Diwali Decoration

Have you begun stocking up on Diwali decoration? Fret not if you haven’t. We’ve got everything covered. From akhand diyas, brass diyas, silver plated diyas, hanging diyas, rice lights, tuni bulbs, disco lights, hanging lanterns, diwali candles, tealight candles, rangoli powders, yantras, prayer mats, pooja thali sets, kalash, windchimes to torans, Flipkart is out to make the festival of lights bigger and better this year with its stunning and massive collection of home decoration. What’s more, the Big Diwali Sale starting 1st November promises unthinkable deals on all your favourite products. Time you get started on that wishlist!

Diwali decoration- Lighten up your space with beautiful decoration items:

Diwali, or Deepavali, as it is otherwise called is celebrated by the Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and the like to mark the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and right over wrong. Diwali decoration is the first thing that is done at home before the Pooja is done and the sweets are made. Festive lanterns, Diwali lights including the rice lights, LED lights and the like, LED string fancy lights, diyas, flowers and many more decorative items are used at homes, on the streets and in office spaces to lighten up the environment and create a positive vibe. Lights and home decoration naturally elevates the mood of everyone and creates a great festive vibe all around. Get great Diwali offers on all home décor items and more on Flipkart.

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas Online:

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Diwali Decorative Items Decorative Diyas, Diwali Candles, Lanterns, Disco Lights, Diwali Lamps Diwali Gifts for Kids
Diwali Sweets Mithai for Diwali, Diwali Chocolates, Diwali Dry Fruit Hampers Diwali Gifts for Him
Diwali Gift Box Diwali Gift Hampers, Diwali Gift Baskets, Diwali Gift Packs Diwali Gifts for Her
Corporate Diwali Gifts Diwali Gift Sets, Artificial Flowers, Windchimes, Showpieces Diwali Gifts for Friends
Diwali Premium Gifts Personalized Gifts, Good Luck Plants Diwali Gifts for Relatives

Diwali Decoration Items & Offers:

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Popular Diwali Gifts Online:

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Diwali decoration ideas - 2019:

The five day festivities start with Dhanteras, the day which marks the birth of Lakshmi- Goddess of wealth and prosperity. On the day of Dhanteras, the entire home is decorated with Diwali lights, candles and lanterns, pooja thali decoration, the floor is decorated with Rangoli and a lot of colours.

How to decorate your living space for Diwali:

On the day of Diwali, you can light the gold lamps and place it on a gold plate and decorate it with flowers. This can be placed in the living space of your room which will give the feeling of divinity and serenity. You can also place a gold bowl, pour some water to it and put fresh flowers and diyas in it. This can be placed in the living space on the teapoy or coffee table. If you love diyas, place a line of them at the entrance of your home. You can buy online colourful diyas, ones beautified with various designs and various other options. Another good option to give the festive feel to your home is to hang garlands of flowers over your windows or doors. You can also beautify your living space by replacing your old and dull curtains with bright coloured curtains with floral prints, replacing your old cushion with shiny cushions with gold and silver sequins and the like.

Unique decoration ideas for Diwali 2019:

As people wear beautiful traditional outfits like sarees, kurta pyjama, salwar kurtas and the like for Diwali, equal attention should also be given to decorating your space to enhance the joy of the festival. On the Choti Diwali day, you can use unique home décor ideas like using candles with beautiful designs and placing them on the table, using Ganesha idols and Lakshmi idols and placing them in your living room, Pooja room and even your kitchen. Use festival lanterns, rice lights, string of LED fancy and multicolour lights and hang them throughout your living space/home/office space and feel special. Festival lanterns, sky lanterns, traditional paintings, wall hangings and many more Diwali decoration items can be used to beautify your home and celebrate the festival in great joy and grandeur.

Quick ways to decorate your home for Diwali

  • Get rid of all the clutter! In a lot of places, Diwali marks the start of a new year. You want to get rid of old clutter and make space for new, positive things. Dust, sweep, designate a place for everything and if you haven’t used anything for 6 months, you probably are never going to. Throw them away or put them in a charity box.

  • Torans: Torans serve an auspicious purpose: they are hung on the entrance door to attract the Goddess of Lakshmi, the symbol of wealth into your home. You can either buy a readymade toran from the market or make your own with craft paper, beads and pearls. Torans are incomplete without marigolds and mango leaves, so make sure you add some!

  • Illumination:
      a) Yes you can use traditional rice lights to decorate your home or you can make your own illumination effects. Draw stars, floral patterns and other designs on a cardboard box and cut them out. Place the box over a lightbulb to create beautiful, festive displays of lights.

      b) Place colourful paper cups on a string of lights and hang them across the wall for a fun, quirky display of colour and design.

      c) Alternatively, you can paint on white paper cups, add tiny bulbs to them to make a chain and hang them upside down.

      d) Find empty mason jars and glass bottles (better if they are coloured) and place rice lights or candles inside them to turn them into attractive lanterns.

  • If you have a big glass bowl or a copper vessel, fill it halfway with water. Put some shimmer, yellow flowers, floating diyas and place it at any corner of the house or on the center table.

  • Apart from using flowers in the rangoli, you can take a bunch of flowers and make a garland of it - use it to line your stair railings, handles and the entrance of your home. Focus on your garden: if you have a garden, that should be the first place where you’d want to put lights. Drape string lights over branches, light up a bush or hang big paper lanterns from the trees.

  • Focus on your garden: if you have a garden, that should be the first place where you’d want to put lights. Drape string lights over branches, light up a bush or hang big paper lanterns from the trees.

  • Add a splash of colour: throw in some colourful cushions in the living room, change your bedsheets and curtains to brighter colours, bring in some vibrant mats: an addition of colour immediately adds festive cheer.

  • Create a strong sense of smell that will remain with your guests. Make liberal use of scented candles and room diffusers. A quick DIY: wrap cinnamon sticks around a glass or jar. Place a candle inside it - the heat from it will cause the cinnamon to release their beautiful fragrance inside your house. Alternately, you can just wrap the cinnamon sticks around the candle directly if it is thick enough.

  • Paint your diyas - bring out those old earthen diyas and cover them with bright acrylic colours. Beautify them further by embellishing them with mirrors and shells. Diyas need not be placed only on the floor, you can buy diya holders and hang them at different parts of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about Diwali and Diwali Gifts:

Q.1 When is Diwali 2019?

Ans. In 2019, it falls on 27th October (Sunday).


Q.2 Why Diwali is celebrated in India?

Ans. Diwali is known as the Festival of light. According to Hindu mythology, this auspicious occasion is celebrated to honor Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is the day when the people of Ayodhya welcome their King, Rama, after defeating Ravana. The festival is celebrated as the homecoming of Lord Rama with Sita and Laxmana after a long exile of 14 years.

Q.3 Why do people exchange gifts on Diwali?

Ans. The age-old tradition of exchanging gifts on Diwali has made the occasion more special. The Indian festival of lights symbolises the victory of good over evil. Diwali is also the festival of love, appreciation, and prosperity. By exchanging gifts on this day, the festival comes with a promise of strengthening the bonding between family members, friends and loved ones.

Q.4 Can we send Diwali Gifts online to our loved ones?

Ans. In today’s busy schedule it gets difficult to find the time and go to shopping malls and buy the perfect Diwali gifts for our loved ones. Online shopping is the best place in such an hour of need. On this prestigious occasion of Diwali, shop from a wide range of diwali gifts and diwali home decoration ideas like diwali torans, diwali lights, diwali diyas, diwali candles, rangoli powder and stencils, diwali sweets, diwali dry fruit hampers, diwali chocolates and more. At our online store, get the best diwali offers and deals on diwali gift items online. With our value-added services like cash on delivery, EMI options, short delivery time, it makes it easier to place an order online and send gifts online to one near and dear ones.

Q.5 What is the best gift for Diwali?

Ans. From traditional home decor and festive decor items like diwali decorative diyas, candles, diwali lights and lamps, rice lights to personalized gifting items like diwali gift sets, diwali gift basket, mithai for diwali, diwali chocolates, diwali dry fruit hamper, there are varieties of gift items to choose for our loved ones on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. 

Q.6 What are the best Corporate Diwali Gifts?

Ans. Diwali is the perfect time to cherish the professional relationship at the office to boost a healthy work culture. At our online store, get an exclusive range of corporate diwali gifts like chocolate gift hampers, diwali sweets, laxmi and ganesh idols, diwali dry fruit hampers, diwali decorative diyas, disco and more. Nurture the festive mood by sending diwali gift box to all your employees and clients at a price that fits your pocket.

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