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Keep your documents like new and prevent them from creasing, getting wet, as well as protecting them from food spills, dirt, and greasy fingers with durable document tubes. Some of the popular brands that sell them online are Art Pavilion, Blue Jay, GRAPHICON, PEony, Pyrax, Marvellous, and Topmost. Document tubes made by Graphicon and Hemi are available in black colour, have shoulder straps to carry easily, and keep your hands free of baggage. They are made of plastic material, and their length can be adjusted. If you want to buy a multicolour one, check the ones sold by PEony. These folders are fit for A4 sheet papers that you do not wish to fold or roll. These are available with shoulder straps, are made up of semi-transparent plastic material and come in sets of 5. The tubes sold by the brand Art Pavilion are blue in colour and expandable to 3 or 4 lengths. They have a longer shoulder strap and are made up of plastic material. The document holders by brand Topmost look crystal clear and is made of plastic material. Shop for document tubes online to keep your documents safe, and do not worry about them getting damaged.

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