Cable is an essential accessory for any tech gadget. Different types of devices need it for basic operations or as an add on for better audio or visual experience. HDMI, VGA, USB, AUX, Audio, Video, Network are some of the types available nowadays.

    High-Definition Multimedia Interface or simply HDMI is an essential link between functional devices like laptop and any type of projecting screen as a video projector or a compatible television. Bandridge, Prolink and Belkin are some of the leading manufacturers of such type of interfaces.

    USBs are widely used for numerous applications. They are used for coupling electronic devices like mobiles or computer peripherals together. Such gadgets can be connected to power supply or their accessories with USB cords.

    Network cables are generally used to interface two or more computers to share devices like printers, scanners and internet modems etc.

    Audio connectors transmit audio signals from one device to the other. For example, they can be used to connect a music player with speakers. They are also used with CD players, iPods and Tablets.

    Video cables are used for applications like connecting DVD players or gaming consoles to home theatre systems. They are usually shielded to avoid electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference, thus ensure perfect transmission of video signals.

    Flipkart offers numerous varieties of cables suitable for different gadgets and systems. You can browse across various brands to compare features and prices of different types of cords. You can opt to pay with any one of the following options: credit card, debit card, net banking or cash on delivery. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with Flipkart’s easy return and replacement policies and get the product of your choice delivered at your doorstep.
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