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FlyCatcher Men Color Block Ankle Length (Pack of 5)


FlyCatcher Men Color Block Ankle Length  (Pack of 5)

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Product Details
Brown, Beige
Color Block
Ideal For
Cotton Blend
Ankle Length Socks
Number of Contents in Sales Package
Pack of 5
Style Code
Premium socks 175
5 Pair Sock
1 - What is the FlyCatcher Sweat Removal Socks? FlyCatcher Sweat Removal socks has two different fibers interwoven together, we knit our moisture hating FlyCatcher fibers on the inside and moisture attracting fibers on the outside. 2 - Will FlyCatcher Socks eliminate foot odors? In many cases YES ! Decaying bacteria usually causes foot odor, and bacteria like to grow in damp, warm, dark areas. If moisture is eliminated, so is the environment bacteria. like to grow in. However, foot odor is often caused by shoe odor. To completely eliminate foot & shoe odors, in tough cases it may take several products (shoe cleaner, shoe deodorizer spray etc. to help eliminate all of the odors. 3 - Will my feet still sweat when I wear FlyCatcher socks? Yes, your feet will still sweat as Drymax fibers are not an antiperspirant. 4 - How durable are FlyCatcher Socks? The special fibers used in FlyCatcher socks have a comfortable springiness and do not get stiff, shrink, or lose shape over time. The whites are crisp and the colors never dull. FlyCatcher socks are designed to last a long time due to the use of the highest quality Cotton fibers and special abrasion resistant Nylon fiber reinforcements placed in the normal heel & toe wear areas. 5 - Where does FlyCatcher buy Cotton from? Most of Cotton material used in Socks is purchased from Indian Farmers.
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