Embedded Journalism : Punjab

    Embedded Journalism : Punjab (English, Paperback, Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Anil Chamadia)

    Embedded Journalism : Punjab  (English, Paperback, Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Anil Chamadia)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Media Studies Group
    • ISBN: 9788192685298, 8192685292
    • Edition: 2014
    • Pages: 240
      Overwhelming impression about the violence that rocked Punjab during 1980s and 90s, carried by a majority of Indians till today, is that the 'Sikh separatism and militancy' was behind the entire blooshed. Even, a large section of intelligentsia credits the New Delhi's authority for bringing about peace in the troubled Punjab and neutralizing the 'threat' to the Unity and Integrity of Indian Nation'. A few sensitive people, however, do recall that the media was largely instrumental in creating such opinion construct, designed to build a hegemonic narrative for the India state and, in the process, exonerated the centralized authority of inhuman and foul politicking that bolstered up the blatant misuse of State repressive measures. The State, ruling elite and the media, joined hands, to systematically manufacture that public discourse required by the ruling polity. With such maneuevering Indian State still enjoys kudos for taking 'timely action' in Punjab while suppressing the point-of-view of thousands reduced to ashes who sought to assert their historic distinct identify and opposed the homogenizing process decreed to serve pure expediency of 'nation building'.

      And those who survived the trampling under 'heavy boots of security forces' and still groaning with pain have, too, remained unheard by Indian institutions. Both 'dead and alive' victims of the State repression-whom 'the wicked and self-serving politics had trapped in its pervasive net-are being portrayed as 'aggressors, terrorists, anti-nationals, deserving all what treatmen they had got from the State apparatus. A larger public opinion is hailing State power operators for sending the Army to 'flush out terrorists from Golden Temple' and perpetrators of other such operations in Punjab as 'national heroes', thanks to the role played by the embedded MEDIA, which this book attempt to examine.
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      Book Details
      • Publication Year
        • 2014
      • Edition Type
        • Original Book
      • Authored By
        • Jaspal Singh Sidhu, Anil Chamadia
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