technology
    • National Informatics Centre;
    • Indian Languages and Internet
    • National e-Governance Plan; State Wide Area Networks; Common Service Centres; State Data Centres; e-District; India Portal; National Service Delivery Gateway; UID for Residents
    • e-patra; IndoMail; INSAT-MSS; Virtual Book; ‘Rainbow’ Demonstrated; ‘Sunada’ Unveiled; Direct-to-Home TV
    • Robotics 
    • Basic Principles; Advantages; Indian Scene
    • Data Networks
    • VSNL Internet Access in India; VSAT Applications

    Chapter Eleven

    • Defence Research AND TECHNOLOGY
    • Missile Defence System Developed; Interceptor Missile Tested Successfully; Anti-tank Missile NAG; Astra BVRAAM on Su-30 MKI; Sagarika Missile Test-fired; Agni Missiles; Replicas of Brahmos Handed Over to Indian Army; Shourya Test-Fired Successfully; INS Kesari Commissioned; Environment Survey Vehicle; Hawk Inducted into Air Force; Tejas Test-fires Closed Combat Missile; Radar Inducted into the Air Force; UAV Nishant Flight-Test Successful; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Centre to Come Up at Hiriyur; India’s Anti-submarine Warfare Capability Developed

    Chapter Twelve

    • Astronomy and Space Science
    • Space Shuttle; Artificial Satellites; Space Probes; Orbits; Launch; Escaping Earth’s Gravity; Travelling to the Planets; Reaching the stars
    • Space Centres and Units
    • INSAT System; INSAT Services
    • Remote Sensing; Remote Sensing Applications
    • Chandrayaan-1; On ISRO’s Agenda
    • Venus; Mars; Jupiter; Saturn; Uranus; Neptune; Pluto; Earth; Moon;
    • ISRO Plans; Dish Antenna Installed; CRMCs Developed; New Planetary System; Asteroid Named After India; ‘Minor’ Planet Named After A Keralite; Three Planets Discovered;
    • Oldest Planet Found

    Chapter Thirteen

    • LASERS
    • Basic Science; Industry; Defence; Nuclear Energy; Medicines;
    • Communication, Processing and Storage of Data

    Chapter Fourteen

    • Superconductivity

    Chapter Fifteen

    • Nanomedicine; Nanoscale Computing;
    • Implications and Various Concerns
    • Nano Mission

    Chapter Sixteen

    • HEALTH and medicine
    • Congenital Diseases; Acquired Diseases
    • Modes of Spread; Viral Diseases; Bacterial Diseases;
    • Protozoal Diseases; Diseases Caused by Fungi; Diseases Caused by Parasitic Worms
    • Red Blood Cell Diseases; White Blood Cell Diseases; Heart and Blood Vessels; Diseases Affecting Joints; Disorders of the Brain and Nervous System; Genetic Disorders; Endocrine Disabilities
    • National Health Policy 2002; The National Rural Health Mission; National Urban Health Mission; Nutrition;
    • National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme; Guineaworm; AIDS Control; Controlling Tuberculosis;
    • Leprosy Control; Yaws Control; Polio Control; Diabetes Control; Controlling Iodine Deficiency; Tackling Cancer; Heart Disease; Blindness; Mental Health
    • Food; Drugs
    • Research and Education; Pharmacopoeial Standards and Drug Testing Facilities in AYUSH; Medicinal Plants Board
    • National Family Welfare Programme; Facilities and Services;
    • Maternal and Child Health Programme
    • IMA Lists Patients’ Rights; ICMR Code for Using Humans as Subjects of Research;
    • Tobacco and Its Effect on Health; Trans Fat Can Cause Harm; Swine Flu or Novel Influenza

    Chapter Seventeen

    • GENETICS AND Biotechnology
    • Bioreactors; Cell fusion; Use of Liposomes; Cell or Tissue Culture; Genetic Engineering; DNA Fingerprinting; Cloning;
    • Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer Technology; Stem Cell Technology
    • Medicine; Biocatalysts; Agriculture; Food Biotechnology; Fuel and Fodder; Environment; Development of Biosensors;
    • Animal Husbandry
    • Chromosome or Genetic Mapping; Human Genome Sequenced
    • Organisation and Manpower; Biotechnology Information System; New DNA Typing Laboratory; Applications and Research Efforts; Biosafety Regulations
    • Stem Cell Research; Sequencing Genomes; Developments in Genetic Engineering; On The Cloning Front
    • About IPRs; Patents and Life Sciences; Intellectual Property Protection in India; Historical Perspective of IPRs/Patents Law in India


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Is there a more meaningless bgook than this?

This is the worst book possible for S&T. What is a S&T book than talks about recent developments and encompasses developments up till year 2008 and being circulated in 2013? I wish I could throw this book on the face of writer. I feel like wasting a handful amount of money on just scrap. Also the FONTSIZE is so annoying that u mite end up aching ur head. I wish that my views reach the author and they come to now what have they excreted.

Sawan Garg

Certified Buyer, Jaipur

Oct, 2013

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Unnecessary details

I am preparing for UPSC and hence bought this book. I am finding it filled with some very unnecessary details, which just consume time rather than providing knowledge. Plus the paper quality is not so good.

Harsh Gupta

Certified Buyer, Kolkata

Jul, 2013

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It is a Good Book If Studied with the Right Approach.

It is a guide book and not a textbook eventually, one must read the book on refrence purpose only. the sections on science and technology must be covered up by dailies and the magazines... while the ncerts provide conceptual clarity.. this is a fact-bombing book and should only be used to upgrade your present knowledge and not to acquire knowledge.. those who mentioned the book as entirely bogus and useless must have got the wrong approach for this book, surely. It is a very good if studied w...

Harshit Saxena

Oct, 2013

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All in one

Detailed elaboration of scientific and technological development in India. Everything descriptive and touches various aspects of technical advancements related to right from environmental, space science, agriculture, IT, transportation, communication etc.

Sweta Ghosh

Certified Buyer

Oct, 2013

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don't purchase these book

These book isn't for CSE exam clearly many facts provided in the book are out of syllabus !
If you have enough money to waste your time then go for it .

hari k

Certified Buyer, Durg

Jul, 2014

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Different From Ordinary S&T Books!

Usually We Come Across Books Dealing With Typical Science, Chemical Reactions, Biological Organisms, Organic Materials, Physical Calculations, Environmental Happenings & Reasons, But Gone Are The Days, Where Questions Regarding These Things Are Asked, The Books Solely Deals With Today's Requirements & Type Of Examinations Patterns Of S&T, Highly Recommended, Because It's Approach Is Totally Different From Other Books!

Mohit Mathur

Certified Buyer, Kota

Oct, 2013

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Nice product

Nice book

Piyush Devani

Certified Buyer, Ahmedabad

Sep, 2017

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Sachin lokapure

Certified Buyer, Sangli

Jul, 2017

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Good book


Certified Buyer, Bhdravathi

May, 2017

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Highly recommended.

I highly recommend this book for studying the paper-3 of mains of UPSC. It is very comprehensive, however, since science affairs are dynamic in nature, most of the part you will be stuck to researching on the internet for notes.

Vinod Meena

Dec, 2014

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