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Life in a hostel is really difficult. No home-cooked meals, no parents to pamper you, and no kitchen to sneak into for a midnight snack. You even have to compromise with your tea timings because of no kitchen access. But what if we say you can easily solve this problem by simply ordering an electric kettle online. That’s true. Today more and more people are finding it convenient to invest in an electric jug. Whether you are living alone in an apartment, staying in a hostel or in your own house with a family, this home appliance will serve you well on different occasions.

Electric kettles can make your life a lot easier than stove kettles. In case you are wondering if you actually need it for your kitchen, then here are the several benefits of having an electric kettle in your house that will help you makeup your mind.

a.) They help you boil water in an instant and prepare tea for your entire family any time you want. Think about this. If you have to leave for work early in the morning and have little time to spend in your kitchen then you can plug the kettle into the socket and it'll boil the water even before you've finished brushing your teeth. Most electric kettles come with an auto shut-off feature so you don’t have to worry about any electrical hazard you're taking a little longer with your dental hygiene routine.
b.) You can even carry them while travelling. If you're taking a slow train back home to meet your parents for the holidays, you can carry your trusty kettle with you and make some hot tea any time you want.

c.) For girls and boys staying in their college hostel or PG, you can easily use an electric jug to boil water for preparing Maggi, cup noodles, soup, tea and coffee. It’s a lifesaver when you get those untimely hunger pangs.

d.) They also save energy. A gas stove wastes a lot of heat energy as the flames don’t reach every side of the vessel. But by using this appliance you will be utilizing only the energy required to make the water boil, and not more.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Hot Water Kettle

You don’t have to look for excuses to boil water. Even when your gas gives up on you, you can boil water with the help of a hot water kettle. Your favourite online shopping app is home to a wide range of electric kettles at attractive prices. You can pick from some of the best brands that include Kent, Prestige, Flipkart SmartBuy, Bajaj, Philips, and Pigeon. So, are you a little perplexed about which kettle to go with? You needn’t worry, as we will help you buy the most suitable electric kettle with this simple buying guide:

What to Look for in a Hot Water Kettle

There are a few points that you should consider while choosing an electric kettle. They have been elaborated for you, right here:

What’s the Capacity?

This is the first and foremost factor you should be aware of. The capacity of the kettle will help you judge how many litres of hot water you can make in one go. Are you still confused about what capacity to go with? The easiest way to determine this is by approximating the number of times you will be using the kettle. 

The Kettle’s Material

You will come across a wide range of electric kettles made from different materials. While stainless steel is the most commonly seen kettle, you will also come across kettles made out of ceramic, glass, metal, and plastic. The material of the kettle will help you determine the heat-retaining capacity. Stainless steel kettles are known to keep water hot for longer, thereby making them the most preferable choice. 

Where to Carry a Hot Water Kettle?

Now that you know what to look for while buying a kettle, let us tell you about some places where this appliance will come handy!

A Hot Water Kettle for Your Work Place

It is important to keep yourself hydrated at work. More often than not, we forget to take a sip of water in between our busy work schedule. You can place an electric kettle on your table. This way, you can easily make yourself a cup of warm water that is not only hydrating but also soothing. 

An Important Picnic Basket Item

Heading out for a picnic with your loved ones? Don’t forget to carry an electric kettle with you. If you are not sure about drinking water from outside, you can boil some water using the kettle and remove all impurities. This way, you get to drink hygienic water even when you are travelling. 

So, that brings us to the end of the hot water kettle buying guide. If you are convinced about needing one for your place, then get one from your preferred shopping app. You can add a model of your choice to cart and have it delivered to your doorstep without any trouble. 

What to Look for While Buying Electric Kettles Online?

After reading so much about electric jugs, we are sure many of you are eager to buy one. So here are a few tips that will help you buy the right appliance, and in the right way.

Features - Make sure you check the features offered by each electric jug and if it meets your requirement. If you are looking for a type that does more than just boil water then browse for a multipurpose electric milk boiler online. The other features that you will need to look into are - whether it has a concealed heating element and a corded operating mode.

Body Design - Most of these appliances have a body made of ABS plastic, stainless steel, metal or thermoplastic. It’s better to buy a model that has ergonomically designed handles, a stout to pour the hot water easily, and a 360 degree swivel detachable power base for ease of use.

Power and Safety - Ensure that the kitchen appliance you select has an auto shut-off safety feature and single touch lockable lid. Also, do check the amount of power it consumes so you can keep a check on your power bill.

It’s easy to buy home appliances online because you can compare different models and select one without going out of your home. So buy electric kettles online and upgrade your kitchen with smart appliances to save time and energy.

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