Flipkart Essentials : Chaplin Essential Vol. 1

    Flipkart Essentials : Chaplin Essential Vol. 1 (DVD English)

    Flipkart Essentials : Chaplin Essential Vol. 1  (DVD English)

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    • Genre: Drama
      The Circus

      At the first-ever Academy Awards ceremony Charles Chaplin was honored with a Special statuette "for versalitity and genius in writting acting directing and producing The Circus". And it went without saying for again bring laughter to packed movie places across America. When we first meet Chaplin's Tramp in this Comic gem he's in typical straits broke, hungry destined to fall in love and just as sure to lose the girl. Mistaken for a pickpocket and pursued by a peace officer into a circus tent the Tramp becomes a star when delighted patrons think his escape from John Law is an act. Classic highlights include a frenetic fun-house sequence the Tramp turning a magic skit into mayhem and his teetering tightrope walk while monkeys cling to his head. This is comedy without a net !


      A young dancer wants to know if the white - haired gentleman who saved her life is Calvero the great music hall comedian "I was" the gent replies. Charles Chaplin's Limelight is a glimmering homage to what was a proud look at a bygone entertainment era and a bittersweet tale of an artist passing the torch to a new generation. Chaplin portrays Calvero (the "Tramp Comedian" per an old theatrical poster in his room) who rescues a distraught ballerina (Claire Bloom) from suicide and mentors her to success. Among the film's comedy highlights is a musical routine that's anything but routine in the hands of legend Chaplin and stone- faced Buster Keaton. The extraordinary score by Chaplin Raymond Rasch and Larry Russell earned the screen legend his only competitive Oscar.

      City Lights

      City Lights begins with an uproarious skewering of pomp and formality ends with one of the most famous last shots in movie history and from start to finish so completely touches the heart and tickles the funny bone that in 1998 it was named of the American Film Institute Top-100 American Films. Talkies were well entrenched when Charles Chaplin swam against the filmmaking tide with this forever classic that's silent except for music and sound effects. The story involving the Tramp's attempts to get money for an operation that will restore sight to a blind flower girl provides the star with an ideal framework for sentiment and laughts. The Tramp is variously a street sweeper a boxer a rich poseur and a rescuer of a suicidal millonaire. His message is unspoken but universally understood love is blind.

      The Great Dictator

      Come heil or high water Charles Chaplin is in the fight ! And the result is a celebrated classic honored in 2000 as one of the American Film Institute's Top 100 American Comedies. The U.S. was not yet in World War II when Chaplin leveled his comedy arsenal at Der Further by playing the dual roles of Hitler like Adenoid Hynkel and a Jewish barber who is a dead - ringer look - alike for der Nutsie. Puns sight gags and slapstick abound as Chaplin skewers fascism balancing his attack with poignant scenes of a ghetto in the clutches offstorm-tropping terror. Immortal bits include Hynkel's besotted dance with a globe the upside-down fight and Hynkland a Mussokini-like Jack Oakie madly cranking their barber chairs higher and higher. Great comedy meets great filmmaking passion in The Great Dictator.

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        • Sony DADC
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        • Flipkart Essentials : Chaplin Essential Vol. 1
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        • DVD
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        • English
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        • Drama
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