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Fans are essential for a house to beat the heat during summers. They are also needed in commercial or industrial spaces for ventilation. Some models can improve air quality and distribution by replacing warm stale air with fresh air. Browse through the various types of fans available online. If you need a fan to keep yourself cool, choose between ceiling fans, wall fans, a table option, pedestals, or a tower model. To keep compact spaces properly ventilated, choose from a wide selection of exhaust fans. If you are looking for more convenient options, select a remote-controlled model with BLDC technology. You will save a lot on your electricity bill if you choose a model with BLDC technology. To see if a ceiling model will fit your room, check the blade sweep range of the product. You don’t have to compromise on style, as plenty of products with attractive colours and designs are readily available online. Some brands have portable rechargeable models with an LED light. Browse online and explore brands like BAJAJ, Venus, ANCHOR, HAVELLS, Airex, etc. You can use a convenient payment method and get doorstep delivery of the product.


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Fans: Buy fans online at best prices in India

Fans are an absolute necessity considering the kind of weather we have in India. Particularly, there would be very few households here that don't have ceiling fans installed in their living rooms and bedrooms. You can add a sense of style and exuberance to the rooms by having these cooling devices that are built to look good with trendy designs on them and beautiful colours. Also, they let you get the much needed air circulation in the room without which you would experience a sense of suffocation. There is a different type of fan that can be purchased for a different spot in your house, like, pedestal or table fan can go in your study room, or your bedroom if you stay in a cold place and do not want to have one on the ceiling. So is the case with the tower fan. On the other hand, a wall fan can be fixed in your kitchen so that it saves space on the floor. You can buy fans online on Flipkart by filtering the options down using the price, colours, number of blades, brand filter and more and get them at the best fan prices. Buy from the best brands like Havells fans, Crompton fans, Bajaj, Usha, Orient and many others on this platform under discounts and offers.

Feel Light and Breezy with Powerful Fans 

Peak summertime can be a sweaty mess if you don’t have the right fans in your home. Without them, you and your family will be irritable, sweaty, smelly, and so on. But if you have the right ones, you will be just the opposite. You will be motivated to do your chores, work from home, cook, spend time with loved ones, and so on. You will even feel like reading in a comfortable spot under the fan. And, when you’re seated in a comfortable spot, you won’t feel how time flies by. Some of the brands that you can find online are Havells, Crompton, Orient, Flipkart SmartBuy, Luminous, Usha, Lifelong, Atomberg, and more. 

Bring Home Havells Fans 

Imagine having to sleep through hot and sticky summer nights without any ventilation. You may find yourself tossing and turning all through the night. And, just when your eyes close, you’ll find your alarm reminding you that it’s time to get ready for work. But, when you invest in the right appliances, you will find yourself being able to sleep comfortably and happily, every night. And, when you have a good night’s rest, you will find yourself to be more productive and efficient. 

Unleash Endless Comfort 

These appliances are also much more affordable as compared to air conditioners. So, if an AC is not in your budget, you can always make do with these appliances. Some of these appliances also come with remote controls that allow you to operate them with the press of a button. This way, you don’t have to leave your bean bag, couch, or bed to switch on/off or increase/decrease the speed. During the monsoon season, you can add an extra element of comfort by switching on the fan while it’s raining outside. You can sit with your loved ones and enjoy the weather with hot cups of cocoa, coffee, tea, and some tasty snacks. These appliances can also be given to close relatives for housewarming events. After all, almost every person would like to stay cool and sweat-free when the summer season approaches. 

Shop Online 

Thanks to the advent of online shopping, you can buy table fans and tower fans online. Shopping sites showcase images, prices, descriptions, customer reviews, and more to help you make an informed purchasing decision. Shopping sites offer festive sales, discounts, and offers that will help you buy various products at slashed prices. This way, you can make purchases without spending too much. Shopping online helps you stay away from harsh weather, long commutes, crowds, stress, fatigue, and more. Plus, you can take all the time you need to make a purchasing decision. Once you place your order, it will be delivered to you in no time. Happy online shopping! 

Shop online for fans- Feel the breeze and make the room look stylish

We often have buy more than one type of fan for our house. But are you sure you are choosing the right type for each room of your house? Take the simple case of choosing for one based on the number of blades it has. Would you choose between one with 3 blades or 4 blades? Would you place a portable fan in your kitchen or would you rather have a ceiling fan with a smaller circumference there? These factors have to be taken into consideration while buying this air circulator online. Keep reading to know how to buy a fan online. 

Fan Buying Guide

1. Good air circulation: These are basically air circulating devices and we should zero in on the right number of blades depending on the size of the room. A larger room would need typically a ceiling fan with 3 blades. Do not buy one with more than 3 blades as the more the number of blades, the more the drag on the motor and lesser the speed. On the other hand, if you are in a smaller room or a cooler place, buy one with more number of blades.
2. Easy to control- It's a good idea to shop for fans, be they tower, table, pedestal or ceiling, with remote controls and timers. Go for a V Guard Finesta pedestal fan with remote or an Usha Efikas Compact 1 Blade tower fan with remote control for your living room or bedroom. This way you can control switching on/off of your cooling device and even alter the speed lying comfortably on your bed or sofa. 

3. Sturdy design: This can be ensured if you go for some the best brands for the cooling device like Crompton table fans, Galaxy tower fans, Kenstar pedestal fans and more. These machines have been around for a while, are trusted by the public for good performance and durability. 

4. Reduced noise level: Checking the device for the noise level while purchasing itself would be a good idea. If you buy the cooling device from Flipkart, you can get it installed by the delivery people and also get it checked for the noise levels, to make sure its noise free.
5. Warranty: The fan you buy online must have good number of warranty years, at least 3 years.

6. Easy to clean: You can go for bladeless fans in this case. They are very easy to clean. 

What type of fan to buy for my room?

With a deluge of options to choose from in the online market, you might get confused about what fan to choose for a particular room in your house.
1. Decorative fans are very much in vogue now, especially ceiling fans with light on them. You can find a number of options on Flipkart, like metallic fans with stunning colour options and metal designs on them. The light on the fan can set a certain mood in the room and you can have the convenience of having the light as well as fan in one device. Also, you can look for kids' fans that have cartoons or graphics painted or printed and can add a zing to their rooms.
2. Energy efficiency is a very important factor whenever you are buying an electrical appliance. It's important you buy power/energy saving fans so that you don't have to spend so much power to run it. The normal amount of power required is 70 Watts. So, anything less than that is energy efficient. 

3. A tower fan can be a great option even for your living room, as although they look small they can circulate air very efficiently, yet consume very less space. A remote control is usually available with this type, and this makes it even more easier to operate.
4. Use exhaust fans from Bajaj, Surya, Havells, Luminous or such brands to keep your bathroom and kitchen airy and fresh at all times. Wall fans are also good option for kitchens.

Popular Types of Fans:

Ceiling Fans Pedestal Fans Table Fans Wall Fans Blower fan
Designer ceiling fans Exit fan Bladeless Fan Box Fan Rechargeable Fan
Led Fans Stand fans for home Industrial fan Portable Fan

Popular Fan Brands :
Atomberg Fan Candes Fan Kenstar Fan USHA fans
Crompton Fan Havells Fan Orient Electric Fan Luminous Fan
BAJAJ Fan Flipkart Smartbuy Fan Hindware Fan V-Guard Fan

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.Which brands sell the best ceiling fans in India?
    A.Brands like Atomberg, Bajaj, Havells, and many more are brands selling the best ceiling fans in India.
  2. Q.Does Crompton sell designer ceiling fans?
    A.Yes, they have Crompton Aura 2 Designer 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan, Crompton Aura 2 Designer 2D Anti Dust, and CROMPTON Markle Designer 1200 mm Anti Dust 3 Blade Ceiling Fan.
  3. Q.Name a few high-speed ceiling fans?
    A.Havells Ambrose 1200 mm, Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm, and Luminous Dhoom 1200 mm are a few high-speed ceiling fans available.
  4. Q.Can I control the fan on the ceiling with a remote control?
    A.Yes. You can control a fan on the ceiling with a remote control, and fans have these features that come with BLDC Technology.
  5. Q.Can I find Maxotech ceiling fans with four blades?
    A.Yes, Maxotech Deco Ultra High Speed 24 Inch 600 mm Anti Dust 4 Blade Ceiling Fan comes with four blades.
  6. Q.How many speed settings does the Luminous Jaipur Mahal 1320 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan have?
    A.There are 4-speed settings available in this product. It has a motor speed of 320 RPM with 78 W Power consumption.
  7. Q.What motor speed is Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200 mm Silent Operation 3 Blade Ceiling Fan?
    A.The Motor Speed of the product is 350 RPM. It is sleek in its form and has a monochrome blend technology.
  8. Q.What is the air delivery rate of USHA Bloom Daffodil GoodBye Dust 1250 mm 380 Blade Ceiling Fan? Is it Dust resistant?
    A.The product offers an air delivery rate of up to 240 m3/min and has exceptional performance. It is dust, moisture, oil, scratch, and stain-resistant.
  9. Q.Can I remove the under lights from the USHA Fontana Lotus 1230 mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan?
    A.Yes, you can remove the under lights from the USHA Fontana Lotus 1230 mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan and switch up the style whenever you want.
  10. Q.Name brands selling quality cartoon printed ceiling fans for a kid's room?
    A.Bajaj and Havells have good quality ceiling fans with cartoon prints on them, and you can buy them for the kid's room. They have various prints of cartoons available online, and pick the ones that suit you.
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