Whether it was the Earthrise, one of the most influential image of Earth, or the first picture of man on the moon, camera has been there to capture timeless evidence of our history throughout the world. But the cameras then were a lot more complex and needed an experienced hand. Which is not the same today. Today, photography is a passion that almost everyone of us share. Gone are the times when one member from a community used to handle a camera. Today you will come across people who love taking snaps and learning new tricks using their camera. Be it a DSLR or a small digicam, any passionate individual can learn how to operate one. But, make sure you know its lenses and other accessories like SD cards and camera batteries to make your job easier. Oh yes, knowing your batteries are really important. Especially when they have the power to make your electronic device useless. 

    A professional cameraman who is almost always on the field, keep extra camera batteries in their camera bag. So that they never miss out on capturing the perfect moments. Batteries are important to keep your camera running. Although our scientists and engineers have had quite some technological achievements, the world has still not found any replacement for batteries. So let’s learn about the types of batteries that are widely used among photographers. 

    Types of Camera Batteries

    Alkaline - The most popular of them all, this type comes in a variety of sizes such as AA, AAA, C and D. The standard alkaline batteries are the use-and-throw batteries that can be disposed after use. It’s best to buy the heavy-duty or the premium ones, as they can last longer. 

    Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) - These are the rechargeable batteries that are available in various sizes. If the battery you choose has a higher mHa, then it can last for a longer period, but not as compared to alkaline batteries. 

    Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) - They are also rechargeable batteries, but have more life compared to NiCd batteries. If you have one of those cameras that have flash units, then this type is perfect for you. 

    Lithium-Ion - These rechargeable batteries can keep charge for a longer time and recharge the battery really fast. They come with their own charger units. Although, they are widely used in most cameras, they are not easily available in local stores at all times. So it’s better to keep a spare. 

    Camera batteries should be always bought keeping the compatibility with your device in mind. If unsure, check the user manual. They always list out the type of batteries you can use with that model. The best part is you can buy camera batteries online. These batteries are decently priced and are easily accessible. So, if you are planning to take your camera when you go on a vacation or an outdoor excursion, then make sure to carry all camera accessories and spare batteries with you. 

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