An adapter is a very useful component of any modern electronic device. They are designed to convert dangerous alternating current into more stable, cleaner direct current. They are commonly referred to as AC Adapters as they are almost always connected to an AC power outlet to draw power from, before converting that power by means of a simple DC circuit into safe direct current of lower voltage that can be used by Laptops to recharge their batteries. AC adapters are often enclosed in a hard plastic case often referred to as a Power Brick due to the brick like appearance of the apparatus. Laptops are delicate instruments that require care and safety precautions while handling due to the delicate nature of the work they are designed to do. This necessitates the use of Adapters as direct AC power supply will cause them to malfunction, resulting in a loss of valuable data. Order and buy the AC Adapters online through Flipkart and experience the comforts of secure online shopping. Some of the brands available are Lenovo, Dell, Zebronics, Apple, HP and many others. Flipkart offers fast product deliveries that span to just a few days from the time of placing your order, and also allows you to make payments through Credit or Debit Cards, through Net Banking, and also Cash or Card on delivery options. The vendor will also replace or refund the amount if the product is not found to be satisfactory.

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