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Living room decor can make or break the aesthetic vibe of your home. Also, televisions have gradually become an important part of our lives. Are you looking to revamp your living space? Explore the vast collection of TV unit designs that not only add to the aesthetics but also serve as a great functional piece. TV entertainment units are more than just a piece of furniture. It is very important to look for sturdy TV units that are stable and spacious enough to fit in your TV. If you have space crunch, a sleek wall-mounted TV stand can prove to be your best pick. If you have a spacious living room, TV unit designs that have multiple shelves are the best ones to opt for. Another important factor to consider is the material of the TV units. Engineered wood, metal, plastic, and solid wood are some of the available options. You can choose according to your requirements and the décor of the house. Check out the latest TV unit designs online from popular brands like Furnifry, Flipkart Perfect Homes, Das Volker, BLUEWUD, Woodbuzz, and many more. Choose the one that best suits your requirement from the comfort of your home to get hassle-free doorstep delivery.

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WOODNESS Terry Metal TV Entertainment Unit
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TV Unit - You Need One!

Do you want to choose a TV showcase designs that does justice to your sleek TV? 
The good news is that there has been a significant change in the style and shape of TV units furniture. You need sturdy support, and you want it to look good. Here are some things to keep in mind when you go shopping for a TV stand. You can decide on whether to buy a glass TV stand, metal TV stand, or a wooden TV stand depending on the interiors of your house.  

TV Units for Your Living Space

A well-furnished room is always complimented by people. A TV unit is something that everyone looks at. TV units are more than just a piece of furniture. It holds your television, it keeps your living room looking neat and tidy. It complements your home interiors. TV units are kept in the middle of the room as it holds the television. There are several types of TV units available online. Shop for wooden TV units, and TV cabinets on Flipkart and revamp your living room.

Having a dull day at work and can’t wait to go home to your comfort zone? We feel you. Get yourself a stylish TV unit so that you can come home to that! There are white TV units that blend in well with all home interiors. Make sure it matches your home interiors before you make an informed buying decision. You can browse through Flipkart and shop from brands, such as Forzza, Flipkart Perfect Homes, HomeTown, Spacewood, Woodness, Valtos, Bluewud, The Jaipur Living, The Attic, Balaji, etc.

Types of TV Units Online

There are several types of TV units that you can choose to buy. Some of them are mentioned below.

TV Cabinets

TV cabinets are more than just a TV unit. They can accommodate decorative artefacts, home-theatre systems, a TV, books, etc., all in one place. They help create a focal point in the living room and occupy the empty wall space. TV cabinets are ideal for large-sized living rooms.

TV Consoles

TV consoles do not occupy much space. These are shaped like cabinets except, they’re much smaller. TV consoles consist of a moveable table that can be shifted from one place to another.

Contemporary TV units

These types of TV units are stylishly designed. Along with your TV, you can also keep books and artefacts on these TV units. You can shop for all these TV units on Flipkart.

Size of the TV 
It is important to select a stand of the right size as you not only need stable, sturdy support for your TV, but also something that looks good while doing its job. Make sure that the total width of the stand is more than the total width of your TV. This is important to give your TV a sturdy base. The other thing to keep in mind is that the stand should be capable of supporting the TV's weight. There are many different TV cabinet with door stand designs available and these come in different sizes.   
Size of Your Room 
The amount of space you allot to your Television stand depends on the size of your room, as this should always be taken into consideration before you choose any furniture. A large room calls for a larger stand because a small Modern TV stand with door stand will be visually lost. It's all about scale. A smaller room may need a more space-efficient TV showcase design that helps with storage too. 
Storage Space
How much storage space do you need? This depends on how much stuff you have. Do you have surround sound speakers and additional audio/video equipment as well? Some of you may have DVD collections that need to be stored properly too. You may want to put everything in one place, in which case you may have to go beyond a simple Television stand and look for an entertainment center.  
Wood is the most traditional material. Veneered plywood is mostly used in TV showcase construction, but you can find other types of wood too. Incidentally, plywood is much stronger for supporting heavy weight than real wood. You can also find glass, stainless steel, aluminum, and modern plastics. If you have kids in the house, you may want to consider wood. Tempered glass can break into tiny pieces if it is dropped or receives a blow.
Appearance and Style 
Choosing the appearance and style of your Modern TV showcase will be a matter of personal taste. You can choose a stand that matches your existing furniture as closely as possible. 
Comfortable Viewing Height
Craning your neck at awkward angles for hours is a recipe for discomfort, so your TV showcase should position the screen at eye level. The recommended TV height is about 106 cm (42) to 127 cm (50), but the best position depends on the height of your sofa or chairs. You will find 127 cm (50) TV stands, corner TV stands, 139 cm (55) TV stands, LCD TV stands, TV showcase with shelves, and lots more online without much hassle. Pick one today and make your home aesthetically appealing! 

Buy TV Units Online on Flipkart

Make sure to use the filters provided to you while shopping. Filters help to narrow your search down to your preferences. Browse through Flipkart and renovate your home with new items of furniture and other products, such as TV units, beds, side-tables, cupboards, washing machines, air conditioners, laptops, speakers, headphones and a lot more. When it comes to payments, there are many safe payment gateway options for you to choose from. You also have the debit card EMI option that lets you shop first and pay later or in instalments. You can shop and pay from the comfort of your home. The products will then get delivered to your doorstep. So, why wait? Start shopping on Flipkart today!

Shop tv stand by material & types: Engineered wood tv stand | metal tv stand | solid wood tv stand | wall mounted tv unit | white tv stand | tv wall mount | tv stand with mount

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What is a TV unit used for?
    A.A TV unit is used to place or mount your TV and speakers. You can also display trinkets, souvenirs, family photos, books, and other artifacts, on them.
  2. Q.What is the primary material used to make TV units?
    A.TV units are made of termite-resistant solid wood, engineered wood, glass, or metal.
  3. Q.What finishes do TV units come in?
    A.The metallic TV units have a dark grey or black finish to them. The wooden units either have a matte or a glossy finish.
  4. Q.What are TV units also known as?
    A.TV units are also known as entertainment units, TV consoles, TV stands, or TV cabinets.
  5. Q.How many drawers or shelves do TV units have?
    A.Depending on the design, the TV units can have any number of shelves. The drawers and shelves can provide additional storage and display space.
  6. Q.What are the different types of TV units available?
    A.Open-shelved TV units, floating-shelved TV cabinets, comprehensive entertainment units, and minimalistic TV units are the various types of TV units available.
  7. Q.Which are the different brands available for TV units?
    A.Bluewud, HomeTown, Nilkamal, Durian, and Orange Tree are some popular brands for TV units. You can buy them online from the comfort of your home and have them delivered to your doorstep.
  8. Q.What accessories are provided with the TV unit, once delivered?
    A.Screws, nails, L clamps, dowels, and crank hinges are some of the accessories provided for the secure installation of the DIY TV units.
  9. Q.How do I choose the right TV unit for my home?
    A.You will have to measure the height and width of your TV screen and select a TV unit that is atleast a few cms larger than your TV to accommodate your television. Measure the space to place the cabinet against a wall or sturdy surface.
  10. Q.What are some maintenance tips for caring for the TV unit?
    A.Use a clean, soft cloth, or brush to clean your TV console and keep it spick and span. The wooden units need a coat of varnish to make them durable. Metallic units made of carbon steel are rust-resistant and will need a fresh coat of paint every few years to extend their lifespan.
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