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If you know the difference between MOBA and MMORPG, you’re a true gamer. Flipkart offers you a range of options, from consoles like PlayStation PS4 Games and Xbox to building your personal gaming rig. If you're looking to invest quality time in this hobby, you may browse for gaming console like gaming mice, gaming headsets, gaming keyboards and more on Flipkart. Lastly, there is a host of PC Games,PS2,PS3or Xbox one games to choose from on Flipkart — and that includes pre-orders. It's time to play the game!

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If you are someone who sits in front of your gaming monitor and console, with your favourite game, and gets up only when you complete the game, then we’re sure you are completely disconnected with the world. Or at least, people think you are. We’re sure you don’t need food, water or even sunlight, if you have your favourite games, especially those MMOGs. And you are more concerned about your gaming avatar than your avatar, you spend more time with online gaming friends than with your family. You might not even remember the last time you had a full-fledge social interaction with someone. But that’s all okay. You are a gamer, and that’s something to be proud of. Just like any other hobby, gaming is also a hobby that you can be proud. So get your favourite games, and start playing them. Oh wait. The game you want has not yet been released? Then worry not. You can pre-order games and get them delivered to your doorstep now, thanks to online shopping stores.

Why Pre-Order Games?

We’re sure you hate waiting in the line to get your hands on your favorite game, that’s why we recommend you to pre-order games. By pre-ordering games, you can be the first one to start playing the game and get lost in the virtual world. But before you go ahead and buy games, you need to get a few things right. You need to buy games for your gaming console - there’s no point in buying PS3 ,PC games for your PS4 games console. So make sure you pick games designed especially for your console. To enhance your gaming experience, you can also invest in gaming mice, gaming headsets and gaming keyboards.

The Must-Have Game List for Every Gamer

For PS4: Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 4 (Limited Edition), Call of Duty: Black Ops III

For PS3: WWE 2K16, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Red Dead Redemption, Watch Dogs

For Xbox One: Quantum Break, Mortal Kombat XL, FIFA 14

For Xbox 360: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 4 (Game of the Year Edition), Hitman: Absolution

For PSP & PS Vita: Ben 10: Alien Force, Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, Need For Speed: Undercover, 300: March to Glory


Now that you know the must-have game list for every platform, then next thing you need to do is - simply log on to your favourite e-store and buy games online. Shopping for games and gaming accessories online is easy, safe and convenient.

Video Games Online: Find Games for Different Consoles


Planning an outing every day is impossible. But the sad part is, kids get bored at home. The same old toys, the same four walls and the same surroundings. Kids want excitement, and one of the best ways to keep that going is by buying games online. You have shooting games, car race games, bike games, fighting games and so much more that you can choose from according to your child’s tastes. This way, you are also spared from all the mischief and tantrums that you would otherwise have to put up with. And your kids also get to enjoy a range of cognitive benefits like improved spatial attention, better visual-contrast sensitivity and most importantly, the ability to multitask. Gaming is also known to prevent problems like dyslexia, amblyopia and excessive impulsiveness. And with the range of games available online, shopping to buy games that your child will like is not going to be difficult.


Games for the PS4


Built by Sony, the PS4 is one of the most refined gaming consoles. Though small and sleek, this gaming console has an awesome gaming power with breathtaking visuals that provide vivid and vibrant colors. And you can shop online to find a wide variety of games designed for this gaming console. For those who like first person shooter games, the Call of Duty series has different games that are set in the times of the Second World War as well as futuristic times. Apart from this, you also have a range of third person shooter games like Watch Dogs and For Honor. 


Those who like racing games can have a look at games from Need for Speed. The game mainly revolves around street racing and is real fun. Apart from this, you’ll also find a range of adventure games, horror games and party games that you can buy to add variety to your collection of PS4 games. 


Games for the Xbox


While shopping for games online, you’ll also find a lot of games created for the XBox gaming console. Created by Microsoft, this is another very popular gaming console. Some popular shooting games are Call of Duty, Far Cry and Battlefield. Those who love racing can have a look at the Need for Speed series, TrackMania Turbo, The Crew and Forza Motorsport. Apart from this, you have games for fitness, rhythm, stealth and so much more that you can choose from. 


Games for the PC


If you don’t have a gaming console, you don’t have to worry. You still have a wide range of interesting games that you can choose from like Grand Theft Auto, WWE, Tom Clancy, Assassin’s Creed and various other games that can be played on your PC. There are shooting games, car racing games, role-playing games, adventure games, horror games, party games and even games related to sports like the famous FIFA football game series. 


So, whether you have a gaming console or not, you can have fun shopping online to find a range of popular games to suit different tastes. There are games for kids, games for teens and even games for adults. So whether it’s for you or for your kid, you’re sure to find a number of games that you can choose from while buying games online. 

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