Excel Vba 24-Hour Trainer - 24 - Hour Trainer
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Excel Vba 24-Hour Trainer - 24 - Hour Trainer (English, Paperback, unknown)


Excel Vba 24-Hour Trainer - 24 - Hour Trainer  (English, Paperback, unknown)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Genre: Computers
  • ISBN: 9788126555475, 8126555475
  • Pages: 496
Book Details
  • Wiley india Pvt. Ltd
Publication Year
  • May
Table of Contents
  • Introduction

    Part I : Understanding the Basics

    Lesson 1 : Introducing Vba

    What is Vba?
    A Brief History of Vba
    What Vba Can do for You
    Liabilities of Vba
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    Lesson 2 : Getting Started with Macros

    Composing Your First Macro
    Running a Macro
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    Lesson 3 : Introducing the Visual Basic Editor

    What is the Vbe?
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    Lesson 4 : Working in the Vbe

    Toolbars in the Vbe
    Macros and Modules
    Understanding the Code
    Editing a Macro with Comments and Improvements to the Code
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    Part II : Diving Deeper into Vba

    Lesson 5 : Object - Oriented Programming: an Overview

    What "Object - Oriented Programming" Means
    The Object Model
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    Lesson 6 : Variables, Data Types and Constants

    What is a Variable?
    Assigning Values to Variables
    Why You Need Variables
    Data Types
    Forcing Variable Declaration
    Understanding a Variable's Scope
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    Lesson 7 : Understanding Objects and Collections

    Cells And
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    Lesson 8 : Working with Ranges

    Working with Noncontiguously Populated Ranges
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    Lesson 9 : Making Decisions with Vba

    Understanding Logical Operators
    Choosing Between This or That
    Getting Users to Make Decisions
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    Part III : Beyond the Macro Recorder: Writing Your Own Code

    Lesson 10 : Repeating Actions with Loops

    What is a Loop?
    Nesting Loops
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    Lesson 11 : Programming Formulas

    Understanding A1 and R1c1 References
    Programming Your Formula Solutions with Vba
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    Lesson 12 : Working with Arrays

    What is an Array?
    The Option Base Statement
    Boundaries in Arrays
    Declaring Arrays with Fixed Elements
    Declaring Dynamic Arrays with Redim and Preserve
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    Lesson 13 : Automating Procedures with Worksheet Events

    What is an Event?
    Worksheet Events: an Overview
    Examples of Common Worksheet Events
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    Lesson 14 : Automating Procedures with Workbook Events

    Workbook Events: an Overview
    Examples of Common Workbook Events
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    Lesson 15 : Handling Duplicate Items and Records

    Deleting Rows Containing Duplicate Entries
    Working with Duplicate Data
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    Lesson 16 : Using Embedded Controls

    Working with Form Controls And
    Activex Controls
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    Lesson 17 : Programming Charts

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    Lesson 18 : Programming Pivottables and Pivotcharts

    Creating a Pivottable Report
    Understanding Pivotcaches
    Manipulating Pivotfields in Vba
    Manipulating Pivotitems with Vba
    Creating a Pivottables Collection
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    Lesson 19 : User - Defined Functions
    What is a User - Defi Ned Function?
    Udf Examples that Solve Common Tasks
    Volatile Functions
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    Lesson 20 : Debugging Your Code
    What is Debugging?
    What Causes Errors?
    Weapons of Mass Debugging
    Trapping Errors
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    Part IV : Advanced Programming Techniques

    Lesson 21 : Creating Userforms

    What is a Userform?
    Creating a Userform
    Designing a Userform
    Adding Controls to a Userform
    Showing a Userform
    Where Does the Userform's Code Go?
    Closing a Userform
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    Lesson 22 : Userform Controls and Their Functions

    Understanding the Frequently Used Userform Controls
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    Lesson 23 : Advanced Userforms

    The Userform Toolbar
    Modal Versus Modeless
    Disabling the Userform's Close Button
    Maximizing Your Userform's Size
    Selecting and Displaying Photographs on a Userform
    Unloading a Userform Automatically
    Pre - Sorting the Listbox and Combobox Items
    Populating Listboxes and Comboboxes with Unique Items
    Displaying a Real - Time Chart in a Userform
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    Lesson 24 : Class Modules

    What is a Class?
    What is a Class Module?
    Creating Your Own Objects
    An Important Benefi T of Class Modules
    Creating Collections
    Class Modules for Embedded Objects
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    Lesson 25 : Add - Ins

    What is an Excel Add - In?
    Creating an Add - In
    Converting a File to an Add - In
    Installing an Add - In
    Creating a User Interface for Your Add - In
    Closing Add - Ins
    Removing an Add - in from the Add - Ins List
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    Lesson 26 : Managing External Data

    Creating Querytables from Web Queries
    Creating a Querytable for Access
    Using Text Files to Store External Data
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    Lesson 27 : Data Access with Activex Data Objects

    Introducing Ado
    An Introduction to Structured Query Language (Sql)
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    Lesson 28 : Impressing Your Boss (Or at Least Your Friends)
    Selecting Cells and Ranges
    Filtering Dates
    Setting Page Breaks for Specifi Ed Areas
    Using a Comment to Log Changes in a Cell
    Using the Windows Api with Vba
    Scheduling Your Workbook for Suicide
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    Part V : Interacting with Other Office Applications

    Lesson 29 : Overview of Office Automation from Excel

    Why Automate Another Application?
    Understanding Offi Ce Automation
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    Lesson 30 : Working with Word from Excel

    Activating a Word Document
    Creating a New Word Document
    Copying an Excel Range to a Word Document
    Printing a Word Document from Excel
    Importing a Word Document to Excel
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    Lesson 31 : Working with Outlook from Excel
    Opening Outlook
    Composing an E - Mail in Outlook from Excel
    Putting it All Together
    E - Mailing a Single Worksheet
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    Lesson 32 : Working with Access from Excel

    Adding a Record to an Access Table
    Exporting an Access Table to an Excel Spreadsheet
    Creating a New Table in Access
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    Lesson 33 : Working with Powerpoint from Excel

    Creating a New Powerpoint Presentation
    Copying a Worksheet Range to a Powerpoint Slide
    Copying Chart Sheets to Powerpoint Slides
    Running a Powerpoint Presentation from Excel
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