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Even if you have a limited space you can always grow your own vegetables and fruits garden. Shop from a gardening store online and make use of compact spaces, like terraces or balconies to develop a mini-garden. From carrots to roses, the Gardening Store gives you a wide range of options to explore and fulfill your passion of growing fruits, vegetables and more. You can also order for soil, fertilizers and other gardening tools if you are keen on outdoor gardening.

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The Gardening Store - Buy Plant Seeds, Herbs Seeds and More

Apart from contributing to your health, the Gardening Store also gives you options to enhance your home decor. Live plants add a dash of freshness to your home decor and the best part is that they do not require a lot of maintenance. All you have to do is to water them once in a while. They can give your home a makeover by adding a touch of greenery. Fun fact - according to Feng Shui, some plants are considered lucky and are believed to bring you good luck. In fact, you can also consider these seeds as a great gifting option. You can find a lot of tools online available for garden decor. They are unique, thoughtful, and unlike common gifting options, they will stay with the person for long. 

Pick Garden Supplies specifically to create your own little garden :  

Flower Seeds

Not all of us are privileged to own or grow a huge garden that’s blooming with flowers. But, thanks to the gardening store you can grow a wide range of flowers in your balcony or kitchen. Indoor seeds don’t really require sunlight, so you can safely use them inside your house. If you have a large space or if you own a large garden you can opt for outdoor flower seeds. Love the sight of a fresh, pink lotus? Checkout the lotus seeds from Airex. You can also consider buying the black rose flower seeds from Priyathams, that’s meant for both indoor and outdoor. Other popular brands include Creative Farmer, Alkarty, Futaba and Airex.

Vegetable Seeds

Have your own kitchen garden and savour delectable recipes with vegetables that you grew in your very own garden. Carrots, tomatoes, onions - the gardening store will give you a wide range of vegetable seeds to choose from. These vegetables can be conveniently grown in your garden or even in plant pots. Some vegetables like tomatoes can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Though not necessary, try and choose a bright and airy spot and whenever time permits it, water them. When it comes to brands, you can trust the quality of Airex, DCS, Creative Farmer, Alkarty, Alrex and Omaxe among many others. 

Fruit seeds

Why visit the market when you can grow your own fruits? All you have to do is order fruit seeds from the Gardening Store. You can grow fruits in almost any space as long as it has a sufficient range of sunlight. If you are tight on space, go for the fruits seeds such of strawberries and oranges. These fruits can be easily nurtured in a pot. If you have your own garden, you can opt for the fruits seeds of bananas, apples, watermelons and papayas. These fruits are generally meant for outdoors. 

Bonsai Plants 

Never heard of bonsai seeds? Popularly known as tray planting, Bonsai is a Japanese art form where trees are grown in containers. Bonsai trees live longer than humans, if they are taken care of properly. If you stay in an apartment, go for tropical plants. Wondering which brands to for? You can consider brands like Priyathams, Airex, Creative farmer, Alkarty and DCS. They have received positive reviews from their consumers. 

Why Organic? 

Are you aware that most of the fruits and vegetables we consume on a day to day basis are loaded with pesticides and other harmful chemicals? This has major health repercussions on our body. No wonder, we are always so low on energy and we keep falling sick so often. Switch to a healthier lifestyle and say no to chemicals. Organic seeds are chemical free and considered good for your health. 

You can order for these plant seeds from the comfort of your home, to save your valuable time. So, what are you waiting for? Log onto your favourite shopping site and order from the Gardening Store now.


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