There are two common input devices on all desktop computers which are the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is a versatile computer peripheral that can be used to fulfill a variety of tasks. Use the keyboard to finish off your boring office work quickly with the help of ergonomic and cleverly designed layouts. The keyboard consists of a flat surface which is filled with raised keys that have all the alphabets, numbers and symbols. Normal keyboards consist of the standard keys in a standard arrangement. Specialized office keyboards come with additional buttons that allow you to quickly open and activate programs with a press of a button.

    Gaming keyboards are specialized for hardcore gamers who need a versatile device to play at their best. These keyboards come with many additional buttons that can be programmed to perform a series of actions at the press of a button. Gaming keyboards also include the backlighting feature which lights up the keys making them more visible especially while playing in the dark. Gamers prefer wired keyboards as the signal is strong and does not lag. Gaming keyboards have a high response rate and instantly actuate the key pressed. Wireless keyboards are perfect for people who use their computers for entertainment purposes. You can control your computer from anywhere in the room.

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