Cell phones have become a part and parcel of our lives. Mobiles have come a long way from those basic feature phones of the past era. Today, they are sleek, as well as smart enough to easily perform most of the functions of a laptop or computer. But however smart your phone may be or brilliant selfies it can take, it is pretty useless without its battery. Although cell phones may work perfectly for years if handled with care, you will have to replace their batteries eventually. With the advent of online shopping sites, buying batteries online might have become easier and increasingly hassle-free, but choosing the right one for your phone will still need some research.

    Cell phone batteries at a glance

    You will usually find nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride or lithium ion batteries in mobiles that are capable of holding a large charge. Earlier phones usually had batteries made of nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride, whereas the newer models nowadays use lithium ion batteries. If you charge a nickel cadmium or a nickel metal hydride battery when it still has power, then the charging process can eventually decrease the battery's life. As we spend most of our time using our phone for one thing or the other, we hardly let the battery drain out completely before charging it again. This can make the nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride batteries to wear out sooner than they should, which leads to the need of replacing them more frequently. Compared to these types, lithium ion batteries do not have such problems. The are also other varieties of cell phone batteries available in the market including Li-Poly or lithium poly batteries, standard phone batteries, extended phone batteries and slim batteries. But before you buy any of these ensure that they are compatible with your phone and are the same types that the manufacturer had provided with your phone.

    Don’t know where to look for the right battery?

    Look online. From OEM to non-OEM, online shopping sites have every kind of battery in their extensive stock. Although the OEM batteries are a bit on the expensive side, online shopping websites still give you good discounts on them. Moreover, they give you the freedom to browse as much as you like, compare the prices offered by different sites and brands, compare the specifications, read buying guides and go through authentic customer reviews to buy the perfect battery for your phone. By introducing different payment methods, these e-commerce sites have also made paying for your product quite hassle-free. Apart from that, the easy exchange and return policies have also made shopping online a piece of cake!

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