Frank Modern Certificate Biology for Middle School Class-VIII (With CD) PB
    Frank Modern Certificate Biology for Middle School Class-VIII (With CD) PB (English, Harrison E R)

    Frank Modern Certificate Biology for Middle School Class-VIII (With CD) PB  (English, Harrison E R)

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    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 9789350370216, 9350370212
    • Pages: 116

      Frank Modern Certificate Biology for Class-VIII is part of series for the middle school students. The book is written in strict conformity with the syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education and recommended by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

      Salient Features

      • The book has been thoroughly revised.
      • Easy-to-understand approach adopted in explaining the text.
      • Activities designed to inculcate a sense of analysis and reasoning in students.
      • The inclusion of a variety of practical experiments in each chapter.
      • Lively pictures and self-explanatory diagrams given to support the text.
      • Interactive CD-ROM included with the book to enhance understanding of the subject.
      • Learning objectives given at the beginning of each Unit to focus on the key areas of learning.

      Brief summary given at the end of each Unit for easy recapitulation and reference. Exhaustive Glossary given at the end of the book to help understand the meaning of scientific terms and other difficult words.

      Well-developed exercises given at the end of each Unit. Both subjective and objective type questions included to test the optimal understanding and retention of the lessons learnt.

      Useful additional information related to the subject given in the form of biographical details and achievements of scientists to make the subject light and reader-friendly. "Do You Know?" section providing little-known facts related to the topic.

      Table of Contents

      Unit-I Life Processes: Transport of Food and Minerals in Plants and Animals

      • The Circulatory System in Human Beings
      • The Blood
      • Blood Vessels
      • The Heart
      • Blood Circulation
      • Lymphatic System
      • Transport System in Plants
      • Translocation of Food

      Unit-II Reproduction, Growth and Development

      • Asexual Reproduction in Plants
      • Sexual Reproduction in Plants
      • What is Pollination?
      • Fertilisation
      • Germination
      • Sexual Reproduction in Animals
      • Growth and Development in Various Organisms

      Unit-III Life Processes: Control and Coordination

      • Nervous System
      • Reflexes
      • Sense Organs and their Finctions
      • Care of Sense Organs
      • Endocrine System

      Unit-IV Health and Hygiene

      • Diseases
      • Communicable Diseases
      • Transmission of Diseases
      • Non-Communicable Diseases
      • Degenerative Diseases
      • Community Health and Personal Hygiene
      • First-Aid
      • Prevention of Diseases

      Unit-V Pollution and Conservation

      • Natural Resources
      • Conservation of Natural Resources
      • Pollution
      • Energy Sources
      • Alternate Sources of Energy
      • Individuals as Conservations

      Unit-VI Food Production and Management

      • Usefulness of Crop Plants
      • Types of Soils
      • Agricultural Practices
      • Crop Rotation
      • Useful Microorganisms
      • Importance of Animals
      • Livestock Management
      • Protection of Animals Against Diseases
      • Glossary
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      • Author
        • Harrison E R
      School Books Details
      • Board
        • ICSE
      • Standard
        • 8
      • Subject
        • Biology
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